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Commitment is fundamental. Commitment, applying and absorbing the teachings and lessons that life gives us daily, that guarantees good results in balancing your mind and thinking. It is useless if all this remains in the air and is not confirmed in our own experience. If we wish to create a life freed from the bonds of our mind, all the commitment, determination, discipline and constancy is required. What counts is the path, not the goal. Each step is in itself the goal.


It is also very important to keep an open attitude. There will be things you may not agree with and you may feel some resistance. In any case, try to observe those attitudes that are created in our head and keep walking. Only in an open heart and mind can the seed of change, of transformation, be planted. A part of you knows there is more to squeeze out of life and is ready for it. Look closely at what is happening in your life and how you relate to it all. I recommend that you take notes. Get a personal journal where you freely express what you are discovering in yourself and in your environment, everything that you are becoming aware of.

Throughout the first experiences of life, we learn about the world, about ourselves, then we learn about relationships, about money, about what is allowed and what is not, and so on. What is captured by our senses filters through our mind, passing first through our sense of individuality and begins to store and install what we call a "belief system" in our central nervous system, which is the library of our life. Our consciousness and its quality of observing, put for so long the attention in that sense of feeling "individual" that it believed that it was and from there it was believing that it was what it has been accumulating in what it has learned. This system of beliefs is composed of mental patterns, thoughts, ideas, concepts, etc. The constant identification of our consciousness or attention with all this internal structure, added to the external reaffirmation (by our family and society) about who we are and how we should be, makes the idea or notion of an "I", an "ego" crystallize.

We systematically hold this idea of what we believe we are, and it is this "I" that is the face we show to the world. An "I" that is nothing more than the result of a learning simultaneously to this fixation of the belief of the "I", it is important to recognize that there is something beyond that is always present and that experiences life in its totality. You may fall into the illusion or believe that you become that which you learned, but regardless of what you believe about you, in essence, you will never be any of it. By becoming a little aware of this fact, it is easier to realize the existence of something that lies deeper in you and that is truer, much more you. This you is what we will call here the True Mind or Cosmic Mind, your true nature, ever observant, attentive, receptive, alive, all-inclusive and free.

Observe the thoughts that pass through your mind, realize they are there, allow them to come and go, just observe them. They can be noises, memories, images, sensations, emotions, can you realize that these thoughts are at a distance? By observing everything impartially, not wanting to do anything with them, allowing everything to be as it is, can you notice something that remains serene and observant? It doesn't matter if you go away with the thoughts for a few moments, gently return to observing them effortlessly, to being attentive to them. Keep that observation as long as you can, always without applying any effort. Everything you thought you were before in thought form (ideas, concepts, sensations) is not real, no thought can define who you are. Therefore, your being does not come from the mind. You are that something that is capable of observing everything, that pure, eternal and unlimited presence.

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Written by   7
2 months ago
Topics: Live, Life, English, Day, Informative, ...
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