Bad at Love, Finale.

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Title: Friday night's party, Finale.
Date: April 9th Saturday, 2022
Author: VinceCharlie✓

And so the said day arrived. I was all clumsy and confused about what to wear. But, most of all I was worried my date wouldn't like what I picked for our first dance. I thought up different ways the whole thing could go. Sadly, nothing positive came out of all the thinking. I was sure it was going to be a total ruin of a night. "Oh, Eric. I hope whatever you're planning works!".

*Beep, beep*

It rang 6:00 p.m. I became more frantic and wished I had help picking out the clothes. Fortunately, Eric banged the door to my room. "Urgh! Finally, my life saver". How I knew he was the one on the other side was beyond my reasoning, but nonetheless i was glad he showed up.

"Help me pick the perfect one to match. I can't sort myself out at the moment", I pleaded.

"Uh... That'll do!", he said pointing to the stripped blue shirt hanging on my right arm.

"Thanks. I had a feeling that this would fit but, I wasn't sure of it", I replied.

My clumsy, reckless self had calmed a little. At least, until Mia called. She was ready. I was shocked. I didn't realise any girl would be early for occasions such as this. Besides, I never imagined she was such a party person. Well, the days spent apart must have caused a change I didn't foresee. That happened, and I have to come to terms with it. She went in whilst walking so elegantly into the living room. Her beauty was enough to leave me utterly speechless. Eric's faint whistle just behind me said it all. He was never close friends with Mia but, the little they knew of each other were enough to keep them on speaking terms. Especially when I'm the person of interest in any of their conversations.

"Alright. Let's get a move on then. Or, else we'd be late", I beckoned.

"Wait a minute!".

There it was, the moment I have been expecting. Up till this point it was a no brainier that everything had been planned perfectly by Eric. His subtle attempt to keep his intentions unknown were more than obvious. Well, to me of course.

"I called Rick and Bella. They should be here any minute!", he continued.

"What!". Now, this I wasn't expecting. "Why the bloody hell would he call both of them. He's gone and done it this time". The two lovebirds were always on my bad side in school - always picking on me when they had the slightest chance, placing placards of things I said in class on my locker..., e.t.c. There were quite a lot of other embarrassing moments like those. At one point I wasn't sure i could call them my friends. Sure we grew up in the same ol' neighborhood but, they shouldn't be invading my privacy when they feel like it. Especially now on this fantastic night. Right then and there I cursed my luck.

"Hey, people!", they shouted.

"Hi, R and B", I answered.

They were a thorn in my flesh. It's only natural I gave them names that fit considering they are always together. Makes me wonder if they sleep on the same bed when they live in separate homes.

After the unenthusiastic greetings from me. We drove in R and B's car to the school party. It was something the school thought of to prepare the participants for the upcoming competition.

We arrived and to my surprise there were more couples attending the party than I had thought. "Are they even from our school?", I wondered. Well, it wasn't my concern really. Cos' now I've got a chance to finally tell the girl of my dreams how I felt. We walked in from the main entrance to the dance hall. Eric had already found himself a date, kylie Friers. We didn't speak much of his date back home. So, there's a talk we'd both be having when all is done and completed.

Minutes into the start an Ed Sheeran classic played on the stereo. It softened the mood in the hall and, the guys held onto their dates whilst enjoying the soothing music.

"It's a great song", she said. "It's one of my favorites".

"I don't listen to Ed. But, I think I like this one", I replied.

All the while our bodies moved to he rhythm of the song, her eyes met constantly with mine. My already beating heart was pounding so fast it felt like it was overjoyed. She brushed her face against my shoulders. Her warmth and tenderness was rubbing off on me. I could smell the freshness of the perfume she wore. Her cheek already flushed with red and pink made me blush myself. I realised beyond doubt what a beautiful girl she was as I held her waist gently with my hands. "If only I could steal a kiss", I thought.

Then came the ice breaker.

"I have always liked you, Vic", she said.

Her words interrupted my thoughts. It was something I was dying to hear. I could've said the same but, i often fail to. However, I didn't understand. Why now? Did she decided to say this from the outset? Perhaps, I was the one who didn't give her a chance to all this time. I have always been bad at loving. Especially, since Dad's death. His was the totality of all things compassion and warmth. If only I had more time with him. However, Mia was the only person that could have filled the empty space that he left. Her departure left me afterwards left me distraught, but when she came back, it was like I was given a new found hope. A chance to live and love. That was what I was missing, and I hoped with the whole of my heart that Mom would feel the same way I did at that moment. With emotions running high, and Mia's gaze enveloping the entirety of my being...

"I always have also, Mia", I replied.

It didn't matter what words i wanted to add to it. We were having a moment. And in that moment, I was sure our hearts agreed and we decided to let out what we felt. As if the whole room became empty in the background, and the lights grew dimmer with each passing second. We kissed. A passionate end to a gloomy start!


Hello, everyone.

It's way past midnight at exactly 2:10 a.m. I intentionally stayed awake in order to finish this up. I feel it is kind of rushed cos' I figured it was getting long. Reason I had to skip some details. Although, I feel kind of sleepy now. I hope you all enjoy your Saturday too, wherever you are.

You can follow up the previous episodes if this one doesn't make much of a sense.

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Thank you for sticking with me.

Until we read again.


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Awwwn, this is really interesting, I completely love how you ended the story. Awesome write-up Vince.

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