Do you want to get out of your comfort zone?

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2 years ago

I think that when you talk about this topic you enter a gray zone where mountains of fears, worries or expectations and illusions arise that in one way or another can paralyze you or push you to start a new adventure in your life.

I used to be very adventurous, in the sense that I liked to explore new things, I would not stay in a job for more than a year because I got bored and I was always challenging myself to have experiences that would confront me or demand the most effort from me. I can say that at that time I was quite competitive with myself.

With the arrival of responsibilities, marriage, children, economic goals to achieve and many other things related to the material world I was leaving that impulse towards the new and unknown to enter the world of the "stable" and "safe".

To be honest, I didn't realize at what moment this radical change occurred until a couple of years ago when I received a recognition in my job for 12 years of service. I remember that day I wondered how I had lasted so long if when I joined I had not projected more than two years in that place.

Although I have had many enriching experiences during these years in the Company, I have also had some unhappy moments, more than I would like to have, and all of that made me ask myself the question: How did I stop being that young woman in search of new experiences to become a woman with a planned and structured life from head to toe?

I went from improvisation to planning, from the new and the unknown to the safe and stable, from trying despite the circumstances to take the square root of the whole picture to say whether or not to dare to sign up for some new initiative.  

Of course this life of planning has led me to many successes and achievements, but I am missing something that has to do precisely with getting out of that comfort zone or at least I think so.

For the last few years my country has suffered a great economic devastation, and for those of us who are still betting on a better future in our country, we have had to reinvent ourselves in many ways.

And sometimes leaving that comfort zone is not only a decision that you can make or not by choice, but life can sometimes present you with those pushes that lead you to take the step even when you are not convinced of it.

Getting out of the comfort zone

*Let go of control

The first thing you must do to get out of the comfort zone is to let go of "control", that attitude that leads you to calculate every step and every possible consequence of what you do or don't do. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to predict what might actually happen if you don't give yourself permission to try.

I know that achieving this step is not at all easy, I used to be quite controlling and always wanted to measure everything precisely, even the weather was a big torment if things did not happen as planned.

To achieve this I decided to flow more with the circumstances, then I tried to accept all the invitations that life offered me and I let myself be led, it helped me a lot to do things that made me uncomfortable in a certain way to stimulate my creative side, that is, if I did not like or did not know how to do something (example: a craft or a language) I challenged myself to learn or do my best to participate in that activity that was not in my domain and control.

On the other hand, I do not punish myself for mistakes or bad decisions, instead I take them as great learning opportunities that add to my growth.

Having a receptive attitude is vital to make way for this flow.

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* Dare to take that step.

Try with or without fear, challenge yourself every day to do something different. If at this moment you are fed up with what you are doing, don't you think it is a good time to try something else?

How long are you going to expose yourself to experience a situation that does not make you happy?

Understanding that everything in our lives has a cycle, a beginning and an end, and that there are always opportunities that will give us the possibility to experience ourselves in another role, condition, ability or context is what will feed our souls with that spark that will fill that emptiness you feel inside and that will encourage you to take that step out of your comfort zone.

I always wanted to write, but I didn't see the opportunity and it didn't seem like a lucrative activity from which I could earn good resources, and in that letting myself flow I got here, I have a year of writing and I feel that the ideas don't stop flowing and I am happy with what is happening to me and the doors that are opening.

A year ago I wouldn't have imagined myself dedicating myself to an online activity, without a schedule, boss, and boring tasks to accomplish.

Source: Pixabay

When you dare to take that step your whole life changes. It is also important that this step forward with determination is accompanied by inner work that allows you to connect with your desires, your passions, and with the recognition and love for your personal worth and the connection with your inner strength.

This change does not have to be radical, you can jump into the water all at once or you can simply enter little by little depending on what makes you feel more comfortable, but don't stop trying!

I wish you to feel great and in harmony wherever you are


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2 years ago


Very good publication. As I read to you, I remembered the years that I changed jobs because I was young and could easily find another job. But without a doubt we end up staying in those places where our energies are more coupled. Although if the life plan changes, it will also be good to change jobs. It was a lacer to read you.

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2 years ago

Amiga no había leído este mensaje, sorry 🙈

Ciertamente mientras más jóvenes somos más nos atrevemos a salir de esa zona de confort, también me paso como a ti, iba de un lado a otro probando.

Gracias por comentar 😘

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1 year ago

Hello, mscryptoph here, I like your blogs, they are reflect your genuine experience and in that way your blogs are unique. I don't know why @TheRandomRewarder doesn't visit you yet. He sometimes do that hahaha, he ignores some writers for unknown reasons. I have several blogs with penny tips. What I do is to compensate low tip in by reposting my blogs in other sites which is allowed anyway. Have your tried pub0x and leo?

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2 years ago

Thank you very much for your feedback, I really appreciate you stopping by 🙏🏻, I also have a Blog on Hive and over there I've posted some stuff on I don't know pub0x, are you there? On what blogs do they allow you to reblog the content you post here?

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2 years ago