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Good afternoon my dear readers is Tuesday the ninth of November and I continue to keep my blog about cooking and everything related to it.

I have a lot of memories from my childhood and youth, I think it was not just good, but just great!!!!!! "There is something to remember" as we in Ukraine say.

My memories took me back a few years, when my mother used to bake them for my girlfriends, and I always proudly carried the tray to the yard to give them a treat. They especially loved the pips inside these peaches.Sometimes I was persuaded to bring a handful of these pips, even though they were elementary nuts from our garden.

Peach cookies are a pastry from my childhood. I adored their amazing taste and unusual shape. I wouldn't say they were on our table very often, but when they were, it was a real treat for me. I am sure that if my mom knew the secret of it, she would spoil me with this tasty treat much more often. But back in the 80's, getting on the Internet and finding a recipe was as impossible as walking into outer space.

My kids were luckier. How many interesting, unusual culinary (and not only) masterpieces I found and created thanks to the World Wide Web. And just recently I came across a recipe for cookies with peaches and condensed milk, which reminded me so much of my childhood years. Of course, I baked and tried these cookies. They turned out delicious, very tasty. Still, they taste different than the peaches I ate as a child.

We were all children once. And our memories retain those magical smells and tastes that accompanied us in those carefree times. These cookies have always been magical. I used to make them so my son wouldn't see them. And then Peaches would appear on the table. Where did they come from? That's right, only Santa Claus could have brought that. And such little moments of happiness and naive delighted smiles will stay in the memory forever! I want to share the recipe. Suddenly, and you will want to taste this cute-looking and pleasing to the taste pastry.And now I will make for tea! Whether cookies with stuffing, or a cake. But tasty and pretty.

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So, my beloved family is still asleep, and I'll start cooking


2 cups sugar

2 cups sour cream

2 eggs

200g butter

1 teaspoon of baking soda

Flour to make the dough a little softer than dumplings.


1 cup sour cream

1 cup sugar


1 tablespoon cocoa powder.

You can replace all of this with Nutella.


0,5 cup sugar

2 tbsp water - boil

For the finish:

beet juice

carrot juice

coarse crystallized sugar.

Put butter in the dough, not melted, but softened (let it sit for an hour or two at room temperature). If you melt the butter, you will have to put more flour, and the cookies will be stiff. You do not need to quench the soda, mix it with sifted flour.

Butter and sugar should be well kneaded, so that the sugar doesn't squeak any more. Add the eggs, without stopping to knead, then the sour cream. A pinch of salt (for a touch of flavor)

Now add the flour. There should be enough flour to make the dough soft and even a little bit sticky to your hands. My first mistake (when I was a kid) was to add flour until the dough came away from my hands very well and didn't stick at all. The result was cobblestones. The dough doesn't need to be kneaded for a long time, sour cream dough doesn't like it too much.

Let's put the dough in the fridge for an hour.

After an hour we start making "halves". There are several ways. I've tried them all: shaping the halves with a tablespoon, a wooden spoon, cutting the rolled ball in half, shaping the ball by hand on a baking tray (when a slightly elongated shape is given to one side ("tail")... Soft and sticky dough can't be shaped with a spoon, it just sticks to the spoon. You can't make a ball of dough of the same consistency, you just smear it all over the table. It's more time-consuming to use a hand to shape it with the "tails". There is an easier way. That's what I use. We take the dough out of the fridge, and put a bowl of cold water nearby. We wet our hands and roll a fast ball.

We don't need to apply ALL the force, we just need to get a hemisphere. The dough "spreads" quite noticeably in the baking process. If you put a 4 cm diameter ball, it spreads out to 6 cm, or even more. You don't want to put the balls too close together. I have a fairly large baking tray: 40x40 cm, on it I lay 16 balls, four rows of four balls. If the dough is too liquid, the balls will spread out more, and rise up less. You get wide, flat halves. They won't look very marketable and the cookies will be too big. You have to put the tray in an oven that has already been heated to 200 C. My biscuits bake for about 20 minutes. Put only one baking tray in the oven, let the second one wait in line. When the hemispheres turn dark golden (do not bring them to browning, again, they will be too hard) - they are ready. Take out, remove.

While the second baking tray is resting in the oven, I pick the middles out of the baked halves.

Let them cool, of course, no need to burn your hands. Carefully with a sharp knife we cut out the bottom, stepping back from the edge about 5 mm. Then use a teaspoon to carefully scrape out the crumb. If the halves are the right condition, then the bottoms then easily rubbed in your fingers, grate does not have to. While you were scraping out the halves, the rest were "ripening". Gut them, too.

Grind the middles with your hands, add the nuts. I add walnuts. You can grate them with a grater, or you can roll them with a rolling pin, which I like better, because the taste of nuts is then more tangible when they are in pieces. I sprinkle the cocoa powder right in the crumbs and add as much sour cream as I need. In any case, it goes a lot more than one cup (from the basic recipe).I also had a jar of Nutella in the fridge.I made half with sour cream and half with Nutella. I add powdered sugar to taste. The filling is mixed and placed in the halves of the "peaches".

I advise you to wash your hands well and not with a spoon, but with your hand. We put the stuffing inside, while running a "creamy" hand over the edges of the halves. Why? Because you don't have to go to the trouble of making syrup to glue the halves together. They'll stick together just fine. Or you can spoon it on and use the sugar syrup to glue the halves together.

Next is a cosmetic procedure. We put a bowl with sugar, with carrot juice and with beet juice.

(Carrot juice - from raw carrots, and beet juice - from boiled beets. Boil the beets, grate them on a fine grater, put the grated beets in gauze, making a tampon).

We take a "peach" with two fingers by the "waist" with the left hand, dip one half in carrot juice (quickly, without soaking, or it will fall apart), turn it over, dip the second half. "Powder" one half of the "peach" with a beet tampon, quickly dip the "fruit" in granulated sugar, place on a tray, to dry.

That's it, actually... "Peaches" are soft thanks to the sour cream in the filling and the dipping in carrot juice.

What could be better than fresh cookies? Young housewives don't have to worry.This is a dish you are sure to will succeed, and the family and guests will have original cookies are sure to love them.I keep with recipes, menus,and other tips and tricks,that solve one problem:"how to make sure you always have a healthy, delicious homemade food, and you spend a minimum of time, effort and money.

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those cookies are just delicious and i wish I can make some

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6 months ago

Oh my, they look so lovely and delicious. What a lucky wife you have! I wish to taste those cookies!

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Wow you are wonderful dear Belozoriana, I first thought these are peaches really, how interesting and new, I fell in love with these cookies, I will definitely make them, and I hope they will be as beautiful as you made them... 🍑

$ 0.01
6 months ago

Nothing complicated here.It all took me about 30 minutes.Well the vegetables I cooked yesterday.Beautiful and tasty come out🍑

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Baling is a thing I really want to do but not this time coz my kitchen is not to good for me to bake I don't have oven where to cook and other utensils to use. Maybe one day if my kitchen is good enough to do.

$ 0.03
6 months ago

Yes, I remember these cookies, my mom used to bake them really good.

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6 months ago