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Can you set a goal?

A few hours ago, I saw a title by one of the top-earning writers about their earning goal for April 2022.

Can you set your earning goal here? You have the freedom to do it.

Then, I may freely ask you, "Are you having a secret friendship with the algorithm?"

If you can set your earning goal with algorithmic upvotes, then you either believe in day dreaming, or you must be having a friendly relationship with the platform's algorithm development team who maintains the codes.

Maybe, some users are friendly with the admin. Nothing bad about it. They are probably proactive in reaching the concerned contact points. We must applaud their communicational traits and qualities.

On the other hand, people can of course set a realistic goal for a project which they propose to acccomplish in the near future. It is realistic in terms of their work at hand, and the skillset their team members possess.

But, a goal of earning from a blogging platform that is governed solely by a set of programmatic upvoting algorithms is not realistic. One can say this type of earning projection is a wish, not a goal.

In what follows, I will not set any earning goal here. Instead, I will describe my realistic goal for writing blogs in a variety of topics suiting to my conscience, ethics and integrity.

Topics will include different aspects of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). I will earnestly try to associate my connections and peer communities in all my activities.

I wish to write articles on GNU/Linux, Free, and Open Source Software

In fact, I have already started to write articles on useful topics of GNU/Linux and Open Source Software. I wish to continue publishing many more articles on Linux and open source software applications and usage.

Linux is an open source kernel for UNIX-like open source operating systems, such as Debian GNU/Linux. Linux was developed and is still being maintained by Finnish computer scientist Linus Torvalds.

In this connection, it is appropriate to mention that all free software is not open source. For example, Adobe PDF file reader is free software, but the source code is proprietary and hence not available as an open source software.

  • Incidentally, Microsoft's ex-CEO, under the leadership of Bill Gates, had been hating Linux for many years. The current CEO, Satya Nadella, recognized the superior qualities of Linux for computing and adopted Linux for their top-earning Azure Cloud business.

Now, the top 100 Azure clients of Microsoft prefer Linux to Windows. It is officially disclosed that more than sixty-five percent of Azure Cloud instances are Linux-based. Microsoft's Azure Cloud business depended on Linux during ransomware attacks.

I wish to write articles about personal branding

If you have scanned my list of recent articles, you will notice a writing community, "Personal Branding," that I created to post my articles on topics related to personal branding.

Some bloggers may think what is the need for personal branding for blogging. When we are used to adopting any fictitious user name as bloggers, it is likely you will unknowingly create a fictitious brand name around your blogger identity.

  • In my humble opinion, bloggers need to associate their fictitious blogger identities with their real-world personal identities. When you connect your real-life name to your digital blogger identity, a transfer of brand value from the cyber world to your real-life occurs.

Positive personal branding can help intensify your digital presence along with your real-world personal identity. Your vibrant personal brand image may also help developing new earning streams in the real world.

Read the first article, "Personal Branding" which was published about a month ago.

I wish to write articles about engagement in blogging

The most challenging aspect of blogging is getting a decent engagement. Nobody can't deterministically say what influences the audience most. Appealing topics and quality writing may attract readers.

  • To explore what really affects the readers' engagement and find out if we are on the correct paths of blogging, I started to share some of my experiences and experiments on the parent platform and the twin platform called NoiseCash. Cross pollinations between different content publishing platforms may also yield nice results.

The writing community "Just Tip and Upvote" was created to primarily dissect the already published articles and detect what factors add more value to audience engagement.

  • Reviewing the details of the readers'/consumers' engagement may help find the flaws and correct them in follow-ups and future content. In some cases, the communication between the authors and the consumers/readers may give rise to cooperative developments, such as new enterprise of saleable solutions/products.

Read the second article, "Organic Tipping in NoiseCash" which was published about two months ago.

I wish to write articles connected to movies, music, and literature

Literature, movies, and music are topics close to the hearts of the mass. Everybody may not like the same pieces of literature. Choices of movies and music also vary from person to person. But, nobody can refuse the appeal of movies, music, and literature.

  • I happen to love music, movies, and literature. I read literature in Bengali, Hindi, English, and a little bit of Sanskrit. I watched foreign movies with English subtitles. I also watched English movies with Japanese subtitles.

  • I wish to express my experiences in consuming the world of music, movies, and literature in my blogging, and hence I created a writing community entitled - "Movies, Music, and Literature."

Read one article, "Don Not Miss Fun in Life" which was published about a month ago. It referred to the films of Charles Chaplin.

In the past, I engaged with the digital musical compositions of @SolarPhasing and tried to create Bengali lyrics and sing impromptu with one of his music. It is detailed in the article, "I Will March Forward [My Song]" and the video below.

Video: "Complete Bengali song - "Jani Na, Ami Jani Na."

I have been professionally trained in Indian percussion instrument tabla and Indian classical music. The exercise of creating lyrics and music served as a self-therapy for me to kill boredom and reinvent my lost spirit for music.

I wish to write articles about my dreams of life

I wrote an article about my wildest dreams about meeting the celebrities of the ancient past. It disclosed my feelings about "My Wildest Dreams: Meeting Socrates, Aryabhata, and Galileo."

  • I created a writing community, "Dreams of Life," to post my commentaries on dreams of life connected to science, art, history, and philosophy.

I will write more articles on my dreams in the area of philosophy and the history of science. There is so much literature available on these topics. I may have to carry out an extensive research study on the subject. I like research, so it will be indeed an enjoyable venture for me.

I wish to create questions about life, the planet earth, and the universe

When we lose interest or have fear of certain subjects, the easiest way to arouse our interest is to raise questions about the subjects. Questions direct us to find the answers which in turn, inspire us to read articles and books on the subjects.

  • Asking questions is very important in discovering the truth about our life and other surrounding objects. That is why I created a writing community to post questions regarding anything connected to life, the planet earth, and the universe

  • In the writing community "Ask Questions," one can post questions about any topic. We can have a good understanding of any topic by reviewing the subject with multiple questions. The different aspects of any subject can be explained simply by asking and finding answers to all the basic questions.

The first article was entitled, "Ask Questions on COVID-19 Pandemic." I was having a deep study on the subjects related to the pandemic for the past one-plus year. In the beginning, I was paranoid and accepted almost every "fearmongering narrative" the mainstream news media propagated. Gradually, I started to look into alternative news media. I also viewed/listened to video interviews of expert virologists. It gave me a true picture of the so-called pandemic.

Closing remarks

  • In this article, I elaborate on what I write and wish to write here in the future.

  • You may consider it my short-term goal of blogging and content creation.

  • I wish to associate with my peers in the entire blogging community.

  • I would appreciate it if you could provide some feedback.

About me

  • I am from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) field. I have also added "Arts" and "Fine Art" to my interests and made my interests STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

  • I create solutions for password and cybersecurity relevant to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other block-less distributed ledgers.

  • Thanks to all my sponsors, whose names appear in the "Sponsor" pannel.

I hope the entire blogging community will strive here and elsewhere.

If you have time, please explore my "Learning Times" and other channels on Odysee-dot-Com and earn crypto coin LBRY Credit or LBC for consuming and creating content.


Unity (Debesh Choudhury)

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Lead Image: GIF created with the title text and a Photo by Judit Peter on Pexels.

All other graphics and videos are credited just below it.

Disclaimer: All texts are mine and original. Any similarity and resemblance to any other content are purely accidental. The article is not advice for life, career, business, or investment. Do your research before adopting any options.

Unite and Empower Humanity.

April 09, 2022.

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Oh nice you're a tech guy! Seems that Linux is complicated—or maybe I'm wrong—I have heard it since before, got some background from Termux (but nah just the basic of the basics)

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1 year ago

Linux is the simplest and easiest of the operating systems in the computing domain. Just try one GNU/Linux OS - I use Debian GNU/Linux. Debian existed even before the Linux kernel was developed. Then, it used the Mimix kernel.

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1 year ago

Let's enjoy our blogging journey learn from it too. Just catch up my attention about organic tipping in noise cash I want visit it to. Just stopping in your blog nice meet you.

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1 year ago

Thank you for your stopping and commenting.

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1 year ago

You're welcome and good morning

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1 year ago

Your articles are very interesting sir. I used my real name in my first account and shared my personal experiences, but for some unknown reason, the bot stopped visiting it so I created this account and I think RR liked it more. I would like to say thank you for recommending the video about the interview with Lynda Spiegel. I learned a lot.

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1 year ago

Same here. The algorithm is too erroneous, and it seems there is nobody to look after. It runs on its own!

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1 year ago

What can you say about it being too erroneous? I do wish it will be improved soon. Glad that you have found success after creating your second account.

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1 year ago

Consider it as an experiment of game/gamble without much expectation :)

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1 year ago