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Daily Reading Activities #5: Bitcoin Cash Landed on Moon

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3 weeks ago

Life is like opening the cover of a book and you find many stories that carry you into the future. Likewise what you will find on every sheet of the book that we see here.

Get started today, April 19, 2021 by reading such a good article. It looks like they are bloggers who have been professional and have been working writing online for a long time.

Let's read and get good news from good articles. Before that, you could surf and read what I wrote. I'm sorry that can't write like you. But we can still read and pay attention to a little endorsement that has a name, a friend.

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Daily Reading Activity #2 : Find the Good in Reading Articles

First, we'll see how @Pantera is able to really, really well explain Bitcoin Cash. I once tried to come up with an idea to write a white paper on Bitcoin Cash from my own version. But I lost the idea. Pantera is able to explain Bitcoin Cash to all new users.

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin Cash

This is a beginner's guide with some more advanced topics that everyone entering Crypto today may want to know. This article was created to answer questions beginners in the field have, and it was made in a way that explains the basic terms required to understand this technology.

As a guide, Pantera works. I can find out that any new user can learn faster with this guide. Especially at this time Bitcoin Cash is good and makes us all happy and even makes noise that cannot be stopped to always pray that Bitcoin Cash passes US $ 10,000

Basically, we need initial information to dig deeper into any existing information. It is human nature. We need something that stimulates the brain to provide the best analysis we need.

Pantera compiled the information as if he was writing a paper to be presented at a seminar for the benefit of college or for business activities or introducing bitcoin cash in university rooms.

My friend @Jane has always inspired us, now she writes:

A One Time Achievement With Bitcoin Cash

I have also checked my crypto wallets and I was happy to see that BCH helped me achieve my goal this year.

  • Binance - $3,013.83

  • Nexo -$1,221.17

  • - $881.14

  • Trustwallet - $125.68

  • Coinbase - $49.26

  • Stormgain (71.81+12.40+33.66) - $117.87

You will see how we learn math and the opportunities of business in crypto. Jane is one of the kind girls who has the ability to tell us about learning and struggling at

Jane gives an example of what Jane can do from a development of the value in the market for crypto to keep each goal under control. A good plan must be tailored to the purpose and how to store and add assets.

Until now, I only had Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, because I got it by writing on and other platforms. But Jane was able to increase the potential profit by learning more than I learned.

The account owner who uses the name, @NamotoSakatoshi , has said goodbye to BTC as Bitcoin.

Goodbye BTC

I don't even want to hear about those toxic BTC advocates trolling anyone who thinks differently, not anymore. I respect and tolerate any sensible BTC advocates, but now there is only one Bitcoin for me, and that's Bitcoin Cash. Because Bitcoin was, is, and will always be cash. That's what I was told when I purchased BTC for the first time and I took that statement as the most important point of a contract between Bitcoin and me, a contract that has been awkwardly breached. Bitcoin can also be many other things, but it must be money. I don't want to hold any cryptocurrency useless as cash, so I have exchanged all my BTC for Bitcoin Cash. Because Bitcoin BCH is P2P electronic CASH, as Bitcoin was always meant to be.

I don't know who NamotoSakatoshi is, it seems I need to find information about this person. He wrote three articles and friends with @Moeb and @majamalu and @Ellie

This is like a message sent to Satoshi Nakamoto that the Bitcoin which was created in the past is no longer bitcoin. Because developments have left BTC as a risky asset.

As the name suggests, I feel like it's a name that is trying to send the message clearly that Bitcoin Cash has taken the claim to be as pure bitcoin as Satoshi Nakamoto wanted.

How do you see the potential here? proof, yes you need proof that everyone can get Bitcoin Cash by working hard. Because we are not the main investors of Bitcoin. However, my friend @bmjc98 managed to achieve her goal for April 2021.

$2,000 In BCH Has Finally Achieved Before April Ends!

Just because I already achieved my $2,000 goal doesn't mean I will stop here. No, this is just the beginning because I will still aim for more. It's not that I love money, but we are talking about the future here. Not just my future but for my family's as well. So now that I made my second $1000, let's move on to another chapter: $3,000 before June ends.

To prove the performance of the @BMJC98, this girl keeps the books of bitcoin cash. @bmjc98 was very thorough and managed to help a lot of people. he has a program to help anyone who wants consultations on bitcoin cash,, and many other things.

Anyone know about a program from if so, you should read the article by the owner @dagur

The work of keeping track of flipstarter has been improved by

  • Submission form on the website

  • Pre-fill data during submission

  • Automate the task of updating the flipstarter status when it succeeds or expires

  • Automate the task of archiving a copy of the flipstarters

They got help from @sanchaz to fix some of the difficulties that came up. I've visited their website and it's interesting. It's just that, I don't know how I can follow the workings of them. Because they walked further than me.

Have you ever had a blog? I mean make your own blog from the package provided by wordpress? You need to come up with an idea to adopt Bitcoin Cash from what @CryptoMax wrote

Good News EVERYWHERE: Meet Prompt.Cash

  • This promises to expand Bitcoin Cash's reach even further.

  • People want convenience, they want user-friendliness, they want performance and they want analytics.

  • This is why BCH and Prompt.Cash are ideal for these online platforms, and why the reach - once the project is in full bloom - will be astronomically big.

  • We are going to see a lot of adoption here, and no doubt I'm going to adopt it soon - heck maybe I'll even install the plugin next week to start selling my services for BCH as I'm so bullish on this.

I once blogged but I didn't know that it could be synchronized with the technology of the blockchain and the development system of future money at the same time. This is very interesting. I will learn to create my own blog to become a special blog which will later develop into a good program for our future.

I love hearing my friends are happy with what they have planned. Luckily all the goals are achieved one by one by working hard and continuing to learn. My friend @carisdaneym2 has a story for us

Another Goal Achieved with the help of Bitcoin cash and YOU! (MY PRINTER)

Now, let us go back to my goals. Before April's start, I set another goal which is to focus on saving some bitcoin cash for my printer and I did publish an article about that.

now tell me will you give up before doing anything?

No friends, look at them here who have succeeded in achieving their goals. they are slowly gathering and studying every opportunity from the future of crypto to provide proof that bitcoin cash belongs to everyone, including him, me, you, and all of us.

By the way, are you someone who has a lot of information about the crypto market? You can share your stories and experiences when Bitcoin Cash was flying to the moon in the last few days, as @Ruffa wrote in this article

Overpowered by Greediness

I didn't sell or buy bitcoin cash for the last few days because the second $ 100 I received from was going to pay into the rent from my house. I agree with those of you who are knowledgeable and want to profit in trading on the market of crypto.

Writing, Reading, Commenting, or Focus on BCH?

Writing 1 and Reading 10 Articles

Write Like You Write a Diary

I'm ready to be your friend:

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Written by   129
3 weeks ago
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Great compilation! I'm going to read them all, I have read 2 of them already more to go!

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you will find something interesting there

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Of course! There's a lot of good writers here, including you😎

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Hello there Adrian. You always curate great stuff with these posts. It's cool to see you actively read the articles and pick the pearls. Anyone wanting to read the best on this platform can surely subscribe to you. I'm also grateful you picked me. Cheers!

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3 weeks ago

We learn from you, you are an extraordinary person and no one is like you, I can't even come up with the idea of writing like you

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Eyyy, thank you for the mention hihi. You read a lot of article everyday no 💚

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for this time only a few of my friends

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The great reader of readcadh 😁

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3 weeks ago

can i fly to the moon?

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3 weeks ago

Thank you for the mention and your kind words, it means a lot. Bitcoin Cash is not anywhere near its fair value and we are all doing our part to put it where it belongs. I have to thank you for the recommendations, I was following some of them, and I will read more from those that I wasn't.

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3 weeks ago

It's a good move to read each other and gain knowledge, congrats

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3 weeks ago

I feel so honoured to be here and be included in the article you just shared with us. Thank you for sharing I will be visiting their account one by one and read their amazing articles too :) 💚💚💚

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I am honored to be your friend and get a lot of knowledge from your articles

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