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Paranormal Happenings

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2 months ago

Sunday, October 31st

Good spooky good evening, beautiful people of How are you in these special days of Halloween? 💀👻🎃

These days there are many costume contests and game shows. There are prizes for adults and children for the best costume.
These days the streets have been very crowded with vehicles, so traffic is difficult. All the food businesses have their usual Halloween contests. But, it has been raining a lot so many events have been cancelled because of the heavy rains.

Being honest I won't be attending these events, Covid is a pretty complicated disease and people are not taking proper measures... What's creepier than that? hahaha People are walking around without masks, not respecting the spacing, being very oblivious, etc, etc, etc.

Since everyone is going crazy for Halloween, I'll tell these paranormal happenings that I've had in storage for a long time. They are short stories, but very real.

The night coins 💀👻🎃
I've always had trouble sleeping, but when I do fall asleep two things happen:
- I wake up very easily or.
- There is nothing that can wake me up, just me.

Many years ago when I lived with my parents it was hard to fall asleep, I would count sheep, make up stories in my head, sing a song until I could fall asleep, but these things didn't work. There was something that bothered me, I started to use my ears a lot to be aware of everything. I listened to dogs, cats fighting and any normal night noise. But there was a time when I started to hear coins, and I found it very uncomfortable.
Why did I find it uncomfortable? Well, before at my parents' house, they sold ice cream, the neighbors paid with coins and those coins went into a bowl in the kitchen. And that was the noise I heard at night, not always, but it was really annoying. When I wanted to sleep, those coins sounded, they were thrown one by one into the bowl or they were moved into that bowl, it was such an annoying sound. Then I had a hard time waking up to go to school, but I knew that it was better during the day than at night.

I never knew what made the coins rattle in the kitchen bowl.

The spirit of the field 💀👻🎃

This didn't happen to me, it happened to my father-in-law. My father-in-law is from the countryside, so he often went out hunting with his brothers. He tells me that when they hunted they could not follow the whistles or voices they heard because they would be lost forever or if they saw a strange light, they should not follow it.
Once he told me that he went with two brothers to hunt, they went into the field and each one went to a different place, but they had a meeting point. My father-in-law went on the right side, his older brother on the left side and his younger brother followed straight ahead.
When they separated my father-in-law began to see a light, he told me that the light was calling him. My father-in-law started to follow the light which led him to a place he didn't know, so he stopped following it. He told me that the light was leading him somewhere he didn't want to go. Then he started to hear whistling or calling, but he didn't respond, he had to ignore all those sounds or he would get lost again.

It was a long time before he arrived at the meeting point and his older brother was waiting for him, the younger brother had not yet arrived. Hours passed and the younger brother did not show up, so they decided to look for him all over the countryside without separating. They found him standing near a river, he seemed hypnotized and was talking nonsense. As best they could, they took him away. When his younger brother reacted, he didn't know where he was or who he was. After a few hours he began to remember everything and said that he was following a light that wanted to take him to the depths of the river because he would be better off there. From that day on they were much more careful when they were in the camp. Perhaps if they had been separated the "spirit of the camp" would have taken them to the depths of the river.

Terrifying days 💀👻🎃

After I graduated from high school, I moved to another city My Life you can read my life here if you are interested and haven't read it yet... I moved to another state, now I was living with my aunt. As you know I have trouble sleeping. It was great living with my aunt, but when they would leave weird things would happen in her house. From the bottom of my bedroom door I saw shadows of people, I also heard voices, that really scared me, but I tried not to pay attention to them. Only my aunt and I lived there.
My aunt left the country so I had to move. I was for many years living in a residence with 9 women, so there were 10 of us in total. It wasn't much fun, they were always fighting, but that's not what bothered me. None of the rooms had windows, so there was no sunlight coming in, or rather, there were no windows anywhere in the dorm. The light we had was from the light bulbs. When we slept, the room was submerged in darkness. At night the sounds of drums started very close to me, drums that I had never heard in my life. I tried to ignore them for a long time. One day I started to hear footsteps very close to my bed, I kept ignoring them, whatever it was didn't bother me as such, only when I was trying to sleep. Many times I would leave the TV on with low volume, so I wouldn't hear either the footsteps or the drums, when I woke up the TV was off, but it was already daylight, so I would leave for college or work. "The problems" happened at night when I wanted to sleep.

One day while I was trying to sleep, "something" pushed down the corner of my bed, I stood up running to turn on the light and the TV, I didn't want to turn around in case I found that something, however, there was nothing and the bed was normal. I could not go back to sleep in that room. I told my roommates what had happened to me and they told me that they went through similar things. I slept many times in my roommates' rooms, they told me about the paranormal events they had experienced. Many times my roommates were hanged. From that moment on I moved away from home... I didn't want to go through those horrible things anymore, I couldn't sleep because I didn't know at what moment I could be disturbed...

Finally, the most terrifying story

The light that moved 💀👻🎃

My mom told me that my grandfather loved to read books at night. He would lie in a hammock and start reading. One night the lights went out, my grandfather got out of the hammock. In the dark he started looking for a candle and matches. He lit the candle and put it on a stone near him. My grandfather lay down in the hammock and continued reading, but... A strange event started, the light of the candle began to move. My grandfather stopped reading and watched as the candle moved around the room, he didn't pay much attention to it and continued reading.

When the candle started to move closer to the hammock my grandfather got very scared and ran away. My grandfather went into a room and didn't come out until the light came on. Time went by and he didn't hear anything strange outside, when he went to the living room he realized that he had put the candle on the morrocoy and that's why that strange light was moving hahaha.

There are things in life that seem strange to us, some have an explanation, like what happened to my grandfather, but there are things that simply have no explanation?


Thank you very much for reaching the end of my article, I hope you liked it. If you have any strange occurrences, something paranormal, you can leave it in the comments.


Have you seen or heard unexplained things? According to what several people have told me, if they talk to you or bother you, you should ignore them, otherwise they will keep bothering you. What do you think about this, is it real or a lie?


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I wanted to participate in the Halloween contest, but unfortunately I couldn't log in to yesterday because my internet was down, I wanted to post what I wrote anyway. I would love for you to read it @Theblackdoll

Note: In Venezuela we no longer use coins, only bills, due to hyperinflation.


Thank you again for making it to the end of the article.


See you in the next article! 💀👻🎃


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Written by   39
2 months ago
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You went through a lot of scary stories, I hope I don't have any experience with that. Good day

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2 months ago

They are not very nice, but they are strange tales that I have experienced and I can comment on at a horror story meeting. hahaha

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2 months ago