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Paper Roses:Long Forgotten but kept hidden Part 3

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4 months ago

Falling for him

I did not know when did I start to fall with the Devil's smile. Is it a love at first sight?

No matter how will I convince my brain about all the bad traits and habits that Giovanni has, but my heart will always dominate.

Maybe it's just a puppy love? Or whatever it is. At the young age of mine I still don't know. Am I ready to fall in love? Am I ready to get hurt?

All I know is I'm ready lol.

He became my inspiration especially at school. There are so many suitors. (Ang haba lang ng hair haha)

But all of them are busted. Because in my mind and heart. It is only him and no one else.

Tons of assignments are given to us. But me? I'm smiling and are very happy hehe. Guess why? Because I have tons of time to be with him. And the assignments is an excuse.

We always do the assignments everyday at my Aunt Linda's house. And we became close because of that. Although my kilay2000 eyebrow is still distracting me lol.

Of all the men I've known. He is the most intelligent one. His penmanship is very beautiful compared to my duck writing. (Ano ba sa English ang parang dinaganan ng itik ang sulat kamay?)

He will always write my report in a Manila Paper and I saved all of them.(But sadly my Mom throw it all at the fire. Ginawang pang gatong haha.)

He will always be there whenever I needed help especially in my assignments.

Getting Closer

Almost everyday we've met. But I do know the fact that he has tons of Girlfriends but no matter how it is, he still managed his time to came and help me.

If I can't see him even one day, my heart will become unease. I wanted to see him everyday, be with him, closer to him.

He never failed me. Although we still quarrel sometimes but I know this is his way to make me notice him.

But in my little Heart there is still doubts. If he truly care and like me? He didn't ever told me. It's just that we are very close and became friends.

And I became contented with that and I'm still very young. Although I'm young I already had my first Boyfriend lol. But we broke up the moment he went back to his hometown and so on.

It's another story so we will set aside this topic hehe.


At last after how many years lol. He courted me haha. But I did not say yes immediately. Just a simple courting process. He just said he like me and will court me. And asked me what was my answer and it should be yes.

He is very confident. Well, he has all the right to be confident as my heart already belong to him. But you know we are a girl. Let's not grab immediately. Let's make him suffer for a little.

Photo Credit to Unsplash

Paper Roses

My Mom was out in the Market and I'am the one in charge in our vegetable store. When suddenly rain poured.

And was very surprised when someone touches my hair at the back! I got scared and get the potato.

I wanted to hit whoever this person that makes fun of me but to my surprise. It's Giovanni. Giving his all out Smile. Oh I will always melt whenever he smiled at me.

"Hey what's up? " He asked.

"I'm okay" that's the only answer I could give.

"Here take this".

He gave me two paper boats. Just what the F? He always thinks of me as a little girl. Hayyy.

"What is this?" I asked.

"Paper Boats! You don't know?" That sarcastic answer of him make him looks very cool and handsome.

"Oh What is happening to me!"

" Yeah I know but I'am not a Kid anymore. I don't like it."

"Just keep it there" Then he put the two boats and leave.

"I'll be back wait for me"

Then he ran out of my sight. Then after a few moments later lol he came back.

"Here it's for you!" He give a three roses that's made of paper. Actually it's a cigarette paper. But it looks nice on it's silver paper.

I accept the paper roses and was very speechless. It is not a real flowers but he make an effort just for me.

He is very talented. That I admire him more. But nah. I still did not accept his love. Not yet hehe.

I'm just really happy and my heart is dancing and singing holding the paper roses.

But my Mom is the main Antagonist in this story haha. She burned again the paper roses as I'am not still allowed to have a boyfriend but never did she know that I already had before. and this is the result if your parents is very strict. You will be force to tell some white lies but this experienced is very exciting.Too bad and sad for my paper roses. It's the only flowers that I've ever received in my whole life of existence.But its okay the memory of Paper Roses was already placed in the deepest part of my heart.

July 11, 1998. We are officially on.

I will never forget this Month, Date and Year. Because this is the day that I said yes to him. And He is very happy as well as me.

But we decided to keep the relationship in secret as I'm still very young and I know the second reason is he already has a girlfriend.

Actually many of them but only one was known to the public while me I felt like a third wheel but it's my choice and I'am happy with it. Hurt or happiness I decided to be with him no matter what.

He asked me for a picture. And I did not have any of me except my School ID photo which is the Kilay2000 eyebrow lol. But he said it's okay.

And it's a very funny experienced, giving my photo. He bring a newspaper with him and signal me to insert my pic. To prevent suspicion from Aunt Linda who are currently watching Television at that moment.

And we are at the table disguising for answering an assignment. But you know holding hands too while no one is looking lol.

The hide and seek relationship is very thrilling. It will gives you an adrenaline rush. It's very exciting and heart pumping. I'm glad that I experienced this kind of excitement.

Until one day I didn't expect that my heart will break because of him....

To be continued...

leejhen 💞

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Written by   503
4 months ago
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Ang sakit sa feeling na parang kabet ahhhh Giovanni magpakatino ka.pero kay nanay talaga hahahhaha yung memories but sinosunog mo nay hahahhaha

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2 months ago

Woahhhh, naging kayooo omooo ang sweettt nilalanggam na ko dito wahahhaa nakangiti lang ako habang nagbabasa, anyways legit tapaga kapag strict parents white lies talaga ang number 1 na panlaban whahaha challenging pero masaya, weyt next chapt

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Ang ganda po nang story nyo po😊

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Naku lagot ka kay nanay pag nahuli hehe.. Akalain mo yun my lalaking marunong gumawa ng paper roses.. Medyo complicated a, my gf na cia.. Hmmm cge til next post para magkaalaman.. To be continued☺️

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4 months ago

Marami siyang gf hahaha.😁

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4 months ago

Magaling siya mag Origami sis sa paper roses nya. Ako boat lang kaya ko sa airplane.

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4 months ago

Oo magaling siya sa lahat.😅

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4 months ago

Your youtube video with rose paper explanation is charming. Your next benefacioury program is still waiting?

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I don't have enough money for that😅 My earnings decrease and it's hard for me to save but still I'm saving If I reached $20 hopefully I can continue my beneficiary even just once in a month. As of now I only got $7 a long way to go.

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4 months ago

Don't worry your good work pay you soon. If I recovered my read cash account I surely contribute my part to your project.

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4 months ago

It's okay thank you.💚

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4 months ago

How sweet 🥰 seems to be a cute love story 😊 I am curious to know what happened which caused your heart broke.

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4 months ago


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4 months ago