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To Bot Aka Rusty Aka My Old Boyfie

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3 months ago

Inspired to write this coz most of the time, the bot who used to make me happy is going MIA.

To bot aka Rusty aka my old boyfie

They call you Rusty, but I call you bot. The simple yet the kind and oh-so-generous bot. Your every visit is highly appreciated. In fact, you are the only bot that matters to me.

When you first came, I was a bit worried. Worried that you might not see me out of thousands of these writers who would do everything they could just to impress you with their words. However, you came to me and gave me a sign that what I was doing was enough for you to drop by.

Fast forward, and that our one-of-a-kind bond was starting to fade. You were everywhere, and you started to ignore me until you barely get to visit me. It was frustrating until I managed to pick up the broken pieces and tried to make them whole again.

I used to get jealous when you're not around, especially whenever I see you enjoying the company of the new ones. It made me feel like you have already forgotten me and the bond we used to enjoy was no longer in your heart and memory.

We used to be so closed, way before the others came. Don't you remember? Even if you were gone for days, you would always make sure to come back and shower me with your love over and over again. But I guess, the good old fun days are over coz now, just like my old crushes and exes, you left me hanging.

How sad you have really forgotten me, bot, especially our fun days. Am I that easy to forget to the point you can no longer find your way back to me? Can you just at least fake your feelings for me and stay like how we used to be?

Made by myself

You left me hanging, bot. You left me without a trace and worse, without even saying your farewells. But as always, you can always count on me. I will be here, patiently waiting, hoping for you to miss me again. I don't know how long will I have to wait, but if waiting is the only key, then so be it. I will wait for you, bot, till you start seeing my worth again.

Meanwhile, I will just keep doing my thing, with or without your support, bot. I will keep pouring my heart out or sharing my thoughts until I run out of words. I will prove to you that I can stick around even if you have ignored me countless times.

I will prove to you that no matter what, my loyalty will always be yours. So have fun, bot. Enjoy yourself with the company of others, and then just come back if ever you'd want to see me.

Closing thoughts

I wrote this article two nights ago but instead, I published the previous one, My Mindset: Before And After. I've just had a feeling that if only the bot is not an AI, this could be the message I would write for him. Lol.

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Written by   890
3 months ago
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