Noise.Cash The Rise Of A Social Platform Fueled by BCH

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Social media platforms have been around for a long time, many of them have emerged and disappeared in such a competitive and centralized market, the ones that remain are those that today dominate the market and created empires with the network. These platforms are free, yes for the user to use the network, but paying a price to be able to use it.

This use by the user is often not noticed, but the media company secretly collects information that makes it possible to spread advertising in the user's feed depending on what he uses when he logs into his account. Therefore, the company does not need to ask to collect this information and the client unconsciously agrees to give it, which helps these gigantic companies to monetize the website by selling advertising space to those who can pay more.

Companies like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others, do this and rent their spaces to customers through a subscription payment for them to have visibility in their products by making 'introsive' advertising in customers' accounts.

But how Twitter makes money

Twitter is a giant company in the world of social media and by the hand of its CEO Jack it has already made and continues to make billions of dollars, the majority of this revenue coming from advertising and the rental of data licenses and other services.

The company has been in the market for more than 15 years and stands out for its tweets, which are small messages of a total of 240 characters which can be broadcast more than 2400 times through the platform which can be seen by followers directly in their feeds . These tweets are in real time and cause interaction between public figures, celebrities and even anonymous people creating a very strong engagement and moving the world in a social way.

Notable figures such as the ex-North American president, Donald Trump and celebrities such as the case of the famous electrical magnate of the automotive electrical industry, Elon Musk are characters that have a lot of influence on the social network. Former President Donald Trump was the first in history as an active 'strong man' in power to be removed from access to the platform because it considers that his tweets encouraged violence by asserting time and time again that he was the legitimate winner in the last registered elections in the United States in November 2020.

Musk, in turn, always creates an uproar whenever his cryptocurrency tweets reach space, largely because of his somewhat exaggerated support for the Dogecoin coin, which is a meme but which he intends to occupy a slightly larger place than the have at the moment.

More than 86% of the revenue come from advertising and other services such data license

Going back to Twitter, we can categorically say that the American giant makes money by selling advertising, which makes up more than 86% of its revenue and the other 14% is directed to other services such as data license to third parties.

In fiscal year 2020 the company until December 31, reported a loss of $ 1.1 B which meant a significant loss of what was the year 2019 in terms of gains, which were $1.5B positive. However earnings generated in revenue grew 7.5% in the year 2021 summing up to a total of $3.7B.

The losses recorded in the year 2020 were due to the fees charged by the American agency which caused an inflation in the company's profits.

Facebook Finance

Facebook is the largest and most powerful social network in the world. It has more than 4 billion users around the world and is led by young Marc Zuckerberg.

It's biggest source of income is the sale of advertising that constitutes more than 98% of the assets and has a great advantage over Twitter, as the company sells advertising spaces using its applications: Messenger, WhatsApp and the giant Instagram.

The sense here is also the same as users are forced to view content to generate profits for the company and give visibility to the product of the customer who rented or purchased the advertising space with the North American media giant.

The notorious on Facebook is that the company is spread all over the world with thousands of countries included in its member base but the largest revenue comes from the United States itself and Canada, and it can be seen that only the two countries over 35 Billion dollars were raised for a total of $89B that the social media giant made only in 2020😎.

Similarities of Twitter and Facebook

One of the things that immediately stands out to the eye is that the two average giants are Native American, most of their employees are located on 'Uncle Sam' soil and are completely centralized.

...Differentiated we can say that while Twitter are small tweets of 280 characters that highlight various news, updates, news about memes, crypto market update and much more, Facebook has a more 'blogger' style where users can create posts, articles , pages, groups and even online stores using the same user profile.

Basically the two social media networks do not work much for what the user is, they do not pay directly and only if the member is proactive or influential can make money using those same social accounts, here who always wins out are the companies relegating the users 'as a simple product to achieve an end', and they also kind of monopolized the social market to the detriment of other networks that provide identical services.

As long as they live, other social networks are stifled by their power!

The rise and growth of noise$ is a social network that works using the two models mentioned above (Twitter and Facebook), has the good of both worlds and the best one still pays for the user to create content that really matters to the Bitcoin Cash community and beyond, the crypto world in general. It is a social network powered by Bitcoin Cash and its community where the individual earns money in the form of BCH which can be acquired by the "likes" obtained in their posts.

These posts are bigger than the ones that can be made for example on Twitter and comparatively the same as the ones we can find on Facebook.

The platform was launched in late 2020 under the tutelage of the "very discreet Simon, the same creator of the blog platform, which also rewards authors of online content in the BCH currency. Simon different from Zuckerberg and Jack created the platform more for promote the use of Bitcoin Cash and give currency more prominence in the crypto world.

  1. finance

While the "giants" focus on monetizing their platforms with intrusive and rather annoying advertising, the platform's developers are more concerned with spreading awareness and increasing the number of active Bitcoin Cash wallets. There is practically no advertising on the platform and it is managed through a fund donated by the patron of Bitcoin Cash, 'sir' Marc De Mesel, who has been actively contributing to the growing use of the platform.

  1. Make no mistake, there is no free money

One of the ugly things that usually happens is the fact that many people think that noise offers money just like it does at ré, make a mistake because these platforms only reward people who really deserve and are active and share content that currently has some meaning Bitcoin Cash community and other cryptocurrencies as well as general culture and world news. Let it be clear, both noise and even reward real accounts, not bots or any other type of fraud that may want to harm the good environment managed by the developers.

Therefore, actively participates in the development and knowledge of the BCH currency in the world and helps it to be actively disseminated, causing more BCH portfolios to be created and the network to have more traffic.

What makes a game changer

  1. Direct BCH payment to wallet

The platform pays directly to the Bitcoin Cash wallet associated with the user profile, for each like or direct payment via QR code that it receives, when associating the wallet in the definitions, the value in Bitcoin Cash goes directly to it without having to set minimums, or users can define them and start receiving a considerable amount and thus avoid paying high transaction fees for receiving many small payments and also this avoid users to consolidate BCH and it is an added value by the noise team.

No need to wait to get paid in noise.

  1. Channels

This is a new tool made available by the developers of and is similar to YouTube channels where subscribers can also publish but whoever makes the rules of it is the creator. So admins can manage the same but keep the channel’s ideas faithful. It also helps to monetize the content of the creators, here the likes seem to have more value but the days to come will actually show how it really works.

...Another great feature from noise!

  1. Chambers

Chambers are topic forum where each one have its own matter to discuss, I love the BCH one, it's a chamber that focus in Bitcoin Cash, it's already with more than 3500 users and keep growing. Of course there are other chambers with diverse topics such as news, random topics, photography, animals, cryptocurrencies and more.

This is a great feature from and gives it a good visibility also makes it more organized, still the ones that keep spamming but with the new policies implemented by the developers the spammers aren't getting any tips (likes) and the bot, spam posts are reducing in large scale.

Remember, have rules and if anyone wish to join it it's better to stick with them and obey them, just a small caption to have the account in good shape to be able to earn the most, check the image below:

Final thoughts

Noise$ is still a 'baby' but knowing Simon and @MarcDeMesel it will grow a lot in the coming years.

We are not going to compare with super platforms like Twitter or Facebook, but if we are comparing for example with or even member (which are also dedicated to Bitcoin Cash, is more likely to evolve faster but because of its and are dedicated to BCH but unlike they need a small 'investment' to post and many still find the same complicated to use.

I particularly like it (memo $ and member $) and they are very good as they are completely decentralized (they work over the BCH network) and contribute to the SLP tokens market in a very positive way allowing users to get involved in creating currencies and more interaction with the blockchain.

However a lot is yet to come in the world of and I like what I see, in a little while more people will join the Bitcoin Cash movement and its adoption will be a reality.

If you are not already on the platform join today and enjoy everything the platform offers😎

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It will take over the social media platform such as Facebook in the future, wbat do you think? Hmm...

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I have an active account on Noise cash, and the tip that I got was send on my bch wallet, I must say that your article gives a lot of information regarding different social media, and for me noise cash was a big help for anyone, even in a small tip that you get it was still an earning.

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Welcome to the world of BCH is a big platform and soon it will be a substitute of many other ones👌

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Thank you, continue to write an article regarding Noise cash and BCH

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