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Time out

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11 months ago

This weekend I traveled to my sister's house, who lives in a city near mine (about 2 hours by car), because of the mobility restrictions that still exist in my country due to Covid19 we had 6 months without seeing each other since we met at Christmas to spend a few days together.

To make the most of our sharing during that weekend I decided to disconnect from the phone during that time, I think that somehow unconsciously or unplanned my sister and my parents who also accompanied me joined me to be disconnected from the phone for a while.

Family photo (parents, sisters, nieces and my little son)

It is really amazing to realize when you are away from the phone, pc, tablet or any other device, the time you spend on technology and also the spaces to share and enjoy with family, friends or yourself, that you are losing because of being immersed in everything that involves being permanently in front of technology: work, news, studies, obligations, bank accounts, more news, in short... during that weekend I could enjoy many conversations with my family, watch movies and even play with the kids.

In that space of time I also realized that I was really exhausted, being a single mom, doing home office work at the same time that I take care of the kids, follow up on school activities and take care of all the chores at home and additionally keeping active on my blog and social networks, is really demanding and exhausting, which made me remember the importance of taking a "time out".

That's what I call those spaces of leisure that are so necessary to maintain our mental, emotional and physical health, in my moments of "time out" I try to get away from things that can generate stress or worry, or simply distract me from what I want to enjoy at any given time.

I must confess that these spaces of "time out" at other times produced in me a kind of "guilt", before I was very connected with the "doing" and "producing", and although now I continue to stay productive most of the time due to the serious inflationary situation that my country is going through, I try to balance the "doing" with the "Being".

And although we may think that these spaces of "time out" are difficult to have or require some special conditions, really if we organize ourselves we can manage to open in our agendas a moment for us. An hour of leisure time a day, for example, besides helping us to relax and make room for our personal interests, also helps to enhance creativity, self-knowledge, the expression of emotions, to clear the mind, to enjoy, to recharge energy to continue with the day and much more.

* Nephews, nieces and my little son playing in the park.
  • What do you like to do?

  • What are those personal interests that you can't satisfy because you're in the productivity rut?

  • How much time do you dedicate to rest?

These questions are very important when making the decision to take a "time out", and there are other ways, maybe if you can not be consistent during the week with an hour of daily leisure you can do as I did that I took a weekend to rest from all the technology and dedicate it to the family, or you can take half a day a week or a whole day. In short, everyone can adjust their schedule according to their activities, but the most important thing is that there is a willingness to dedicate time for ourselves, for rest and leisure.

A couple of hours to watch a movie on TV, take a walk in the park, a relaxing massage, have coffee with a friend or maybe a couple of beers, meditate, breathe fresh air, go to the beach or just 5 minutes in the sun in front of your window or in the garden of your house, are just some examples of activities that can add greatly to our well-being and recharge us positively.

Looking for those spaces of balance will determine our level of overall health, they are extremely important in our well-being and harmony, so I wanted to take this opportunity today to extend this invitation to you:

"Take some time out"

Are you up for it? What would you do in your time out?

I read you in the comments, thank you very much for your visit and support.

Blessings 🙏✨

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Written by   47
11 months ago
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Tomar un tiempo para nosotros es justo y necesario..!! Gracias por tomar en cuenta este aspecto..!! Saludos amiga..!!

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11 months ago

Totalmente necesario! Sobre todo para nuestra salud mental y física, gracias por comentar 🤗

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11 months ago

greetings, I haven't seen you for a while. It's good to take a break. But everything in life implies a sacrifice if we really want it, I'm glad you saw your family. Take care of your health.

$ 0.00
11 months ago

Yeah, I got a little disconnected but I'm back. Organizing myself to keep more active around here 🤗.

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11 months ago