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The COVID-19 pandemic has been prevailing for more than two long years.

There was a suspected new coronavirus during the last few months of 2019. The global citizens could not find any time to think or decide. The World Health Organization announced a new COVID-19 pandemic.

The governments started to impose lockdowns on the everyday lives of the people. Shutting down manufacturing and businesses worldwide forced many people incomeless.

Most governments forced plenty of restrictions on citizens' lives. People have been enforced the experimental COVID vaccines without completing proper clinical trials.

The mainstream news media are still fearmongering the global citizens about the fatality of the new COVID-19 virus. They are also hiding the adverse effects of the experimental vaccines.

Global citizens have plenty of questions about the COVID-19 pandemic

When people raise questions about it, they are either censored or shadowed in the mainstream Internet media. Several expert virologists, including the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert Malone.

But, there are many burning questions about the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns, and the new experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

We can easily guess and understand the vested interests of the pharmaceutical industry and the health sector businesses. They are the front runner to earn billions of dollars by selling testing kits, medicines, hospital services.

If the governments and the mainstream news media don't allow discussions and deliberations among expert virologists, vaccine researchers, and medical doctors, how will the common mass get the correct guidance?

We can't accept that government-employed experts know the real truth about the fatal virus, and all other experts who are not government-employed or endorsed don't have any knowledge.

Ask a question about the COVID-19 pandemic

There are many questions that we, the common mass, have in our minds. But, we generally don't raise it. I think we have the right to ask questions.

Today, I invite you all to ask a question about the COVID-19 pandemic.

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As a busy blogger, you may ask me,

"Why should I ask a question? What will you do with the questions?"

  • I will not answer your questions or write any reply from my understanding.

  • I will pass on these questions to the expert virologists, vaccine researchers, and medical doctors in the Odysee-dot-Com community. Thus, we may expect to get replies from the expert community of medical professionals.

The freelancing experts who are not governments servants are qualified to provide unbiased answers to our questions about the COVID-19 pandemics.

I attach a reward element with this question (comment), writing "challenge" on the COVID-19 pandemic

Most of you may like to call it a "Challenge." I may also term it a commenting-induced fun game with tipping rewards to the selected awardees.

Whatever you like to call it, I invite you to join this question generation game.

Token rewards will be distributed following a thumb rule described below.

  • I shall take out 25 percent of the total random reward received in this very article from the platform's rewarding bot.

  • I shall select three commenters randomly using a program.

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Hold on. There will be more on the rewards!

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Not only that! We will bring some other engagement-induced benefits.

  • I will hand-pick five commenters and invite them to my video podcast as a guest.

  • We may indulge in a collaborative exercise on blogging and content creation.

  • If you are from a tech background, we may also initiate collaboration.

Rules and eligibility for the rewards:

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  3. You should have a custom "bio." I don't like "No bio yet" profiles!

  4. Your question should be grammatically correct in English and not plagiarized text! But, DO NOT attach any plagiarism checking report.

  5. You may submit multiple questions (comment), but your user name will be entered as an entry only once in the random draw.

  6. There should be at least 30 valid commenters (entries). Otherwise, the "challenge" game will be canceled.

Mind it, I am a human rewarder, so don't think too much

Compose your thoughtful question on the COVID-19 pandemic as a comment.

  • Do you think that the rewarding formula is not interesting?

  • Do you think that the question generation exercise is not worth it?

Write your opinions starting with the word "Opinion" and help me sort the comments using a program.

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March 03, 2022.

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Opinion. I heard a lot of rumors that Covid19 is really nit true and just a manmade virus. I mean, it can be controlled if wanted. I am not sure what to believe. Anyhow, as a citizen of a certain country the option we can do is to abide with the law, follow the protocols, and be extra careful whether the virus is for real or not. Question: Booster shots were already implemented and some already got it. Personally, I am afraid to have it because, some said it is okay to have it three months after the second dose and some said six months after the second dose. Then another information again. My question is, how effective this booster shots are and what is the correct time to get this if needed?

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1 year ago

Do you think that vaccines and the use of masks are effective in preventing the covid 19 pandemic? It's not a scientific question, but I'm curious about your opinion.

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1 year ago

Many friends say that the vaccine was actually made experimental on our people, but that is the truth

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1 year ago

Don't you have any question?

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1 year ago

My question is what is the important of vaccinanation?

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1 year ago

Opinion. First, I like the collaboration about someone who has a tech background. The rewarding formula is of course, interesting. Who doesn't want rewards? I just hope we ask sensible questions. The question generation exercise is definitely worth it because it will measure our understanding of what's going on with the world in connection with the pandemic. My question is: Is this pandemic really a biological weapon and manmade? Is there any proof of conspiracy?

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1 year ago