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3 weeks ago

Seriously? A couple arguing at 3 AM? And what would the reason be? Did they just woke up and figured out they need to fight about something? Yes, it's normal for couples to argue but the time of occurrence was just too disturbing.

Last night, I heard our neighbors again argue about something. I mean the couple. This couple always argue everyday. They used to shout at each other early in the morning. I am not interested as to what could be the commotion about but their voices can be heard clearly for their house is just a meter away. As much as I want not to hear everything, their shouts intensify making every word audible.

Mostly, the couple fought about their debt. The wife complains because there are a lot collectors coming in to their house looking for her husband. When she asks the reason why, the collectors reveal that her husband owes them a certain amount money without her knowing. Of course the becomes a tiger upon knowing. Again, I am not into their lives. I just can hear what they're up to because they don't know how to talk peacefully. I guess everybody in the neighborhood knows about them.

When the husband returns, the wife immediately confronts him in a rude way. Her tone of voice is war-seeking and so does the husband. The husband comes from work tired so the wife's nagging gets into him. The wife blabbers non-stop with a loud voice. The husband just didn't say anything but after a while, he gets angry too and told the wife to shut up because she's not the one paying the debt. He assures the wife that he will take care of the debt. And then the conflict stops.

Glad they're now okay so I can have my peace of mind to write an article. But I am too lazy to do it so I sleep for an hour. In the middle of my sleep, that was 5 in the afternoon, the couple's are disturbing the neighborhood again. Geezzz! What is it about again this time?

Well, it's all about money. The wife accused the husband for having an affair that's why his salary is not enough for the family. She said that maybe he spent the earnings to his affair. The husband talks back and denied everything. If I were the wife, I will get mad as well because the husband is not even giving the wife a budget for viand. He thinks that having that sack of rice is enough. Haven't he thought that he got three kids and these kids won't eat without a viand? And he also knows that his wife doesn't have a job so where can she find funds to buy everyday's viand? If you were the wife, what would you do?

I hate the wife for being a nagger but I understand her side too. Knowing that his husband has debts because of liquors but can't even give budget for food would also bring out the lioness in me.

Of course this is not just all about them. I have my realizations based from their experience. I just noticed that there's no peace in their family. Even their youngest kid already knows how to cuss because he hears it from his parents. I also realized that they are into spending more on material things that's why they don't have budget for food anymore. So sad that they can't eat those things.

That's why it's necessary for us women, to have a sideline if we are housewives so we can have money of our own. If our husband won't give us then it's fine because we have our own. Let's not be dependent.

Well, not all because not all housewives are broke. Congratulations to those who are happily married. ☺️

I also realized that before marrying someone, make sure to spend enough time with that someone so you'll know everything about his/her characters. We can't return them to their parents if we're married already. Perhaps we can but it will be tough knowing that Philippines doesn't have divorce.

Take your time!

Thank you so much guys for reading! You've been so kind to me since day one.

Thank you so much again for your time! To my generous sponsors, upvoters and to those who comment, I am sending you my warmest gratitude! Let's talk and get to know each other well.

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Ciao! ❤️

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Written by   144
3 weeks ago
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