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10 months ago

Every organization faces risks and threats through its operations. Some can also gain opportunities along the way and improve their strengths. President Ramon Magsaysay State University is not an exception to this.

The university accommodates thousands of students and offers various courses for future enrollees. But as the years pass by, the organization cannot deny that some factors and circumstances shake the school's core. And they primarily affect the development of the university.

As students taking up a course on one of President Ramon Magsaysay State University campuses, we studied and researched more about the university. We focused on the school's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The experiment allowed us to learn more about what our university has and offers.

I wanted to tackle the external and internal factors that impacted the university's recent years. The administration and organization of the university contributed to the changes and strategies on how they would maintain and improve their operations.


  • A more comprehensive range of areas used for research

  • Higher demand for agriculture-related employment

  • Involvement in local and regional enterprise developments

  • Additional courses in Level III Phase 2 Accreditation

  • More students enrolled yearly


  • COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Challenges in new routine learning modality

  • Opening of courses from the private college

  • Students struggles with coping with online learning


  • Lack of resources to attend online classes

  • Insufficient laboratory facilities and classrooms for students

  • The pressure on coping with the licensure exam passing rate

  • The same courses and curricula offered on campuses


  • The only state university in Zambales

  • High standard of education

  • Multi-campus University

  • Free education

  • Offers Research and Extension Services

  • Recognized nationally

  • Wide range of land areas for agricultural experiments

  • Scholarship programs

There have been both external and internal factors changes throughout the years. Both factors could affect the university's development in its next operating years. Our university is offering free tuition for the students but still gives quality and high standard of education. More enrollees are coming in means more chances of having skilled and intelligent students that could be the best future researchers.

Upon checking some of the threats and weaknesses, a few of them caught my attention which I think the university should know. There are issues with the duplication of courses among the campuses. Aside from that, only a few courses are Level III Phase 2 Accredited. It is one of the core factors of every university; having a higher level of accreditation.

Some graduating students also feel the pressure, especially those who will take licensure examinations. Also, since the university has already gotten involved in local and regional developments, there is pressure to maintain it and aim for more national recognition. Lastly, one of the problems that students complain about is the lack of classrooms and facilities that can accommodate them. These are the things that need changes and new strategies.


Upon listing and studying the threats, opportunities, weaknesses, and strengths of the university, I came up with a few recommendations.

  • The university must focus on making 100% of the courses in Level III Phase 2 Accreditation.

  • The university must look at constructing additional campus facilities that can accommodate the students well.

  • The university must check the possible special courses that every campus can offer to avoid duplications and similar curricula.

  • The university must look at adding review centers and facilities for licensure examination takers.

  • The university must focus on more research engagements that can receive regional and national recognition.

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10 months ago


That's an interesting evaluation. Maybe you can submit these recommendations to the school and hopefully they will act on it.

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10 months ago

I hope so, too. Maybe I could use it someday as my academic piece too. Thank you for the kind words.

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10 months ago

Ang galing naman at free tuition pa diyan sa school nyo, ganon talaga kadalasang problema , yong kakulangan sa mga facilities para ma accommodate lahat.

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10 months ago

Oo ate. Yan kadalasang problema sa mga state universities eh. Kulang sa facilities. Pero last time na nagpunta akong school, last month yata, nadagdagan na yung mga buildings & may mga improvements.

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10 months ago

Pwedeng mailagay sa isang study paper ito ha. Nice one. 🤟

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10 months ago

Uy, thank you! Oo nga eh, magandang SWOT Analysis example.

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10 months ago

Ang galing mo naman mag evaluate @charmingcherry08 napaka professional. Sana mabasa to ng university niyo, I think it will be a big help for them to improve.

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10 months ago

Thank you, Sydney! 🤗 Para rin 'to sa mga students dito, pwede nila gawing guide sa academic writings nila.

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10 months ago

Bakit ngayon lang to? Nice SWOT analysis, sana ito nalang ginamit namin hahaha same topic sa final naming eh.

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10 months ago

Naku, sayang naman. Nagsusulat talaga ako dito ng mga academic-related minsan para sa mga students. Para maka-help din, like gawing guide or kuha ng idea. As long as nag-ask ng consent ko. :) Favorite ko ang SWOT Analysis, specially sa mga Business Proposals ganyan. 🤗

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10 months ago