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Thriving In The Misery Of Others

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3 weeks ago

Amidst this pandemic, some people take this as an opportunity to take advantage of the misery of others.

It has been 1 year when a lot of things changed. When everyone is free to roam around when everyone feels safe when everything is still normal. No masks, no physical distancing, no alcohols, no face shields, temperature checks, sanitation, everything.

It breaks my heart to see many people are suffering. Everyone is affected but the most affected are those who lost their jobs and sources of income.

But Filipinos are known for their resiliency and perseverance. We thrive amidst the challenges we face. You would think, this article is made for the positive traits of the Filipinos but this is not. I would like to emphasize these government officials who are thriving in the misery of others.

How are they thriving? Are they doing all their best to help the community? Some of them, yes but some of them are not. Instead, they thrive in the misery of others. How?

By corruption. Last year when the government, DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) announced that they will provide SAP (Social Amelioration Program) for the low-income families who were greatly affected by the public crisis.

Just to be fair, one doesn't represent or justify his actions to all the government officials in the world. I have relatives working in the government and they remained true to their services.

There are countless cases where government officials are involved in corruption. Corruption has no face. It lives within the system of a human being.

As a result, a lot of families who are supposed to receive financial assistance ended up empty-handed. Although some of them received but were lesser than expected.

Based on my experience, we received 3 rounds of the "Ayuda". There are canned goods, and 5 kilos of rice, sugar, coffee, biscuits, and milk each round. With regards to the financial assistance, we didn't receive any. I believe we are qualified to receive because my grandmother is obviously a senior citizen and a widow at the same time.

I'm not sure if they have released the financial assistance to everyone, but that's one thing I really hope so.

Just recently when something went viral with regards to the Community Pantry. It shows how Filipinos help each other to survive. It was then followed by many to display outside their houses to give goods available to everyone.

However, there's one video that went viral when a group of women went to the pantry and gathered all the goods as much as they got. 🤦‍♀️

There is no such thing as a perfect government. Of course, there will be lapses. That's why people are expected to cooperate and follow the regulations. But when greed takes over, money is everything they have in mind. Even when a lot of families will suffer because of their actions, they wouldn't care.

In fact, when the Social Amelioration Program was implemented, many barangay officials got new cars and renovated their houses out of the blue. As if they have won the lottery. Then, when asked, their excuses would be about their savings or their children sent them money for support.

When I was watching the television, I can't help to ask how come they're able to do that? How could they use the people's money?

This is just a very random article and I can't seem to set things clear here but I hope somehow you got my point. Haha

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Thanks for reading!

Keep safe everyone. ❤

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Written by   295
3 weeks ago
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I saw the video yesterday. Napakagahaman. Nakakainis. Hindi lang naman sila ang may pangangailangan tapos napanood ko humihingi ng tulong kay Sir Tulfo kasi kahit saan sila pumunta binubully sila. My nice side says baka need lang talaga nila and my other side says they deserve it.

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3 weeks ago

Haha. Kaya nga. Mali nman talaga ginawa nila. Dapat kumuha lng sila ng sakto lang para sa kanila. Yung reason nila na ipinamigay nila sa mga kapitbahay, palusot nlng nila yon.

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3 weeks ago

Never heard bout SAP.. Am totally outdated sa mga happenings jan sa pinas...

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3 weeks ago

Kakaloka ibang barangay chairman, kinukupit ang pera 🤦‍♀️

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3 weeks ago

Thats why its better to have no amelioration fund as long as we are in good hands. I believe SAP should be for the people in need. But the way corrupt officials stole the fund not intended for them, they are sucking in the miseries of the people and tbey won't be enjoying that for long.

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3 weeks ago

Kaya nga eeeh. Opportunists talaga yan sila. Yung iba naman binibigyan pero may magandang bahay nman at may mga motor, samantalang yung naka paa lang, di binigyan. Anong klaseng sistema yan. 🤦‍♀️

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3 weeks ago