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The power of the mind.

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2 months ago

The Mind with its cognitive capacity and memory is what allows us to know, decipher, learn and interpret reality, life. It accumulates information from experiences in the form of ideas, beliefs and concepts. This pile of fixed information about life and ourselves is what makes up the ego or personality. It is also where the notion of self is drawn from.


Consciousness is the understanding of the existence of oneself. Depending on the degree of this self-knowledge, a greater or lesser capacity to realize the state of oneself and its operation is derived. The greater the consciousness, the greater the power to choose where to fix one's attention. In the purest sense, awareness is simply alert attention. The practice of continually identifying with our conditioning (ideas, beliefs, concepts) has reduced our capacity for awareness, our consciousness has been limited and engulfed by mental structures and schemas.

In such a way that the degree of identification of our consciousness with the internal programmings that have accumulated in the mind, will determine the way we perceive and experience ourselves and our habitat. Therefore, it is significant to know clearly the learned belief system and to recognize how limited our consciousness is today. Regardless of the type of belief or fixed idea with which the consciousness has identified itself, or in other words, has made real, it will limit its expansive nature, it will limit its self-recognition.

By quieting our mind, that is, by dis-identifying ourselves from mental chatter and becoming more conscious, our perception of life changes. An unsuspected inner tranquility sets in and the decisions made from this clear place are wise and correct. By not subjecting the body to stress, physical and mental health improves.

Here are some of the benefits you can obtain:

-Peace and tranquility: brings balance and mental stability.

-Health and relaxation: helps us to balance metabolism, heart rate and breathing.

-Alert and serene mind: allows us to focus all our psychological and perceptive resources.

-Fullness: to be calm, satisfied and happy on a personal level.

-Internal and external clarity: allows you to focus on what you want with greater precision and fully enjoy it, without interference.

-Increased Intuition: this will allow us to understand or perceive something clearly and immediately, without the intervention of reason.

-Healthier interpersonal relationships: ability to exchange feelings, knowledge and experiences with other individuals.

-Vitality: having the capacity to live, grow, develop, be vigorous and active.

-Wisdom: discernment of truth, right and wrong.

-Compassion and Love.

-Increased appreciation and gratitude.

-Happiness, joy, happiness.

-Living in the present moment.

Self-knowledge, self-discovery and Freedom.

-Maximizing your potential as an individual.

-Increased productivity and Cessation of pain and suffering.

-Confidence, openness and Harmony.

To be the best version of oneself, one must first be aware or realize one's true nature, one's true identity. To do this, he must transcend every idea, definition, opinion, belief, principle, etc. that he holds in his mind as a false idea of himself. Humanity is generally unaware of the struggle that goes on within us. That which is lived as endurance or rejection, as affection and need, as fear, lack or suffering. We must learn to reveal with our own experience this struggle, this limitation, in order to transcend it. The Ego is our true prison and it is up to us to find and apply the key to True Freedom.


"To live a complete life, one must find inner fulfillment first. There is no other way."

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Written by   7
2 months ago
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Truly our mind is very powerful , with our mind we can balance the situations if its either good or bad.

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2 months ago

You are so right if we have control of our mind and learn to use it positively we will achieve a favorable balance in our life.

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2 months ago

True mind is a blessing we should use it in a positive way and should take maximum output

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2 months ago

It is certainly so my friend, if we use our mind positively, it will be a blessing for our life and the lives of the people around us.

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2 months ago