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No Better way to send remittances than using BCH

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3 months ago

When I worked abroad, one of the concerns I had was how to send money safely and quickly home, and this made me think ten times before sending it with delivery drivers a lot because:

  • They took the cash home in an envelope and charged for every South African rand the family would receive.

  • There was no security in these transactions as he could be robbed or even have an accident along the way and lose all the value he brought with him.

These situations could all be reversed using legal means, such as banks and financial institutions like Western Union, but the big problem always remained: security, speed and low fees.

Couriers were the most suitable solution (they took less time, they only took the 6-hour journey between Johannesburg and Maputo) but they also charged a lot for this service.

And no, here we're giving an example using my own case, but we can see that I'm only one in over two million professionals working abroad who need to send money to their loved ones. People from all over go in search of better living conditions to be able to provide for their families and face this type of embarrassment when they finally want to send money back to their country of origin.

Bitcoin Cash is the solution

Every year thousands of individuals leave in search of better conditions abroad and along the way leave their family behind with a promise of sending value if their life changes abroad. People from all over the world move using this same argument and go in search of their dream of a better life.

They work and get the desired value and with all responsibility decide to send it, but this path can be torture. Let's see first:

  • Banks: these institutions require several gyms for the user to send money to their country of origin and the process can be exhausting, and not only that, they charge a lot and none of them has the shipping time processed quickly.

  • Financial institutions, for example Western Union: this institution has a very suitable service for those who want to send remittances of value to their country of origin, the process can be fast but it is by no means cheap and compared to banks they have better advantages, but they continue to not be a viable solution in many countries. You need an identity card for both parties to complete the deal and the party that will receive this shipment does not always have identification.

Well, not everyone has an identity card, especially families who, when they wake up, have to look for food to be able to live, and they also prefer not to invest in an ID because they don't have the money for it, using all the value to be able to stay alive, and they are these people who live on remittances from their distant relatives.

Of course as societies in the third world develop, young people are increasingly aware that it is necessary to have an identity card and also these are no longer very expensive to obtain.

With all this, it could be seen that both banks and financial institutions are not good enough for sending money remittances quickly, instantly and with increased security, but using Bitcoin Cash is possible.

Bitcoin Cash is the best viable solution in this process, imagine being able to send digital money quickly, dynamically, securely and paying extremely low fees! This is the dream of every worker who works abroad and so he can still have a peace of mind, only those who have sent money home understand how stressful the situation is.

The world is increasingly digital and controlled by young people, who are responsible for receiving the amounts sent to their families using remittances from abroad. While in the past these remittances had to be channeled to the elderly, today young people and adults have this mission and then channel it to their parents and grandparents who benefit most from it.

Bitcoin Cash doesn't allows delays and absurd payments (charged by remittance companies) to be easily diverted and thereby save large sums of value. Imagine that in sending a remittance worth two hundred dollars for example, the company takes a significant portion, many charge a good percentage making the customer 'practically' split their money with the remittance company.

With Bitcoin Cash the situation completely changes:

  • The worker who wants to send money home has to buy the currency directly to his wallet and send it to his family member, anywhere in the world, at any time of the day and have his transaction completed almost instantly and paying very low fees .

  • The receiver in turn only has to receive and exchange in fiat money (using crypto or private brokers) or even use it on traders who are willing to receive the currency.

Therefore, Bitcoin Cash is viable and solves problems of remittance of money sent by distant family members and thus saving money in these transactions and having security in them. With Bitcoin Cash it is stress free and it also helps to increase its recognition as a decentralized digital currency that serves both as peer-to-peer payments and money transfers.

There is no better viable solution than using BCH for remittances!

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Written by   797
3 months ago
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Bitcoin cash is good investment 2021

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3 months ago

Yes. That's what I'm talking about.

Even if the receiver doesn't know where to sell the BCH (in most cases, they do), you can directly topup their mobile money accounts by sites likes

Another way would be to sell it to someone on a p2p exchange, who is stationed in the same region as the person you want to send money to and simply ask the buyer to send the money to the person you want to send the money to, instead of you.

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3 months ago

Yes those ways work very well and it's fast, reliable and high secure😎 I am glad that you could give some more ideas to increase remittances in Africa Koush

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3 months ago