"Onion and garlic jam"

A bomb against the fall cold!

That's right, you didn't misunderstand. It's jam (or jam, as you prefer). And it's made from onions and garlic. In Japan, this recipe is wildly popular.

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Have you ever tried onion jam with garlic? Do you know how delicious and healthy it is, and how great it goes with many dishes?

When I was a kid, there was a law of contradiction: what is not tasty is healthy, and vice versa. Boiled onions were healthy (I don"t know how that happened), but Snickers was not healthy at all. I grew up, but the law stayed. And I wondered, does this law work on other things? Like, say, love and happiness? Could it be that all the unhappy and unloved are extremely useful to society, and those who are happy and loved are absolute useless bastards? And then I wondered, what category am I in then? Am I a boiled onion or a Snickers? Mm-hmm. Who"s thinking on their own account? :-) So, this jam is great for winter. It gets rid of chills and the feeling of freezing (you know, probably this unpleasant feeling in the fall and winter, when you"re shivering all the time). In addition, it boosts the immune system. Lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels (shown with diabetes). It increases the body"s ability to withstand colds and other diseases, and serves as a prophylactic for cancer. The Japanese know a lot about healthy food, everyone knows it. One more thing! Attention, ladies! Improves skin condition and promotes weight loss. So, here is the recipe.


Onions - 2 pcs

Garlic - 1 head

Lemon juice - 2 tablespoons

Sugar - 60 grams (instead of usual sugar you can use cane sugar, sweetener, fructose or honey)

Water - 100 ml


Peel the garlic and onion and cut into pieces.

Put in a bowl, pour water, cover with clingfilm and put in the microwave for 15 minutes. Power of the microwave is 600 watts.

Add lemon juice and whip everything with a blender or mixer to a smooth puree.

Put back in the microwave and heat for another 8 minutes, but without the foil.

Done. Do you want to taste it?

How does it taste? Honestly, if I didn't make it myself, I'd have a hard time determining what it's made of. My family tasted the jam left on the table and unanimously agreed that it was apple. Indeed, it tasted like it. It doesn't smell like anything. You can eat it without fear that you will breathe onion and garlic smell.It is best stored in the refrigerator.

For preventive purposes, it is recommended to take one tablespoon a day.And so - it can be used as a sauce or seasoning, add it to porridge or yogurt, use it as a dressing for vegetable salads or baked vegetables, meat, just put it on a sandwich.

I don't even know what to call it, but it's really good!

My husband's aunt made it, after our loud "oh and oh, how delicious," she told me how to how to make it.

Would you dare?

A people really doesn't need much in life. First of all, he needs happiness, and happiness doesn't come from money or fame. Happiness gives two simple components, it is health and love, if there is this, then you can achieve the rest by yourself. So I wish you, dear readers of read.cash, simply: health, happiness and love!

Enjoy your appetite! And don't be ill!

I want to know your opinion.

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This is the first time I've heard of garlic and onion jam. I've eaten a variety of berries before. But this is the first time I've seen a different food or recipe. It looks interesting. Please send me a little. However, from what I read, it is very useful.

$ 0.02
2 years ago

My parents likes jam, and it's kind of different to have it with garlic and onion. I think they will like this too.

$ 0.02
2 years ago

This is beneficial for health. Specially in winter season, it keeps you warm.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

I never try this one my friend but onions and garlic are good for the health.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

I shall try that one day. I think I have sent an unedited reply to your comment sis, can you forgive me. Our room is dark, I am just typing by luck.

$ 0.03
2 years ago

I have never ever heard of a jam made out of garlic and onions.. I love these ingrediants if used to make spicy food but wow.. this is surprising to me.. you are awesome to share such unique things with us.

$ 0.02
2 years ago

Your recipe is great for cold autumn and winter days, especially as it is easy to make, I love garlic and onions, and I use it a lot in my food, it's interesting so you say it tastes good?

$ 0.02
2 years ago

I do love eat onions only if they were fried, I am curious about the taste with that Jam.

$ 0.01
2 years ago

I love onions if this is grill with meat or chicken or boiling, but jam I did not taste still

$ 0.02
2 years ago