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Bitcoin Is Cash, It's Just Money Bro

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4 months ago

With the level of inflation rising daily and the fiat money being worth less and less with each passing year, it is better to bet on an anti-inflationary currency that works anywhere in the world.

Bitcoin Cash serves this requirement and much more. While fiat money loses value, Bitcoin Cash is worth more and more over the same period.

The world is full of problems caused by arbitrary decisions by governments trying to solve financial problems by printing more and more money and flooding the market with paper money, but this is not a solution to the same problems. It's no use printing money while the economy doesn't keep up with development either, because that way they cause more money to be in people's pockets but national production remains in short supply. This leads to having money on the market but with the same amount of products and services offered, leading to more money circulating that cannot buy anything.

...this uncontrolled capital injection can only lead to one path, hyperinflation!

Many countries adopt this type of temporary solution, as they say, but it causes a tremendous negative repercussion in the citizen's life, causing the money to lose value and, over time, causing society to be hit by a generalized inflation.

Bitcoin Cash solves this

Fiat money is in free fall, year after year, the same value stored in banks is no longer the same value today. If a person saves money in Fiat, he is hit by inflation that catches him off guard and the value he had yesterday, tomorrow will not have the same market value.

If the value in the past could buy a kilogram of sugar after a while, it will no longer be able to, because it suffered from inflation and lost its weight of purchasing power. But with Bitcoin Cash that doesn't happen anymore!

While fiat money loses its acquisition value with Bitcoin Cash, the picture changes:

  • Not suffering inflation, the currency gains value in relation to fiat money and gives the user much greater purchasing power and not only...

    • Because the coin has a supply capacity of only 21 million coins and with halvening taking place to reduce the quantity in the market, it also creates a scarcity and serves as a store of value, making it highly desirable and a high investment instrument.

And not only...

Bitcoin Cash is a currency that works all over the world and for the purchase of a lot, from the payment of small items such as the purchase of a plane ticket, recharges (energy, water...) and it also guarantees that anyone, anywhere of the world can be your own master because to store Bitcoin Cash you don't need to ask anyone for permission as long as you have a secure internet connection and can download a wallet and keep your cryptographic keys.

Bitcoin Cash is more than money, it is also freedom from the traditional system

While in times past all citizens were forced to use the fiat money by the government, so they could be controlled and be able to pay taxes, with Bitcoin Cash this trend changes.

Bitcoin Cash allows citizens to have their freedom back as everyone has the right to choose where they want to keep their own money. Nobody should be forced to save money in government financial institutions, after all, everyone can choose where their money is best kept.

Having the freedom of choice allows citizens to figure out where they can best earn more money as times go by and get rid of inflation. While fiat money loses this quality over time, the opposite happens with Bitcoin Cash, which values ​​more and allows the citizen to have a favorable return over time.

Bitcoin Cash returns man's freedom in a decentralized system of payment and storage of value controlled only by the owner of each Bitcoin Cash unit and paying extremely low fees to move its value, not to mention that the storage is tax free and has no to worry about inflation.

Bitcoin Cash is the money of the future

Bitcoin Cash is the money of the future that is not controlled by any government and allows holders of the currency to use it in a decentralized peer-to-peer payments system, where web-based trust is crucial to its adoption.

Digital decentralized money is a reality that people deserve and Bitcoin Cash has fundamentals that entice the world to use and adopt more and more. The ability to use and pay very low fees, insurance and quick confirmations the currency has been gaining supporters around the world.

Not only that, merchants around the world have already started to give importance to currency and their acceptance network is growing and in constant demand.

In the near future, everyone will have the pleasure of being able to make payments without having to leave home, whether on e-commerce sites or even paying directly on a pizza sales site.

Bitcoin is Cash!

To Conclude

Make no mistake, fiduciary money is in free fall, its maintenance costs the state a lot of money and if the return on loans granted to large companies or the economy does not behave well, it starts to lose market value, taking away its purchasing power. of the citizen.

This deficiency in fiat money causes serious risks to the economy and the one who pays the most is the quiet common citizen, who has the right to pay taxes and use the national currency.

Using Bitcoin Cash, both to reserve money and to escape inflation, ensures that in both cases it is protected! Bitcoin is Cash and therefore it returns the purchasing power of the common man and guarantees that even after years it continues to have purchase value and weight.

Do not sideline the revolution, replace as much as possible Fiat with Bitcoin Cash, use and replace it, giving essential value to the blockchain network and greatly increasing the power to choose which payment method best serves the planet, centralized or decentralized.

Bitcoin Cash is the best bet!

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Written by   829
4 months ago
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Bitcoin Cash is money, asset and investment in one body

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4 months ago

Absolutely 😎 BCH is the currency of the future, the digital decentralized money for the world

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4 months ago

Bitcoin Cash is superior cash that is totally true as long as you use it as a peer-to-peer currency where the seller and buyer meet in a common marketplace. Bitcoin Cash makes it possible for poor people to sell their goods at an international level.

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4 months ago

You just nailed it😎 BCH is the future of a Decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash payment

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4 months ago