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The problem of when...

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1 year ago
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Have you ever made a statement with this word?

I think it is almost inevitable to answer negatively to this question, and for some reason it seems that we are used to "postpone" things to wait for the best time to do them.

So we start with a long list of "When":

  • When I bought the house I will be able to....

  • When I get married I will be...

  • When I have more money I will indulge in....

  • When I have more time I will...

  • When Friday comes I will...

  • When the time is right I will...

  • When I'm done I'll be able to...

  • When it's...

What other phrases would you add to this list? Do any of them resonate with you?

When we get used to using this phrase, and even worse, living from the when, we let time go by and those things we want to do, have or Be are diluted, they remain on another plane and most of the time we do not achieve them or when we finally achieve them we realize that they did not meet the expectations we had about them.

Thinking from the when always poses a limitation and places us in a timeless space in the future that leaves us in limbo, with an idea or dream that we are not sure if we will be able to fulfill, and this just subtracts energy to achieve it.

Life is this present moment, there is no perfect time to get married, have children, take a trip or eat that special meal you long for. The only perfect time is "now". If you want to go for a run just put on your running shoes and go out, if the weather is not in your favor just run in your room and don't procrastinate that desire.

It's that simple, there is a saying that goes "who does not risk does not win", you do not know what will happen if you try now or a few months or years later when you think the conditions are given, so it makes no sense to keep postponing what you want to do, this does not mean that you will go crazy doing a project without planning, you know what I mean.

I was used to live from When, waiting for the best time to do things, or to have more time, or more money, and so many other justifications... and thanks to an experience in which I almost lost my life, I realized that I could have gone flat out with a big to-do list waiting for the perfect opportunity.

And I'm not only referring to big ambitions or projects, but also to everyday things, as simple as having coffee with a friend, making a phone call to a relative I haven't contacted in a while, expressing my affection to another person, or spending a fun afternoon with the kids at the park... so many things can be contained in that waiting list.

Waiting for that favorable moment can be a great perdition, important opportunities can pass and part of the learning that brings us to live this earthly experience is to risk, to have the courage and commitment with ourselves to follow our desires, to bet everything to be happy and live to the fullest without self-limitations.

So what are you waiting for, what are you longing for at this moment, what is stopping you from putting that desire into action?

Stop being your own stumbling block.

See you next time!


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Written by   47
1 year ago
Topics: Personal, Goals, Life, Writing, Reality, ...
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