Why is it Important to Set Goals?

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When we were younger, we went through life usually without any idea how to navigate it. Of course, no one has ever figured things out completely! Often we resort to trial and error. Some even just go with the flow, leaving everything to whatever life brings. And some set goals to have at least an amount of control over the steering wheel of their lives. 

Usually, these goal-setters are the most successful people. They picture their success even before things set into motion. And when the opportunity comes, they are more than ready to seize it.

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We all agree that goals are important. It is a fact. And when we are asked to know why goals are important, we may be able to give a few reasons. Below are some of the reasons:

Goals help you focus

It is hard to navigate life when everything demands our attention. But when we have goals, we can zero in on what's important and let slide the unimportant ones. We know what to prioritize and what not to waste our efforts to. But a word of caution though - manage your goals as well. Too many of it might lead to disorientation. When you set goals, be sure they are realistic and manageable.

Goals help you determine what you want

The way you work on your goals reveals much about your values. Some people talk too much about their goals but rarely take necessary actions to achieve them. Some however are too obsessed with their goals that you can almost see them seizing them in no time. When you have goals, you are making a statement that you are serious about what you want to achieve. 

Goals help you develop a growth mindset

Well-managed goals help you mature and be more intentional with your decision-making. When you have goals and you are serious about achieving them, you will leave your childish ways behind. All of a sudden, your idle time will be minimized, your resources will be fully utilized. You will be more conscious of where your time and money go. All you ever wanted is to grow yourself so you will be ready to seize what you have set your heart into. 

Goals help you measure progress

Measuring your progress against your goal is rewarding and encouraging, especially when you see that you are heading towards success. But even when you are making baby steps, do not fret because a little progress is still progress. It is easy to get discouraged when you see others "getting there" ahead of you but you have to remember that life is not a race. Rather than competing with others, compete with yourself. How are you doing concerning your goals? Are you getting better daily? Are you making progress, albeit little?

Goals help you beat procrastination

It's easy to procrastinate when you have no goals to anchor your motivations with. But when you have goals that you want to achieve, with a definite timeline and realistic expectations, you will have no time to procrastinate. Every wasted time is another day you are not moving towards your goal. Procrastination is dangerous. You might lose opportunities. One day of procrastination might be extended for another day, and then another day - until it becomes a habit. But when you are fueled by your goals, you wake up with renewed energy day by day, ready to possess your dreams. 

Success is given to those who are determined to possess it. It doesn't happen by chance. And your goals are the key to success. 

Do you have anything to add to the list? Share your thoughts below. 

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Beautifully written...

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2 years ago

Thank you, mam!

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2 years ago


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2 years ago

That's right, I didn't know how important goals were until I started setting mine. hehe. Once I tried to achieve my goals, I saw what direction I wanted to take. And also that I needed to do some more basic things before I achieved the goals I had wanted to achieve. Who would have guessed. lol.

Once Upon A Spunky Developer

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2 years ago

Sometimes I think goals are addictive. Perhaps it's because of the rush I feel whenever I accomplish one. But it's a good addiction, btw :)

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2 years ago