Poolside Puffers! - A SmartBCH NFT Art Project With a Good Purpose!

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2 years ago

I love SmartBCH already! We are in so early and it feels funny that I had to write yesterday about the crypto-news outlets not reporting anything at all about SmartBCH, or Bitcoin Cash in general.

You know, you can't keep hidden from public something THIS good.

In the beginning, we had the community projects that created tokens and given valuable support to the starting phase of SmartBCH.

Bitcoin Cash Argentina (ARG)Knuth (KTH)UaT (UatX), and many more tokens were released by well-respected community members. BCH users connected their Metamask wallets to SmartBCH and adopted these tokens through airdrops or purchased through the first DEX on SmartBCH, BenSwap.Cash.

We also met meme tokens like CashCats ($CATS) which was the first one to offer DeFi yield farming together with the native token of the BenSwap platform (EBEN).

We also watched SLP tokens adding support to the exciting new network of SmartBCH running on top of Bitcoin Cash. HONK by @YoshiLivo was one of the first, next it was ORB the token of the "Enter the Sphere" NFT game, and more follow.

Source: Enter The Sphere Website

AxieBCH is another particularly interesting project that I follow and find to be very interesting for the concept it brings and for the community members backing it. It should be mentioned since it has the potential to reach the wide fanbase of Axie Infinity.

We also had the first NFTs in SmartBCH a few days ago, called Law Punks. It seemed to be heavily influenced by Crypto Punks though, which is very popular in the NFT circles and may misjudge it for this.

Meanwhile, there are new Defi platforms that will increase competition and create more liquidity, and yield farming options. The new released Mistswap Defi exchange and the upcoming MuesliSoup DEX.

However, today we had a new and exciting new NFT series on SmartBCH called Poolside Puffers! And it has a serious purpose backing it, 100% of proceeds from the NFT mints will be donated to an orphanage.

Poolside Puffers - Exquisite SmartBCH NFTs

Corbin Fraser from Bitcoin.com has just announced it and the first mints are right now taking place!


Besides the fact that this is all non-profit, with all the BCH going for donations there are more important factors that made me instantly participate and mint a few Puffers.

The project is the creation of Corbin Fraser from Bitcoin.com, so we don't deal with an anonymous creator but an expert of the Cryptoverse.

Moreover, this is also a professional project with high quality in details and a scarce model of a maximum of 2100 NFTs to be minted.

Most of the information about Puffers is already written by Corbin Fraser (@maplesyrupsuckr ) on this Read.Cash post:

For those interested in this NFT project as an investment in NFTs I will quote the important part:

Resale of NFTs

smartBCH is still early. Several new NFT markets are popping up. In time, you will be able to sell your NFTs on various markets. At a later date it will even be possible to bridge your puffer NFTs from smartBCH to other chains such as Ethereum to list them for sale there. 


Right now SmartBCH is at an early stage and we didn't have NFTs until a few days ago. There is no active marketplace but there will be soon.

I joined for all the above reasons. I would just donate the BCH directly to the address for the fund but felt that these NFTs may be also a good investment. So I participated, moved some more funds in SmartBCH through Coinflex, and bought a few, with just pennies paid for network fees.

The project has just been launched and during this time there have been 27 Puffers caught and minted by SmartBCH users!

Minted my first Puffers!

In total, I minted 9 puffers. I have been in NFTs since 2018, bought and traded a few, but with the Ethereum fees reaching $200 for contract execution, I stayed back and didn't get involved in the hype. I owned Axies since the release and sold them for good profit a couple of months ago with the increased hype. I held these Axies for two years, although with the recent hype and Axie craze I couldn't resist selling them for a good profit.

Crypto Punks were minted in 2017 when Ethereum fees were low and those that hold them today have made a fortune from them.

My top Puffer so far!

Rare 3-Diamond Puffer!

Diamonds on the top right of our NFTs are an indicator of rarity.

I don't know if there are Puffers with more than three diamonds, haven't seen one yet, but maybe there are some.

The price to pay for one is too small, and I stopped buying since I don't want to dominate the "Puffyverse". I don't plan to sell them anyway, the amount I've paid, I consider it to be a donation to a good cause so these are extra assets.

I will check again tomorrow and buy a few more if there are any Puffers left. Having researched the NFT markets for more than a year, got to tell you that the number of mint is also important for price. Low numbers, round numbers, and perhaps the last one, are considered to have more value by collectors.

In conclusion

If this project was launched in Ethereum, fees would probably require hundreds of dollars worth of ETH and would also require pre-arrangement with whales for sales and promotion in social media.

This is why SmartBCH is important and this is a clear message we have to send.

NFTs in SmartBCH are real, the transactions are extremely cheap and some of the top NFT marketplaces like OpenSea will have to bridge with SmartBCH since the interest in SmartBCH NFTs will only keep rising.

There will also open independent marketplaces for SmartBCH NFTs since already we have 2 different series of NFTs and many more are about to follow. I have already noticed many artists watching the SmartBCH sidechain expanding and they will try to publish their art in SmartBCH NFTs.

Congratulations to Corbin Fraser @maplesyrupsuckr for launching this incredible NFT series and for the purpose the funds will go, which makes it even more important for everyone to take part.

The cost to mint one Poolside Puffer is just 0.0035BCH (less than $2 today) and I find it an excellent opportunity since this is a unique and high-quality NFT project launched in the SmartBCH network.

Important Poolside Puffers Links:



Corbin Fraser's Twitter


Poolside Puffers Announcement

Contract ID: 0x88fA0495d5E9C1B178EAc1D76DF9D729e39fD8E8


Lead Image from: SmartBCH.org

Rest Images Screenshots from puffers.cash

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2 years ago


That's a perfect project, I liked it very much... I will definitely check it out...

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2 years ago

I'm sorry you are too late. All 2100 Puffers have been caught already.

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2 years ago

Thanks dear for this info

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2 years ago

I am still learning how to have more nfts to be minted.

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2 years ago

You are going to need a SmartBCH wallet and send BCH there, there are guides by many readcash writers for this. This is called web3.0 compatibility you don't have currently, so first you need to download metamask for your browser.

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2 years ago

Hi, friend.

I will definitely have to get involved in DEFI and NFTs. The project you are referring to is interesting and with noble purposes.

Beyond the FUD, I think it's worth taking seriously.

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2 years ago

I checked today and there are already 600 NFTs minted. Price is low to buy just one. These in two years from now could worth a lot more.

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2 years ago

no doubts, all these tokens I believe deserve to be given a try. I even heard about the smartbch but never really did much in getting some for myself though that mentality of mine has changed with time

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2 years ago

Now the creators of UatX token have created a bridge to more your BCH to SmartBCH directly without any third party like conflex.


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2 years ago

It seems to be a cool project. Thank you for the information! I will go for my puffers ;

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2 years ago

Good luck! Hope you mint the rare puffer!

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2 years ago

Amigo tiempo sin leerte cuanta información posees del mundo de las cripto y sus movimientos esto me causa admiración por ti. Además de todo bien detallado. Me encanta leerte aunque creo no es recíproco este amor.

Te deseo feliz día mi bello amigo saludos un fuerte abrazo y que tengas un buen domingo. Mis saludos desde Cuba

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2 years ago

Happy Sunday to you and all Cuba @yesi8201, always glad to read your comments. Thanks!

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2 years ago