SmartBCH NFTs: Poolside Puffers - The Correct Rarity List

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NFTs on smartBCH are getting hot lately, as NFT investors from other blockchains started noticing lately.

OASIS has evolved in a fully functional marketplace and is ready to host the next wave of smartBCH NFT investors.

Collections with a professional touch, are getting minted in minutes, breaking one record after another.

Some examples are:

I participated in the Poolside Puffers mint phase, and hold quite a few of these NFTs but never looked into rarity so far.

With this article, I present the correct rarity of Poolside Puffers for collectors looking to find rare Puffers and fish them out from the OASIS lake!

Puffers Correct Spreadsheet

I tried to recreate in an excel spreadsheet, for my convenience, the rarity of Puffers, fetching the data from the Puffers website (link), but it seems this rarity list is not correct.

Corbin provided this google doc that contains data from the contract converted into from JSON. This doc helped me analyze the traits better, and create the spreadsheet with the correct traits:

The traits collectors should be aware of are:

  • Diamonds

  • Blood

  • Background

  • Eyes

  • Accessories

The traits: body, tail, tailfins, spikes, and fins, are more or less identical in rarity and mostly used for the artistic side of the Puffer NFTs.

So, this is the chart collectors will need, excluding the traits that contain little difference:

The diamond and blood special traits data are extracted from this txt file shared by Corbin Fraser on telegram.

I extracted the rest from this google doc I already mentioned.

The IDs containing Pureblood are these:


The IDs containing 4-Diamonds are these:


I was ignoring some rare attributes and only became visible after analyzing the traits and sorting by rarity. Besides these six extremely rare NFTs the next level of rarity consists of:

  • 3 Diamonds

  • animated backgrounds (Pool, Dark, Neon, Blue, Green)

  • Ripped & Melancholy Eyes

  • Joint" accessory and Summer Shades

I think with this rarity list we can better evaluate puffers.

In OASIS diamonds and blood is not displayed on the marketplace but only when we enter the NFT details by clicking on its number and opening the "token metadata" option.

This is one of the rarest Puffers since it is one of the three purebloods and contains 3 diamonds as well. Not mine, but I wish it was!! The owner has this NFT on sale at OASIS for 50BCH! Certainly one, if not the rarest one, from the Poolside Puffers collection.

In Conclusion

I can upload the excel on Puffers' telegram if it is requested, or send it via e-mail to anyone interested.

I hold dozens of Puffers and sold two of them that I thought were common, but didn't check the rarity list. Some traits are extremely rare beyond the diamonds and blood extra traits (joint, animated backgrounds, etc.).

I tested the floor price, though, on OASIS and found there is interest.

The cost to mint one Puffer was 0.0035BCH, and now the floor for the common Puffers is 0.012, which is more than three times higher. So everyone that participated in the mint phase of Poolside Puffers is currently at profit (in BCH terms).

Poolside Puffers was the first-ever smartBCH NFT collection that sold out in mint phase (2100 NFTs in just 3 days). It is a unique collection and felt there should be clarity on the NFT attributes and rarity.

I hope this article will help collectors decide if Puffers deserve a place in their NFT collection.

Cover Photo: by Clark Tai on Unsplash (modified)

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I could would have minted one of the puffer nfts if only I could do it. I am new here my name is sadboy☹️☹️

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1 year ago

Thanks for the knowledgeable information.maybe you could share some another again.and you could invite me as your scholar, manager

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1 year ago

Certainly, I will share information on the best NFT collections of smartBCH, and a few more. Although, I am trying to focus on those that succeed or have a good plan as there are a few that even their developers don't seem to care too much.

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1 year ago

I wish I was one of the first to mint the poolside puffers

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1 year ago

I was one of the first, I have many low numbers, perhaps the third person to mint. The price was low, but OASIS wasn't even under development then, so there wasn't any trading happening.

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1 year ago

I believe my problem is getting to know when this NFTs would be out for minting. I hope to learn how you become aware of their releases. And also are there any SmartBCH NFTs I could mint currently.

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1 year ago

I think there are a few that still have mint phase going on. One is modern fairies:, but I checked the minting and while it was moving fast in the beginning, for the last 24 hours nobody minted at all. I also checked it on OASIS but it didn't produce volumes, just a few 5-6 sold so far.

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1 year ago

Wow, thank you.

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1 year ago