Why Microsoft Loves Linux

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Most people use a proprietary operating system and proprietary applications software because the computer vendors sell their computer devices preinstalled with proprietary software.

Microsoft rewards the computer vendors for using Windows operating system as the preinstalled operating system on their computer models.

But, now the situation has changed for Microsoft for their own software business. It is the top revenue earner item called Microsoft Azure Cloud.

  • Top 100 Microsoft Azure clients choose Linux over Windows.

  • Microsoft Azure service survived the ransomware attacks with Linux.

  • Now, "Microsoft Loves Linux" for so many years.

Don't you want to know why Microsoft changed its long-time decision to fight Linux and open-source software?

Why did Microsoft come back from its long-time propaganda to avoid Linux as "cancer" and now to adopt Linux into its top-earning Aure Cloud business?

Don't you want to know why Microsoft started to "Love Linux?"

Read the following sections to get clear insights into the matter.

What was the active policy of Microsoft towards Linux?

Image 01: Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

The question is very pertinent in terms of the business policy of a software corporate. Their policy had remained in fighting the free, and open-source software (FOSS) activities, and the UNIX-like free operating system called GNU/Linux.

As a proprietary software corporate, and under the leadership of Bill Gates, Microsoft had tried its best to fight FOSS and GNU/Linux.

The ex-CEO of Microsoft propagated very harsh and foul language.

Bill Gates, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer, and the party tried to market a foul comparison of Linux with "cancer." It was such a wrong tactic!

In the end, Bill Gates' hate policy against FOSS and GNU/Linux didn't work.

Bill Gates had to replace Steve Ballmer with a younger CEO named Satya Nadella.

Does Microsoft Love Linux Now?

Satya Nadella had used mainframe computers, UNIX, FOSS, and GNU/Linux in his college days. Satya did have some technical background and knowledge about computing and software.

Unfortunately, Bill Gates and Microsoft's earlier CEO Steve Ballmer were not knowledgeable in science, technology, and computing. They considered Microsoft's business from crudely selling point of views.

As I know a little bit of Sanskrit, I know the meaning of the word "Satya" is "truth." Satya did not shy away from the truths of computing paradigms.

Satya's hands-on knowledge of science and computing had opened a new horizon to Microsoft's software business. Satya realized that Linux as a kernel is the future power of computing. Satya decided to utilize the power of the Linux kernel to improve Microsoft's business.

Satya Nadella unhesitatingly announced the new adoption of Linux for Microsoft's software business under his leadership.

Image 02: Bordered screenshot from source: Microsoft Windows Server Blog https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/windowsserver/2015/05/06/microsoft-loves-linux/

The above screenshot is from the official website of Microsoft. As a long-time GNU/Linux user, I feel happy that Microsoft now solved its stability and security issues by adopting the Linux kernel.

Microsoft Loves Linux for Business Profit

Former CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer had termed Linux as 'cancer.' The current CEO Satya Nadella "Hit Refresh" and openly announced, "Microsoft Loves Linux."

Image 03: 2nd bordered screenshot from source: Microsoft Windows Server Blog https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/windowsserver/2015/05/06/microsoft-loves-linux/

In the recent past, Microsoft software engineer Sasha Levin openly claimed that users run Linux more than Windows servers on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

  • Thus, the business of Microsoft increased by adopting Linux.

  • Microsoft loves Linux for its top-earning Azure Cloud business.

The equation of Microsoft with Linux is pretty simple. Microsoft wants the stability and security of Linux to sit on its Azure Cloud business.

Predictive Conclusion

  • "Microsoft Loves Linux" for making profits in its business, to be precise for its top revenue earner Azure Cloud business.

  • Microsoft became a platinum member of the Linux Foundation in 2016.

  • Who knows, Microsoft may one day announce its quasi-proprietary operating system based on the Linux kernel similar to Android. Everybody knows that Android uses the Linux kernel, but Android is neither free nor an open-source operating system.

  • The volunteers of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) are watching everything.

Linux and Open Source Software - A Writing Community

I created a new writing community - "Linux and Open Source Software."

Image 04: Linux Logo from https://www.freepnglogos.com/pics/linux

I put forward sincere efforts to write the ever-growing applications of Linux. Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS).

I will write reviews on useful open-source software and demonstrate how I adopted Linux and FOSS for my everyday professional works.

I will be ever willing to help whoever wishes to adopt Linux and FOSS.

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Lead Image: I created the animation with my texts and an image source: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/uploads/prod/2018/03/ms_loves_linux.png. 

Sources of other images are mentioned below the respective images.

Disclaimer: All texts are mine and original. Any similarity and resemblance to any other content are purely accidental. The article is not advice for life, career, business, or investment. Do your research before adopting any options.

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January 21, 2022.

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Im starting to love linux now, do you have linux version that supportz ms officess? O install linux beforw but i change ro windows because all my files and spread sheet formula can be used using windows...thnks for sharing this info

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On Linux, there is LibreOffice, which can read/write all MS Office format files.

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