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The Weary Saturday (I Lost EBEN and More)

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1 month ago

September 19, 2021

Time of writing: 1:30 pm 09/18/21

Saturday has been a roller-coaster day for me, not literally, but emotionally.

Readcash sudden change of tipping system

The first reason was about the sudden change of the readcash tipping system. I wasn't aware of that actually until someone said that the old Rusty was back and some articles have been showered with more blessings while others did not receive anything. Shortly, I checked the last upvote of Rusty and it was 11 hours ago from the time of writing. And my last article only received $4+ from the bot and other users.

If the old Rusty is back, then I should be worried about it because I am not lucky during the old tipping system, getting zero to small tips only per day. If not because of the huge tips of sir Marc in my articles, I should not have a huge amount of Bitcoin Cash in my readcash wallet. It's not only me who will be unlucky here, but many users as well. So better lock the old Rusty in the dungeon and don't allow him to come out again because the new Rusty is better than the previous ones as everyone is benefiting from it.

My name dropped below the top 10 Tippers

How did it happen?

A month ago, I organized a guessing game in my article regarding #Club1BCH virtual team building/camping. The two winners received a total of $8 excluding the upvotes I gave to others, so more or less I spent $10 that day. I also remembered a few days after that event, there was an article where I donated a few dollars. I forgot what the article was about, haha. I'm getting more senior moments lately, lol.

More reasons why I became not so active on readcash is because of different airdrops on Twitter and Telegram. So instead of reading articles, I spent more time on Telegram and Twitter participating in different airdrops and meme contests.

But I'm trying to read more articles recently.

Noisecash attack

However, upon checking noisecash updates, I learned that there was an attack on noisecash resulting in an unstable system and other issues about the new noisecash wallet feature. No wonder why the account has been logged out, the same with other users.

Click the photo to see the whole post

These hackers are such a pain in the ass and trying to loot the platform with their hacking skills. 3872 accounts and 7.5M tempts? Seriously, only pros can do that.

My worries about the return of the old Rusty had lessened when I found out about this issue. The sudden change in the readcash tipping system might be due to the noisecash attack. As much as I don't want to worry about it, I just think that the readcash system has been affected by the noisecash attack since the systems of the two platforms are being controlled by one admin.

With this, the sudden change of the readcash tipping system might be caused by a bug and lucky those who received huge blessings from it, lol (Sana all). I'm just hoping that my comment about this readcash issue on noisecash's post will be taken into account and won't just be ignored because many have been affected.

I got FOMOed and lost EBEN

Another source of FUD has been added to my basket of worries when EBEN hopped into a roller coaster ride. The result of the Certik audit for BenSwap (SmartBCH) has been released to the public.

The audit found 14 issues but based on CryptoWarrior comment on the Telegram group, the result was good and has nothing to worry about. Critical issues have been resolved but there are remaining 6 major issues with 4 partially resolved. 3 medium, 1 minor, and 4 informational have been found as well and only 1 minor issue has been resolved.

The audit result was good with some issues left unresolved and that created FUD to small investors, and big holders were pulling out their EBEN. I got worried as well when someone commented "huge rug pull" on the Telegram group and saw EBEN's price dropping to $1.

At 11:59 am, a huge holder dumped EBEN and took out more than 46 thousand EBEN and more holders were selling as well.

I was eyeing the price and it made me confused about what to do as I was worried that it might drop below $1. When I saw it drop to $1, I unstaked 600 EBEN and swapped it to WBCH together with my 73.489 EBEN profit from staking.

Unfortunately, the confirmation took a few seconds and after the process, the price went down to $0.993. *facepalm*

Just a few minutes after swapping EBEN, its price was surging again to $1.1+.*facepalm* again.

I got FOMOed and worried that it might surge higher so I bought EBEN back.

The 673.489 EBEN I sold became 581.527 EBEN, thus losing 92 EBEN from this ridiculous act. The worst decision I ever made. 92 EBEN is a huge profit already but I just lost it. My total EBEN was supposed to be 1200+ by now, but because of this wrong action, it is down to 1,169+ EBEN.

The holder who dumped huge EBEN benefited the most here and it seemed to be an intentional act. I guess it's the same holder who bought back EBEN at a lower price.

Credit to Cari

We've been thinking if this holder is part of the dev team or one of the random whales. The dirty part of the crypto world is when those huge token holders manipulate the small investors to gain huge profits. And the weak hands (like me) will get a huge loss profit.

By 3 in the afternoon, the EBEN price was back to $1 level and became

Despite being in this crypto-verse for more than a year now, I still can't get rid of this FOMO emotion that is necessary to be a successful crypto trader. When I saw the comment about huge rug pull and price dropping drastically, I got worried because it happened to other DEXs like BakerySwap and CubFinance before as well and the token prices dropped below $1.

Even some members got worried as well because of the unsolved issues stated on the audit result.

But of course, the team will always say positive words. I just found out that CryptoWarrior is one of the moderators on the Telegram group.

The audit result might be good but we can not control the holders if they want to dump or pump the token, especially the whales who always think of getting huge profit.

This is again a lesson to learn for me. And because of this incident, I don't want to touch my EBEN again and let it accumulate profits in staking.

Seemed like my Saturday was an unlucky day. I'm just hoping that the upcoming days would be better because I don't want to experience more unlucky events. And just like what I always remind others, I should conduct due diligence before taking any action next time.

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Written by   1531
1 month ago
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