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Will be Africa the next hotspot for Bitcoin Cash

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2 months ago

Africa is growing in the technological world with the internet increasingly penetrating and allowing more people to have access to a good internet connection and also to have access to a range of services never before imagined.

Over time and due to various causes such as pandemic diseases, which motivated people to start working from home, the internet has been a desirable way to get a way to make money. Many of these forms of online work pay their affiliates using cryptocurrencies, as not all traditional means aren't legal in many countries across Africa.

For example, PayPal has not been loyal to its users in Nigeria and elsewhere, with stark restrictions and prompting young online workers to embark on a journey through the world of cryptocurrency innovation.

Earlier I gave the example of Nigeria as it is the largest technological nation on the continent and together with South Africa it is in a favorable position to be one of the nations that will wield the power of blockchain technology in a short time. There are other options in terms of countries but Nigeria and South Africa stand out by far...

The awakening of interest in decentralized digital currencies

For a long time, countries in Africa have looked for alternative ways of working online where they can be paid accordingly, and thus help their families and friends to escape the poverty that plagues many countries on the continent and beyond. This search led young people to discover a new means of payment, cryptocurrencies.

In the past, this search was largely centered on Bitcoin Core (BTC) as it was the most logical thing to do, after all it was the pioneer asset or currency in the world of cryptocurrencies. Young people from all corners of the continent daily went to Google to search for the term 'Bitcoin' and find a way to get it and thus have a way to be able to overcome their lack of employment, social marginalization and thus change their way of life.

Years have passed and the mentality has also changed! While before these same young people were looking for Bitcoin Core (BTC), today that search has completely changed:

  • One of the reasons for this change in demand was the fact that it was discovered that Bitcoin Core (BTC) often did not justify that demand.

Well, let's see, when looking for work, you are also looking for a way to make money with it and not a way to lose money just by moving that same amount. Bitcoin Core (BTC) does not correspond very much to the aspirations of the youth layer in Africa, the most active and disadvantaged layer on the continent.

They are growing and following this growth, they are looking for forms of work that have favorable payments and that can really help to completely change their lives.

From Bitcoin Core to Bitcoin Cash Search

Nigeria has always been the country where young people have always searched for the term 'bitcoin' on the internet using Google's services and over time this same search has shifted to the more accentuated term 'Bitcoin cash' very much because of the fundamentals which the currency holds.

While Bitcoin Core (BTC) has high transaction rates and its confirmations on the blockchain network are slow, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has a more elaborated version of the 'global currency' requirement where everyone has a special and direct participation and This pays very low transaction fees and has all blockchain transactions confirmed extremely quickly.

And not only that, Bitcoin Cash is constantly growing around the world and attracting more and more supporters who need a currency that really works in both the virtual and real world, so that its holders can use it to make peer-payments. to-peer daily at merchants who accept the currency or even on e-commerce websites that prefer it as a method of payment for their products.

Establishing Bitcoin Cash as a Promising Currency in Africa

Bitcoin Cash is quite attractive on a continent where the minimum wage is around the $53 minimum in most nations. The currency serves the purposes for which it was established and has a growing community around the world.

Bitcoin Cash is attractive for young entrepreneurs (who use it to pay for products in Dubai, without having to move quickly and safely), unemployed (who find in Bitcoin Cash an anchor of salvation, as the currency has several platforms on which users can make income in a simple and dynamic way). And not only that!

Using Bitcoin Cash, young people in Africa know they are free from the inflation that fiat money is exposed to, making their search and adoption increasingly in demand for the lands of 'Tata Mandela, Kwamme Nkrumah or even Samora Machel'. The currency works in real life and has merchants willing to accept it for their products.

Many cities such as Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town in South Africa or even in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, have merchants who accept the currency at an ever-increasing rate and at an accelerated level. In fact, Johannesburg even has Bitcoin Cash ATMs where enthusiasts can purchase Bitcoin Cash, as well as Cape Town, Nelspruit or even Port Elizabeth.

The Bitcoin Cash movement will only continue to grow on the continent

After all, everyone wants a decentralized currency that works for what the youth desires (a layer that it seeks to establish financially) and is active in achieving its goals. Bitcoin Cash provides this guarantee.

First, because the currency can be acquired at a P2P broker or even by paying via credit or debit card, or even doing jobs (such as writing, in or even in, which are two of the most active platforms for disclosing work of paid digital content creators in Bitcoin Cash). Bitcoin Cash is money after all.

There are organizations like EatBCH South Sudan that are funded and donated Bitcoin Cash to help needy people to pass the scourge of hunger in the country, and thereby spread awareness about Bitcoin Cash, after all, it is through the BCH community that they can at least have one. meal a day. African youth, like me, create organizations to promote Bitcoin Cash and thereby increase the number of supporters and spread the good news to neighbors, 'enemies' and family!

The Bitcoin Cash movement is a growing reality on the continent and over time it will only increase and turn Africa into a big hotspot for Bitcoin Cash and beyond, for many other cryptocurrencies that work favorably for young Africans.

Closing the article...

Due to the geographical disposition of the continent and its socio-economic aspects, the African continent, one of the most affected by unemployment and social marginalization, has much to gain by adopting Bitcoin Cash.

As is well known, it does not matter if the young person does not work or does not even have a fixed income, the bills must always be paid for goods and services or even to pay fees required by the government. This ability of Bitcoin Cash to be obtained by fair work (one of the communities with the most decent earning platforms, I would even venture to say the only one) many young Africans are engaging in it in a fast dynamic and very participative way.

Africa has a lot to gain using Bitcoin Cash and it works by paying extremely low fees and not incurring inflation, as Bitcoin Cash is anti-inflationary, in other words, one of the safest ways to store money in a secure and decentralized way without ever having to incur against government demands and in the process change the standard of living as well as help in the dissemination and promotion of the currency across the continent.

Bitcoin Cash works in Africa and africans knows that!

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Written by   794
2 months ago
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Ya, It's true because African are doing a lot of work on technology. They'll get good result for their work

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Nice! I also do hope our country knows more about BCH.

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It possible just start to make them know about BCH 😎 about

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I'm on it, friend. ☺️

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