Celebrate your Silent and Small Wins.

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2 years ago

"Know yourself and you will win all battles"

Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

Sunday, March 14, 2021.

There are things that bother me even though I only do one thing and think this past few days because we are on semestral break now; this is my presentation. I start it last Wednesday. I'm not new at presentations. In fact, I am the one who leads every time we had a presentation task. Before, I am not pressured for this type of task. But now, I don't know what to do. I can't focus, literally.

Am I being reassured? Am I okay? Well,

By the way, I am writing this part of this article, Tues, March 16. Presentation tomorrow. I'm ready, just in case it's bothering my mind.

This Picture was taken on Mon, March 13. I don't know why I took this photo. Maybe it's because my tumbler is new and my dream of buying things I couldn't buy before has come true. Actually, I'm proud of myself. I know how to draw. I know how to sing. I know how to dance. I know how to fight. I know how to paint. I know how to calligraphy. I know how to be good. I know how to be a brother. I know how to be a friend. I know how to lead. I know how to be a teacher.

But the thing is, do I already know myself even though I can do many things? Is this enough for me to say that I already know myself? Well, no. To this day I still fight the silent battles I have. I'm used to being alone, especially in this pandemic because I can't talk online. Do you know it? The feeling that you don't have anything to do online, then you don't want to talk to your housemates. It's like you just want to wake up because you have a lot of thoughts and problems. I keep feeling like I'm a problematic person.

I have been through many battles. I fought Poster Making. I won. There's even a cash prize included. I used the money I won on the things I needed. The pandemic was just beginning. Many also bothered me back then. I Think here it all started. I know that mental health is also important. I actually published an article on how to cope with stress.

It is easy to give advice but it is hard to do. It's easy to say don't give up, but when it's hard it's just a matter of committing to stop. As of now, all I'm thinking is to rest. I am ready to do it. I am no longer know the word 'rest'. I haven't slept well for about 3 months. Many things that have happened that I am not aware of have already happened. I have already won many battles. But Silent battles only. I'm happy because I can do what I want now. Being too free in your world is not a fun thing. Can you tell me how the world is going right now?

I don't know but I'm feeling blessed because maybe of what I receive on a platform like this. I express more here at read.cash because this is my bowl of emotions as of now. I also make other people happy and inspired because of it. My mommy is one of them. She is my no.1 supporter. Although I was often irritable and frowning, she did not accompany me in my anger. She is a very understanding person. I idolize her in other things, especially in dedication to the life we had. I also idolize her in silent battles even though she often cries because of it. I felt sorry for my mother when she cried, but I could do nothing but feel sorry for her.

I know not every day is not sunday. I promise to myself that I will finish school and I will be able to go to the places I dream of going to. I can also buy the things I dream of. I know it’s not permanent. I will just continue to fight my silent battles.

Until now I am confused. Until now I was dizzy. Until now I can’t feel my body. Where am I? I believe, I will also win here.

Maybe I need some rest for now. 😔

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2 years ago

Indeed, it is hard to follow our own advice. But it could help other people if we’ll voice it out often! :)

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2 years ago

Indeed. So I'm still thankful because this struggles that I experience is also being the way to keep me going. All I need is to be strong no matter what happens. Btw, thank you for realizing me this matter. 🥺✨

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2 years ago

Actually, I'm proud of myself. I know how to draw. I know how to sing. I know how to dance. I know how to fight. I know how to paint. I know how to calligraphy. I know how to be good. I know how to be a brother. I know how to be a friend. I know how to lead. I know how to be a teacher.

Hope all talented. By the way, all people conquers challenges and just lite.Ate Mary said on her previous articles,.you're not normal if you were not struggling. Maybe we were good at other things but we should also be proud at the things that we can just like what you say. In fact, our talent has a lot of opportunities but there have also struggles that we must need to conquer.

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2 years ago

Thank you for this, King. Alam mo, sa dami ng kaya kong gawin, andami na ding pressure na kapalit non. But salamat din at nabanggit mo yung article ni ate mary, babasahin ko sya mamaya. Again, Thank you for this, King. This helps me a lot. 🥺✨❤

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2 years ago