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New Expectations.

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1 month ago
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In this article I want to challenge you to start working with determination on new expectations. The impact it will have on your life and on the beginning of this new experience will be of such magnitude that it will surprise you.


I will point out a series of tips that you can use to perfect these new habits that you decide to set for yourself:

- When you feel or notice that you are failing in some aspect, simply correct it and start to change in your life.

- Once you have identified what you need to improve in your life, start writing down what you will do differently to correct and direct your life in another path.

- Whenever you take a step towards the future, start with small actions and decisions. Dive into the sea of action and start living them fully.

- Take at least 30 minutes a day to nourish yourself with readings that are Positive for you.

- Take a moment to breathe and get in touch with the depths of your being and feel that peace that will be your strength to continue and fight.

- Within you you have all the creative power of your reality. You are that movie director who creates everything you imagine in your reality.

- If you have this incredible potential you must start practicing how to manifest it in your reality.

Always keep in mind that all the mental images you create will reveal a major impact on what is the expression of your life, so always place yourself on the positive side. Remember: Easy is from God, just look for the simple. Focus and really make the most of the important actions and events in your life. All in order to achieve your reality in a magical way.

Start as a form of practice, doing for a week only think positively, and if something negative comes automatically change it for a positive one, it will express a great change in your life. At the end experience the changes and live a new life.

Ask yourself the following important questions:

Every day are you able to consciously control your emotions?

If it rains what do you think and feel?

If there is traffic what do you think and feel?

If you arrive at your job, university, home, what is the first thing you think and feel?

What are your positive thought patterns? Look for those patterns and consciously act them out.

What are your beliefs about your imaginative power, do you limit it or do you express it openly?

What things motivate you to strive for your dreams? Seek to plant a seed of internal and external motivation, which is the fuel of your power.

Write down some things where you excel?

What has to happen for me to feel happy? Are you demanding or do you act a little more flexible.

What is most important to you in your life?

Define what your personal values are. Let that ordinary (which is what you think you do) add something extra to it so that it becomes an Extraordinary event. And from today always add an extra and your life will be Extraordinary. Evaluate your personal rules, Your gestures will mark how you express yourself to the world and will make others see you in a better way.

Practice the following exercises daily:

1) Breathing: try to do it consciously. Perform small breathing exercises daily, especially when you get up if you get anxiety or stress just breathe, practice Yoga, Tai Chi or just meditate.

2) Smile: from the moment you get up, express joy and happiness minute by minute, smile, it transforms your emotional state and brightens the lives of the people around you.

3) Posture: look straight ahead, loose shoulders, straight back, good posture, radiant vibration.

To conclude with the article I want to add that all the tips specified here are designed to outline an excellent way of living; and they are the keys to feel good. Do them day by day and soon the habit will become something natural and will become part of your life.

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Written by   7
1 month ago
Topics: Life, Readers, Live, School, English, ...
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I really want to do yoga in the morning but somehow I don't get much time because I also have to go university and then I'll there are so many work burden on me

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1 month ago

My friend, starting is always difficult, especially because you find the time for it, but you can start by setting aside just a few minutes and then you add more.

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1 month ago