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Im Newbie #introducingmyself

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11 months ago

Hi Readers, nice to meet you,

apologize for me, because I just wrote a post about self-introduction which should be the first post on this platform. I know that for users of this platform who are already writing here earlier, that a self-introduction is not mandatory.

However, for me this has become our culture. For example: the first time you meet someone, do you immediately invite the person to a conversation that you or he or she likes? Of course not, right.

Self-introduction is important, I will give reasons why the first post or post on the platform should be a post about self-introduction:

  • You tell others about yourself. When introducing yourself, you are sure to introduce your name, where are you from, where do you live, or even share contacts to be able to call each other.

  • You tell what you like, that way other people will get information about what your interests are, whether later you write about the same things with people, or maybe your work is the same as other people's work;

  • You tell your community and country of origin, look, here we can find out how many users of the platform are in each country? for Indonesia, I also don't know how many readers are from Indonesia.

Oh yes, before I forget the most important thing, I will tell you that I started to be active on this platform because of an invitation from a mentor, his account is @bahagia-arbi, he is a very helpful person. @bahagia-arbi introduced me to the world of writing at and

Then, do you remember who invited you to this platform. Is it important? not really, but we must give appreciation to those who have led us to the same path that is the path of readers.

Start Now

Okay, now I will start my self introduction, my name is Andrian Habibi, here you know me @andrianlover, my name comes from two people, my father and tean are from my father, andrian's name comes from the name of my father's friend, while the name Habibi comes from Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, he is my father's idol, former president in Indonesia and a smart person.

However, I tried to find the meaning of both names, from google search engine, I found that Andrian means Man from Across the Ocean, while Habibi means Lover, so I am Lover from across the sea.

For more information, you can search for me via google under the name Andrian Habibi, or with keywords: Andrian Habibi Pemilu.

Entering the World Organization

I joined several organizations, for example the Independent Election Monitoring Committee in Indonesia, here I started from the earliest stages, starting from volunteering to monitor the stages of elections in the field.

Then, I became part of the board of the Independent Election Monitoring Committee (KIPP) Indonesia from the regional level, administrators at the provincial level, to the central committee located in Jakarta.

I joined this organization since 2009 until now. In 2009, I also joined another organization, namely the Indonesian Legal Aid and Human Rights Association (PBHI). These two organizations meant a lot to me, because from these organizations I learned to know humanity and democracy. Two things are important and still need to be learned in Indonesia. You know it.

I learned many things in organizations, for example about leadership and how to choose leaders. Guys, I wonder how do you make your choice for the legislature or the presidential candidate?

For me, there are other points of view for you, for example, whether a candidate for legislative member, candidate for senator, or candidate for president has a good background in life.

  • Have they never broken the law?

  • or have they ever helped the community to protect community rights?

  • do they not damage the environment?

  • or do they support humanitarian programs?

Some of these questions must be answered by prospective leaders. Next, you have to judge whether he has a good program. You can also seek information from researchers about how much potential a potential leader can carry out campaign promises if he is elected.

What do I like?

I like photography. I love it, even though I don't have a camera. However, my friends say that mirroless cameras have come down in price. Maybe this year I'll get the camera.

Anyone want to make suggestions? Some say that Sony and Fujifilm are among the best for Mirroless. several times I used the office's camera. So, whenever I carry out a task to take documentation of activities, I always take the time to take photos of anything, nature, scenery, or objects.

Besides that, I'm also studying editing a video. You can see my YouTube, but you have to promise not to laugh. not because my videos are funny. but i can't edit the video or how to record a good video. However, we must keep learning, because learning must not stop. keep the spirit to learn.

I currently live in Jakarta, but I come from the island of Sumatra. I have a Batak ethnicity, one of the thousands of tribes in Indonesia. However, I have an agreement with a tribe from the Minangkabau.

How about my education? I have already completed my bachelor's degree in management, so my full name is Andrian Habibi, S.E, even so, I still go to school to get my law degree and master law degree. Hopefully in the next two years I can complete my education. Amen.



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Written by   277
11 months ago
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Subhanalloh, very Good thanks for information.

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