Crypto Research Reveals That 31% Of People (Out of 8,111 surveyed) Knows about BCH and 9% Owns It

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A new survey conducted by Skrill in partnership with Paysafe in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Italy, Bulgaria and Austria found that Bitcoin Cash is known by 31% of the people and 9% of respondents own the currency.

...the research took place between the months of March to April and was done entirely online.

The survey, conducted online in the aforementioned countries, analyzed responses from 8,111 consumers represented by age and gender and the surveys were made via email. Was also noted that in Bulgaria and the United States there is the largest number of people who have BTC in their portfolios, making a total of 60% of the weight, in which the United States holds 36% and Bulgaria takes the other part that constitute 24%.

The results of The survey shows How dominant still BTC, but BCH still on the way as currency of payments

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It was evident that the most popular currency in the world of cryptocurrencies still the BTC, but among the consumers surveyed it could be seen that 31% are aware of Bitcoin Cash and 9% of them own the currency and have it stored in their wallets. The other percentage is divided by Ether (22%), Litecoin (19%) and the other 10% are aware of Dash, Stellar and ethereum classic.

What is interesting says the Survey

Research as it is already known has been conducted in certain countries where the level of education is relatively high compared to other parts of the world around cryptocurrencies, but this same level of knowledge also revealed that many people still do not use cryptocurrencies to invest.

A part, however, considers that people are not yet ready to receive cryptocurrencies, but compared to the year 2020 many people believe in the potential and in their use to make online payments. It is noteworthy that payments using cryptocurrencies has increased but research does not attribute any favoritism currency in this regard.

A way of Bitcoin Cash for payments

The survey conducted does not include any third world countries such as Venezuela, Thailand, or even Australia (a first world nation where the use of Bitcoin Cash is a Reality and people can live solely by the currency in the Bitcoin Cash City) where the acceptance level of Bitcoin Cash is growing rapidly for payments. It was only conducted in first world countries and encompassed less than 9,000 residents in both America and the European countries where it took place.

For a greater audience and veracity in the use of Bitcoin Cash and even knowledge this research should be extended to more countries both in America, Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Asia. This way the survey could have more information to be able to say how true the use of Bitcoin Cash is in the world.

BCH is the real Bitcoin, the real peer-to-peer electronic cash payment

Bitcoin Cash is the peer-to-peer electronic cash payment for humanity, which is accepted almost everywhere in the planet where there are merchants who believe in the development of currency. It is clear that their fundamentals guarantee this adoption, after all, nobody wants to pay high fees or even have their transactions slower in the network when they need to make payments. Using Bitcoin Cash you can get around this and pay extremely low transaction fees and speed them up, not to mention network security that is regularly upgraded to ensure customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Bitcoin Cash is the currency of the future

It's no coincidence that Bitcoin Cash appears second in the ranking of the best known in the world in the countries surveyed, as well as second in the list of those who have in their cryptocurrency wallet.

Bitcoin Cash is the currency of the future, decentralized digital money made by the people for the people, the largest currency accepted by merchants in the world where the owner can pay for anything, from coffee to paying bills, all of that costing the lowest fees on the market and with fast confirmation on the transactions.

To conclude...

The use of cryptocurrencies is increasing around the world and well positioned currencies with attractive fundamentals will entice users and will have greater ability to attract supporters.

Bitcoin Cash has these condiments to be accepted as digital Cash in the world, it has a strong community and the currency has usage in the real world, being one of the few that can even be used to pay for accommodation (in crypto agencies, such Travala), buy plane tickets, buy food on the go in various locations in the globe.

I would sincerely like to see more research like this, and should cover more parts of the world like countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and Middle-East, where the use of Bitcoin Cash is increasing, the survey from Paysafe is a great proof in how Bitcoin Cash is in the right way to become a worldwide currency used for for peer-to-peer electronic payments.

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