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My first 10 dollars in Read.Cash

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Written by Β Β 39
2 months ago

Wow, I can't believe it, I have reached my first $10. 😲 Well, I've actually made a little more because of the comments I've made and liked, there are also several articles that after taking out the $10 account and having almost all of this article ready, upped the profit. hahaha, I'm not upset about that at all.

Today is Friday November 05th

And... This is fantastic news for me and it's all thanks to you and your support. Thank you so much. πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

I already published an article where I thanked you which is Thank you all.

In this story I will explain everything that has been going through my head every time I have written and uploaded an article, from the first article to this article.

First articleπŸ–οΈπŸ©πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨

To write and upload the first article I was really scared, I'm not going to lie to you. My dad had been encouraging me for a long time to get on the platform, I saw many stories that I loved, I saw the comments, the profits, how people supported each other, but I was not convinced, I was afraid. I have tried many things and they have fallen apart, so I had been very hurt, I didn't want to try something new, and have it stop working. However it has continued to work and it makes me feel good.

Actually My Life, was not the first article I wrote, but it was the first one I published. My father commented to me to first write an article about me and then about whatever I wanted. Thanks father for the advice @Frankmart

My Life was the highest paid article and boy was I super happy.

I knew that the first thing I had to do was to say hello, it is the most normal thing to do, we must always be polite, even if others do not treat us properly. You have to always treat people well.

I remembered an article that I had loved and that I had read with my dad.

I am writing it here again, thanks to this article and the CoquiCoin article.

It was that I entered Only this I didn't write in my first article. I also like rock and would love to go to Caracas to eat at that place. Here where I live there is a similar place, but I will talk about that place later.

I remembered my time in the orchestra, high school, university, my friends, the trips I've made, etc.

I opened my heart and my imagination without limits to be able to write my first article, so there is what I am and what I have been through. My old job and what I am learning to do.😊

I was so surprised when I started getting followers after that post and when I started earning penny by penny until I reached $3.37 I was so excited.😁😁😁

Second ArticleπŸ•ŠοΈ

This was actually the first one I wrote, I told the life of my neighbors, the pigeons hahaha.

In My new neighbors I tell how I have lived in several places and these neighbors have been different from all the others.

I did a lot of research on them. It took me a very long time to make the illustrations and the little videos, however I didn't gain much. I got discouraged because I thought that the same thing would happen again as before, everything goes well and then everything is ruined. I started reading a lot of articles, I gave support to other people and I was convinced, so I started giving support to myself to be able to achieve what I want.

I didn't get a lot of money on this article, but I had a lot of fun doing the story and the drawings, I also got several followers. So I'm glad I shared my neighbors story with you. And best of all, I already had 1 sponsor. 😊

Third ArticleπŸ₯§

I didn't upload it when I wanted to, but when I could. I wanted to upload it on October 25, but I uploaded it on October 27, never mind. I told myself that I would upload the next one closer.

My first lemon pie. I stayed up all night trying to make an effort to do something I had never done before, which are drawings of desserts, yes, in my first article there is a drawing of desserts made by me, but I did it with more time. The drawings in this article I did in 2 days with almost no sleep hahaha, I won't do it again.

In this article I got paid better than the previous one, so I said to myself it's obvious, people like sweets more than the neighbors hahaha.

I kept encouraging others and myself.

Fourth Article 🌲

Looking at old pictures and talking to my couple, I remembered this trip and wanted to talk about how wonderful and dangerous it was. And... Then I remembered the strange things that happened to us, I took advantage that we were close to Halloween and there was a contest, so after I wrote everything and published, I found out about the contest and I said "let's participate". I didn't win, but it doesn't matter, I didn't write this to win, but because I remembered this trip, anyway they still gave me a payment for participating, excellent, don't you think? I was very happy, I was really glad that this contest happened there hahaha.

I was able to upload this article followed by the third article, I was able to accomplish what I wanted to do. And it almost reached $2, I was even more excited, I loved sharing with you Magical trip to... Pekin?

Fifth Article 😱

Again taking advantage of Halloween I wrote this article. They are strange things that happened to me, what happened to my father-in-law and my grandfather. Many more family and friends told me that strange things had happened to them, but I had already published and I didn't want to edit again, for me it was done. Paranormal Happenings reached over $1.00, just like my previous article, how wonderful!

Sixth Article πŸŽ₯

We were still close to Halloween, so I wrote Horror Movies, the reason was that I was home alone and couldn't sleep. So I started watching movies, but not just any movies. I watched a marathon, 8 movies in total until dawn. Already at this time I was not afraid of what things to write on the platform, I had many followers and beautiful supportive comments.

I write what comes from my heart.

I don't like to watch a lot of horror movies, so I watched another style, but in the article I talk about the movies I watched from another point of view.

Seventh Article πŸ₯˜

Many people have eaten things in their life that they don't know what it is, or that to other people that food seems strange, so in this article I talked about that. Once when I was little I ate snake and they told me it was chicken, so I decided to talk about those kinds of strange foods. My father and my father-in-law have eaten many exotic foods, but I only talked about my father-in-law in this first part of the article Strange or Exotic Foods Part I. In the next article I talk about my father.It almost reached $1 hahaha and the best part is that I have been able to write continuously, from October 31 until today.

Eighth Article πŸ’Ÿ

I thanked all of you who deserve it, you have helped me a lot to get here. Your articles, your comments and all your support have made me really happy. Thank you very much. Thanks to all of you

Ninth Article πŸ₯§

I visited my parents, shared a good time with them, made a passion fruit pie or as we call it in Venezuela "Un pie de parchita", my dad made pizza with my couple and I tried to take a lot of pictures and record, but my phone had turned off, and I couldn't enjoy my family, make the passion fruit pie and take pictures at the same time hahaha. The pictures I uploaded are the ones I was able to take. Passion Fruit Pie and Homemade Pizza Night

Tenth Article πŸ€‘

This is it, thank you so much for reading my article to the end. Thanks to each and every one of you. I am going to share with you how I keep track of what I write and have earned just by writing, without the comments.

As always, you can follow, read and support my sponsor❀️.

Sponsors of ArteFM

Much love to all, thanks for being a source of inspiration for others.

See you in the next article! ❀️

All content is original

Information obtained from the web is indicated.

The photos were taken by me

The drawings were made by me

Greetings from Venezuela❀️😊

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Written by Β Β 39
2 months ago
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Congratulations. Hope you earnings will continue to get better

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2 months ago

Thank you very much for your comment and your good wishes, I hope your earnings will also improve a lot. Greetings :)

$ 0.00
2 months ago

That's the start. I hope it will take you many miles ahead.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Thank you very much, I also wish you a lot of success

$ 0.00
2 months ago

After so many withdrawals, you finally made it friend and you're in your tenth article now. Yey! Congratulations... I was also like that before. πŸ˜…. My older sister was always encouraging me but I didn't have the passion nor the bravery at first, but then, I started writing one on the last week of October. Entitled: One of the Dreamers. And since then, I committed myself to publishing one article per day. So I always squeeze my thoughts daily. Hehehe. And now, I have more than thirty articles published in this site. Soon, I will edit and print it. Best of luck to us!

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Yes, I finally made it, I saw it a bit far, but I finally accomplished my goal. We always have someone supporting us in spite of everything. Let's continue with the daily articles. πŸ˜…. Success in publishing and getting everything you want!

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Hehehe. Sure friend. Let's continue with this daily self task in blogging. ☺️ Good night. 😴

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Oh my! I didn't know you are Frank's daughter. I'm flattered that you like one of my articles and you were motivated to write with it. I wish you more success here. Keep it up with the good work.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

I say it in my first article haha, well my father was the one who showed me the page and made me a video of how to use the page hahaha He is living in Sucre and I'm living in Anzoategui

$ 0.00
2 months ago

I guess I didn't read your intro article then. ;) Frank is a good friend here at Read.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

I know the feeling of that first withdraw! It's amazing! I was also scared but this community turned out to be wonderful, and even if my articles don't get much money, it's still fun! I congratulate you and wish you more success and more BCH to come!

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Thank you so much for your good wishes. I hope you also earn a lot, I wish you a lot of luck, that every day you can meet your goals 😊.

$ 0.00
2 months ago