Game Of... Thrones: Queens NFTs on SmartBCH!

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Another NFT collection launched on smartBCH and successfully attracted the attention of smartBCH collectors.

After Poolside Puffers, Law Punks, and CashCats, Thrones: Queens is now the latest NFT collection in smartBCH that sold its entire collection of 10,000 NFTs in just three hours.

300BCH (~$110,000) was the total volumes Thrones: Queens attracted just for the mint phase and trading is also taking place at the OASIS NFT marketplace.

Each NFT mint price was 0.03BCH and the smartBCH NFT fanbase showed its commitment to fund and invest early, dedicated to supporting the NFTs that may present rare opportunities as previously Law Punks did.

Once again, this is a major example of the power of the smartBCH community since the numbers are lately soaring, with thousands of new members joining and actively engaging in smartBCH DeFi and NFT opportunities.

Game of Thrones!

The Throne NFTs sold out in a matter of hours and trading at OASIS is now creating high volumes.

The rarity features were announced immediately after the minting phase was over, and some rare NFTs are now selling at 0.5BCH and above.

The rarity of each NFT is based on various traits they present and for the convenience of collectors are presented below:

Number of traits on each NFT:

  • 6 traits - 165 times

  • 7 traits - 1535 times

  • 8 traits - 4756 times

  • 9 traits - 3298 times

  • 10 traits - 238 times

  • 11 traits - 8 times

Background: Available in 10000 NFTs

  • Background-Countryside - 58 times

  • Background-Starry Night - 118 times

  • Background-Purple Flowers - 213 times

  • Background-Coral - 233 times

  • Background-Royal Purple - 448 times

  • Background-Yellow - 506 times

  • Background-Seafoam Green - 524 times

  • Background-Red - 671 times

  • Background-Dark Green - 702 times

  • Background-Orange - 702 times

  • Background-Light Green - 709 times

  • Background-Elderberry - 791 times

  • Background-Lavender - 902 times

  • Background-Bright Pink - 973 times

  • Background-Light Blue - 1074 times

  • Background-White - 1376 times

SKIN: Available In 10000 NFTs

  • Skin-Albion - 35 times

  • Skin-Blue - 52 times

  • Skin-Tri-Tone A - 93 times

  • Skin-Tri-Tone B - 140 times

  • Skin-Green - 190 times

  • Skin-Sunflower - 646 times

  • Skin-Half and Half - 736 times

  • Skin-Brown - 1536 times

  • Skin-Purple - 1605 times

  • Skin-Pink - 2442 times

  • Skin-Tan - 2525 times

Eyes: Available In 10000 NFTs

  • Eyes-Dot Eyes - 287 times

  • Eyes-Party Eyes - 368 times

  • Eyes-Side Eyes - 506 times

  • Eyes-Lavender Eyes - 806 times

  • Eyes-Big Blue Eyes - 1128 times

  • Eyes-Light Brown Eyes - 1377 times

  • Eyes-Dark Eyes - 1477 times

  • Eyes-Brown Eyes - 2012 times

  • Eyes-Green Eyes - 2039 times

Hair: Available In 10000 NFTs

  • Hair-Blue Hair - 366 times

  • Hair-Pink Hair - 456 times

  • Hair-Lavender High Hair - 519 times

  • Hair-Brown High Hair - 654 times

  • Hair-Long Wavey Black Hair - 681 times

  • Hair-Long Red Hair - 740 times

  • Hair-Braided Hair - 753 times

  • Hair-Short Wavey Black Hair - 757 times

  • Hair-Long Black Hair - 760 times

  • Hair-Wide Hair - 795 times

  • Hair-Red Ponytail - 798 times

  • Hair-Long Blonde Hair - 865 times

  • Hair-Green Hair - 925 times

  • Hair-Short Blonde Hair - 931 times

Mouth: Available In 10000 NFTs

  • Mouth-Heart Lips - 403 times

  • Mouth-Green Lips - 450 times

  • Mouth-Smiling Mouth - 1614 times

  • Mouth-Red Lips - 1979 times

  • Mouth-Dark Red Lips - 2554 times

  • Mouth-Pink Lips - 3000 times

Crown: Available In 8462 NFTs

  • Crown-Queen Elizabeth Crown - 102 times

  • Crown-Fleur De Lis - 187 times

  • Crown-Princess Diana Crown - 296 times

  • Crown-Royal Purple Crown - 396 times

  • Crown-Spanish Crown - 534 times

  • Crown-Philippines Headresss - 763 times

  • Crown-Carnelian Crown - 906 times

  • Crown-Empress Crown - 1039 times

  • Crown-Floral Crown - 1083 times

  • Crown-Gold Crown - 1382 times

  • Crown-Silver Crown - 1801 times

Clothing: Available In 10000 NFTs

  • Clothing-Elizabeth Fur - 306 times

  • Clothing-Dragon Kimmono - 509 times

  • Clothing-Fur Dress - 519 times

  • Clothing-Sash Dress - 536 times

  • Clothing-Gold Dress - 584 times

  • Clothing-Pink Dress - 592 times

  • Clothing-Saphire Blue Dress - 777 times

  • Clothing-Ruby Red Dress - 793 times

  • Clothing-Paisley Dress - 797 times

  • Clothing-Emerald Green - 905 times

  • Clothing-Black Anne Boleyn - 924 times

  • Clothing-Simple Dress Pink - 1274 times

  • Clothing-Simple Dress Blue Flowers - 1484 times

Necklace: Available In 4694 NFTs

  • Necklace-Link with Red Stones - 373 times

  • Necklace-Blue Elaborate Necklace - 476 times

  • Necklace-Beaded Necklace - 719 times

  • Necklace-Double Link Necklace - 797 times

Source of traits: Telegram @ThunderBCH

With the success of Thrones: Queens, we now expect more developments and perhaps a new collection from this project.

A drawback, that raises a few questions is the fact that some "traders" immediately started auctioning their most common Thrones at a lower starting price than the mint phase. (Starting price of auction at 0.01 & 0.02BCH on OASIS).

Everyone can make assumptions on why this happens, still, it didn't inspire confidence to see immediately such low asking prices.

Moreover, we've witnessed previously two more NFT collections (CashCats and Fat Cats) offering "discounts", perhaps aiming to profit by quickly selling the remaining NFTs. However, this practice is disrespectful to the previous investors that already bought at a higher price.

The model that sustains a project and the price of NFTs is to reward the early investors, not to make them think they lost part of their money by offering discounts to later investors.

I strongly feel this is a necessary recommendation, so we will not witness similar events repeated since eventually suspicions and frustration are raised.

In Conclusion: NFTs in smartBCH are surging

It is an undeniable fact that NFTs in smartBCH have met an enthusiastic crowd that instantly embraces every decent collection and artist.

We have to add to the NFT successes in smartBCH Thrones: Queens, for the impressive volumes it produced and the interest in trading that follows.

So, until now the most successful NFT series produced in smartBCH are:

  • Law Punks

  • Poolside Puffers

  • Cash Cats

  • Thrones: Queens

With more collections under development and a profitable outcome for collectors and traders, we should be expecting an increase in user numbers of smartBCH.

Thrones: Queens Links:


  • Lead Image: Source (modified)

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2 years ago
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I missed this one as well! But at least Club1BCH has one Queen in the treasury

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2 years ago

I've always wanted to start NFT Pantera do you know some places a noobie at NFT can learn and start?

$ 0.00
2 years ago

If you are a programmer having knowledge of Solidity language, you can make your own, since these are smart contracts (code) on tokenized form.

See, it is not just jpegs as many suggest!

Yet, there are some developers that can produce them for you, for a payment, or some options available perhaps like those at OpenSea. Either way, I haven't looked since I am not an artist.

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2 years ago

But can I buy and resell NFTs?

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Yes sure, at

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Alright thanks

$ 0.00
2 years ago

This would be a little hard for me as I have no programing knowledge

$ 0.00
2 years ago

it pained because i got to know about it after the minting has ended, i hope cattos would be successful too

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Don't know what this is.

$ 0.01
2 years ago

you can go to metamask and log on to

$ 0.01
2 years ago

Oh, yes, I remembered, it is the collection Nakamotobch created?

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Are there perhaps other uses for this NFT collection besides collection and as an investment? Like for example, the Apes have their own club party and stuff. I don't mean to attack it or anything, just really curious because of the massive growth of NFT everywhere.

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2 years ago

It gets depressing, though, having to defend NFTs as a concept when this post is not about it, don't you think? Cause this is the same every time.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Oh really sorry about that, I haven't really set my feet into NFTs and really curious about it, but most people can't seem to give a satisfactory explanation. I'll just delete this comment for your peace of mind then. Have a nice day mate.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

You can leave it. I don't mind, but I am not a defender of the NFT scene. I understand it has its flaws and the jpg may or may not be valuated realisticly. I still think that NFTs have a future within gaming, but also way more than that.

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2 years ago

Thank you, I've missed out on a lot of articles since October because of other life priorities so I haven't read that article from you before. Once again, apologies if it was an annoying question, I know that repetitive questions from different people can piss someone off.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Now that I read your question again, it isn't totally unrelated. You asked for the specific collection if it has another purpose or something deeper. I was a little tired, and felt it was yet another comment against NFTs in general.

This collection doesn't offer something similar to the apes yacht club, but I think there is some plan to create a story that relates with this collection and the rest it plans to release. In other words, right now it is just the NFT.

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2 years ago

Glad that it's cleared up. Thanks for the information and do take some rest mate. Looking forward to the next updates and articles.

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2 years ago

If you read the link I gave, you will find that NFTs have strong use case and can affect our societies positively.

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2 years ago

Ganda ng queen. Thanks for the details. I have 1 queen only from airdrop then my friend help me to sell it.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Oh, so you were dumping below mint price? There were airdrops? How was this possible since there was a mint? When did you got your airdrop?

$ 0.00
2 years ago

At twitter. Last december 27 they announced the 25 winners then I just recieved my queen the other day only. Then a certain Tommy post at twitter that he doesnt recieved yet, same on me also. Then the others also keep asking me but Im not interested. But my friends at tg want me to get that. Ksi sayang dw.

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2 years ago

Sorry I don't understand parts of what you write. I'm not from your country. What this means? Ksi sayang dw.??

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Oh so sorry.. They want me to dm the admin so that I can get my queen but when jeoff search it using my meta add they sent already. How come?they dont bother us to reply. Maybe they feel ashamed when I comment at tommy that maybe all of us dont recieved. That day also they send me the queen, oh thank you😅.

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2 years ago

Ok, I understand now. So probably this is the airdropped NFTs that are sold at lower than mint price. Thanks for explaining.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Yes exactly. Thats why I probably read your article then Im not expert when it comes to NFT's. Welcome and I salute you pantera. Im just a silent reader.

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2 years ago