Week # 18 Activities (November 25 to December 01, 2022)

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December 02, 2022

December is the last Ber month and my Birth month. Last week (of November) was not so good, in terms of earnings, Rusty would have visited me only twice or once (but I guess twice), which is so not good of him. For me, November wasn't too productive as well. I could not meet most of my goals, including publishing articles in a month.

I will try to summarize this recap as briefly as I can because I have been thinking of another blog to draft, which will be about my December goals. So without any ado let's have a recap of the previous week's published articles. In the previous week, I published six articles, including Week # 17 Activities (November 18 to 24, 2022).

Every month, on the first date, I share a report on my achievements, articles published, earnings, etc from different platforms in the previous month.

Yesterday, I published Report: November 2022. As I already discussed earlier it was a good month, I fall behind in most of my goals. In total, I published 27 articles and earned around 0.330076 BCH (~$ 37.36 @ rate December 01, 2022, 00:00 hours), whereas the goal was to publish at least 29 and get 0.40 BCH to 0.60 BCH in total. Similarly, in other cases also couldn't meet the goals.

I hope December would be productive and smooth, in all conditions, in terms of achieving my goals.

Everything that has a start has an end, believe me, or not but it has. A day has an end, a month, a year, life, darkness, cold, hot, failure, whatever that you can think of and/or see, including the universe would reach its end.

The day before Yesterday was The Last Day of November and my 21st year.  It was the start of the 22nd after The Last Day. Sometimes, you will be wondering how quickly life goes, seems like a blink of an eye, and similarly, the 21st reached its end.

The world is full of surprising and heart-touching things. You would have seen lots of beautiful and attractive places around. You would want to visit and/or see some of them, while you would want to have some of them.

I bet you won't have seen The Glass Palace, especially the one I have seen, which has very thick-painted walls, inside made of pure class nothing else, surrounded by beautiful and heat-touching lawns and gardens. The outer view was so amazing and magnificent from inside the glass palace. I can't express it and my feelings in words, just tried to give glance at it.

Recently our brother has got a project at the university (faculty-related project), I don't know more, only he said it's a good one and worth 15 million Pakistani Rupees.

He wanted to give us a treat before everyone gets. We decided to go out for the whole day. But my cousin was going to Italy to resume his studies and Mama want everyone to be at their house. So we went out just to have lunch and we had The Fried Fish: A Sunday Lunch. God, it was so delicious and tasty.

Small things matter, especially when it is directly or indirectly related to a sensitive person. Everyone, including me, publishes to have some respect and of course earnings too. No one wants to have some bad effect on his reputation. Likes/Dislikes are a sort of reputation of an article and writer. I have been observing someone hitting Dislike on my blogs without any reason.

A Dislike in read.cash could be due to some like, jealousy, the reader doesn't like the contents, some personal issue with me, and/or personality disorder (a way to appreciate writers).

A Dislike in read.cash can discrourage the writher, which is not the primary aim of the forum. In my point of view, I guess, the dislike should NOT be used in the way it sounds/means, but rather for those who have been spamming here and/or violating the rules of the forum. If a reader doesn't like an article (or a part of the contents) he/she can leave it without liking/disliking it. Moreover, he/she can comment on that.

My Gratitude

I am grateful and thankful for your precious time, reading my blogs, supporting, and encouraging me.

Bundles of thanks.

The End

That's all for today. Nothing to say more

If you think my work is interesting and worth appreciation or want more interesting articlesdon't forget to support me.

Stay safe and blessed. Have a great and fantastic time.

Please remember me in your prayers.


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