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Holding Bitcoin Cash for the people needs

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3 months ago

Let's imagine that fiat money, that made by the state, only existed as a form of exchange that only circulated within the layer that invented it, that is, only the state had the authority to use it and the common people did not, would he have been embraced or even adopted as a means of payment?!

...I don't think so, because the common people would continue to trade based on the old archaic systems where man exchanged something he didn't need for something he wanted at the time (the old trading done in the time before Christ) and nor would they need to obtain banknotes as these would be of no use to them at all.

It would be the same as saying, 'if I have a lot of excess corn, why not exchange it with the neighbor who has tomatoes, because I really need it'...

Why Bitcoin Cash is important

As I mentioned in the excerpt above, a form of payment is always necessary to exist within the society to be able to regulate and channel certain funds for its development. Fiat money is important for the state, as for the government this same amount will generate tax rates that can be used to build schools, buildings, hospitals, roads and various other infrastructures that help society itself.

If the payment system had not evolved, and men continued to use archaic means (such as direct commercial exchange) it is certain that many societies would still be in the middle ages.

But with the development of societies other problems were created with the use of fiat money controlled and regulated by the state as well. This centralized and highly inflationary means of payment, which is said to be true, began to cause great 'headaches' for those who pay the tax and expect better living conditions.

Widespread inflation in many societies began to increase, largely because of the arbitrary issuance of fiat money to address economic-related problems in many countries around the world. This emission became dangerous as it did not follow the 'normal' emission parameters!

Let's understand, to make more paper money it is necessary for the industry and the economy to be in sync, it is not enough just to produce money if it cannot keep up with the economy, if that happens, the citizen will have more money in his pocket than nothing can buy causing hyperinflation by making money powerless.

Using Bitcoin Cash in this particular scenario helps a lot. As is already known, Bitcoin Cash is not susceptible to inflation and protects the money of the individual who holds it as it is anti-inflation, which is to say, that over time it gains value. Problems caused by fiduciary means can easily be circumvented with currency and most importantly, the individual can use it totally free of government control by becoming his own Bank and protecting himself from inflation.

Holding Bitcoin Cash for the Benefit of Man

Inflation is growing stronger in many parts of the world, fiat money no longer serves as a form of financial protection as well as many financial assets such as gold or even silver. Who can even ask 'but why are gold and silver also included'...

While money is increasingly inflationary, causing the common individual to lose a lot of purchasing power, gold and silver in turn becomes more and more dangerous to have. Don't get it wrong, they continue to be great forms of investment but not payment by their nature they must first be exchanged for currency to be used.

Not to mention that when they are exchanged, they first have to prove whether the same asset (gold and silver) is really legitimate, since despite their nature they are still susceptible to forgery....that's right, these assets can be counterfeit and so the holder ends up losing large sums of money.

With Bitcoin Cash that doesn't happen anymore...

Due to its design nature Bitcoin Cash cannot at any time be tampered with, it is secure and its network of networks around the world has this function: to ensure that all Bitcoin is legitimate, verified and verified in a cryptographic way with highly mathematical algorithms qualified and without human intervention.

Whoever owns Bitcoin Cash is guaranteed to have a completely secure decentralized currency, a peer-to-peer means of electronic payments that works anywhere in the world, free of control and manipulation as well as making payments cheaply, fast and dynamic.

Bitcoin Cash is the money every man wants

Every day we hear this term 'money', a form of payment that connects men with basic necessities and beyond, connects men with what matters most to that same man, such as paying rent, products and services, as well as a whole range of things important to their experience.

But this 'money' is issued by a centralized entity, namely the state, but Bitcoin Cash is not! Exactly, Bitcoin Cash is issued in a decentralized way and the state has no authority over it and as it's smart money it can very well be used exactly as fiat money is! Bitcoin Cash can pay daily bills and buy anything...all this, without having to worry about fees as they are very cheap and dynamic also transactions are fast and secure.


Man needs money for his basic needs and Bitcoin Cash is that money. With Bitcoin Cash everyone can access a range of services and products purchased quickly and dynamically, with a vast network of merchants accepting the same worldwide.

In the past it was not possible to have this form of decentralized digital payment, but with the emergence of Bitcoin Cash everything has improved! Today people from all over the world and any social strata can have the privilege of paying for their products without having to exchange Bitcoin Cash in fiat money thanks to the constant growth of merchants who accept it.

Having digital money decentralized is the best guarantee that man's money will never lose value, as it over time values ​​much more than fiat money.

Hold Bitcoin Cash and only use it when needed, but always remember to replenish it as the future rests with Bitcoin Cash as the best decentralized digital cash solution people need.

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Written by   822
3 months ago
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Great write up I know for sure that the centralized world and its system of operations Is having a turning point to the decentralized system. And it’s making the world digital In no time I am sure that the emergency of the decentralized currency would have it way all around the world and anyone who fails to embrace it would have to fall behind the wall of civilians with technology

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3 months ago

It's been a lot easier now than before because bch came. into action and Bitcoincash is for the mass to be use and that was cool about it. Especially here in Philippines adopting Bch in merchants as payment methods is just awesome.

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3 months ago

The use of Bitcoin Cash as been on constant development and people who adopt it will have a good store of value and a mean of exchange for the world, after all is 💰

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3 months ago

If not for fiat currency, we would have been stuck with the old trade by barter method of payment

It's good that fiat currency came around and through payment of taxes helped developments and civilization

But, it did have it downside as inflation keeps disturbing. Gold and silver came forward but it is subject to forgery as you said

BCH is here to stay, it is beyond forgery, and inflation doesn't affect it. This is a currency everyone should adopt.

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3 months ago

Well resumed😎

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3 months ago