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Title: A carefully thought out plan, Ep 03
Date: Thursday 31st, 2022
Author: VinceCharlie✓

A few days has passed since the time I laid eyes on Mia. Eric, on the other hand, has been off grid. After we had training together, he locked up and hasn't uttered a word to me since then. Talk about a major fallout!

Meanwhile, back home Mom had just returned from her trip from Grandma's. I never understood why she wouldn't let me go visit my grandparents, since I turned twelve it was as if something really bad happened between them. Perhaps, Dad's death sort of did a number on her mentally. There were night's I would come home from Eric's only to find her holding onto Dad's photo, and in tears. She misses him. Hell, I feel the same way too. If only He didn't leave home that day. Regardless, I'm sure he would not want her being like that, because I most certainly do not.

It happened last summer. Mom got a call from an unknown number telling her to hurry to a place, she wrote down the location and dashed out the front door. I was outside the garden picking out the weeds. As soon as I saw the terror on her face, i had a gut feeling something horrible has happened. Few hours later, someone called. It was Uncle Peter, his voice was hoarse as if he was trying to get to terms with the bitter news he was about to reveal. He must have thought of all the possible ways he could do it. I couldn't blame him. I was just as scared and wondered what gory details of the news he was taking forever to reveal.

"H... Hiya, Victor. Listen, kid. I'll just tell you what the doctor said to me and your Mom a moment ago", he said.

"Your Dad was robbed of some really huge amount of money on his way home today, he was shot and had lost a lot of blood before he was brought here...", he continued.

At that point, all I could think about was Dad... Uncle Pete's words gradually seemed to faint as I was too overwhelmed with the thoughts that welled up inside me. I felt like a huge pit was growing in my tummy and the wellness that remained began fleeting away.

"...your Dad's dead. I'm so sorry, kid".

The call dropped on the other side, and I found myself back in my current reality. My emotions were jumbled, my mind was foggy. I stared at the Portrait sitting at the top of Dad's book shelf - despondent, and sorrowful, unable to shed a tear. Dad's life has been taken. For long periods, it felt like mine was, as well. Even now, reminiscing about it breaks the tiny heart pieces left in me.


I was startled by the sudden noise that followed. I didn't like the fact that I was distracted, in fact it felt Infuriating.

"Arrgh! You're so gonna get it this time, Eric".

"Hey!!!", I shouted.

"Uhm... Sorry, is this a bad time?".

"Mia...?", I gasped.

"Vic. I'm so sorry I bothered calling you at this hour. Maybe this is a bad time, I'll call you later", she said hurriedly.

Well, I was certainly surprised she called but I was even more curious as to where she got my number from. As much as I'd like to think it was Eric, I didn't want to believe he would go as far as giving my number out without my permission. Or, wait... He wouldn't!

"Its alright. I'm not particularly doing anything of importance. What's the matter?", I replied.

"Uh... Err... You must be wondering how I got your number. Eric gave it to me. He asked to give you call and said you needed a date for Friday's party but you were kinda busy with your Mom so he took the initiative of helping out", she explained.

"Huhn?". Now, this is the weirdest situation I have been at. How could Eric have blatantly sold a lie to Mia 'bout me needing a date to a party I know nothing about? My response, however, would either be a turning point in our relationship or a total ruin that'll probably put a dint in it.

"Uhm... Yeah, yes. I, I did say something like that. Mom was busy with stuff so I asked him for help", I lied.

"So... I don't know if I'll be allowed to leave home that night but, I'll try to convince Dad to let me", she said.

"It's okay. You can cancel if he wouldn't allow you to", I stopped. "I don't mind. I'm totally down with it", I said relieved.

"I didn't say I was planning to cancel. It's not like i'll be tied down or locked up. You're just being a jerk. Goodnight!", she said abruptly.

I wouldn't say I was glad to feel like talking to Mia brought back fond memories, but still there was this kind of joy I felt. It was Euphoric! Minutes later, I got a beep from Eric. Angry as I was, I was happy he texted.

"Oi! I'm sure you must be peeing your pants right now after you got Mia's call. 😂 I know. Cos' I also told her you only answered calls at times like this. I trust you didn't disappoint me this time, cos it'll be off with your head when I see you. (Not literally)😌 I can't wait to see you two together at the dance. Until then, i guess... Ciao! ✌️😋"

It read. :-(

I wasn't sure whether to laugh, or be infuriated at the sarcastic remark I got from the text. But, a sense of warmth filled my heart. I was grateful. He must've gone through a lot of trouble thinking things up. Although, he didn't tell me he planned on doing something else. I just knew there was still more to come and something way worse still lies in his conniving sleeves. He may not know it, but I sure can read his thoughts too. Maybe, that's how deep our bonds go. Smiles! :-)


Hi guys.

It's the end of the Month, and a lot has happened. Let me be the first to wish you guys a Happy new Month. I hope April brings more happiness, sanity and love to usward as well as our families.

I hope you enjoyed the story. It's been an interesting tale so far and i plan to end it all in the next episode. I appreciate you for following and for being here.

Until we read again.

Thanks for sticking with me.


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