Bad At Love II, Ep 02.

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Series: Love, Fantasies and Moonlights.
Title: Bad at love II, Ep 02.
Date: Wed, March 23rd.
Author: VinceCharlie✓

It was a little past four in the morning, and I could hear the clock ticking near the bedside - each sound was like torture to my ears. My mind was bombarded with the thoughts of what happened the night before. If there was ever a time I felt miserable, none would've been a match for that moment. Mia and I go way back, but the thumping feeling and persistent toss and turns were unimaginable. I was glad she came back. Perhaps, that grateful feeling was directed to her Dad than it was, wholly, about her.

Sadly I awoke to the familiar, but yet frustrating banging outside my room door. It was Eric and, I barely slept four hours. Somehow, he forgets I always keep the door unlocked before I go to bed. *(Mum's idea)* His tiptoeing was as annoying as his whole attempt to sneak under my bed.

"Can't he ever take a hint?", I mumbled under my pillow.

"Oops! Seems like you're already awake", he said with a grin on his face. "It's Saturday, dude".

"C'mon, it's time for practice!", he yelled.

"I'm up. Sheesh!".

The School has started preparations for the upcoming Inter-high competition. I was obviously pysched about the opportunity to help the team win the yearly Football Merit award. But, I had another thing, or so to say a person in mind.


As awkward as the whole situation was I wasn't sure I could walk out the front door. Mia was just a Stone's throw from my place. Hell, we're neighbours now. After what I did last night I couldn't stop to face her. It didn't take long before things got out of hand.

"Hey, Vic. Wouldn't you go say Hi to Mia before we leave".

It came. The words I didn't want to hear. It felt like I was hammered with a sledge. Even when I was already feeling regret for freaking out in the last meeting.

"Wait. You guys talked last night, right?", he asked giving me a weird look.

"Not really. I guess we didn't talk very much", I answered.

"Will you stop acting like you're the coolest kid in the world and say what you really feel, right now!", he said abruptly.

Like I said, Eric had always known how I felt about Mia; about anything. He was right to be upset at that point. I was bad at lying to myself. Meanwhile, he was so good at putting pieces together.


"Listen, Eric. I adore Mia. You know that already", I said raising a brow. "I told you. We didn't speak very much last night. Her Dad was not too far from us. I wasn't sure what to do...", I continued.

", you left?", he asked.

Of course he already figured I did that.

"Yes", I answered.

I could tell he was annoyed i wasted his efforts, but there was nothing he could do. It was a long and unbearable silence that followed while we walked that morning to the training ground. However, it was written on Eric's face that he was cooking up something - one that I wouldn't like if I come to hear of it later.


Hello, everyone.

I've had a torrid time since the beginning of the week. Today, I decided to continue with the initial series, "Love, Fantasies and Moonlights" . Here's just Ep 02. You can go read and enjoy the previous one, too.

(Ooh, and I'm getting better after Medication). Thank the Lord.

Thank you for sticking with me.

Until next time. 💐✌️

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That's quite a story :) Wonder what Eric is cooking up :D

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Waiting for the next

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