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Audience Is As Important As The Traffic

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5 months ago

June 26, 2021

I got the idea to write this article when an old user posted her sentiment about this platform and said that many readers are ignoring her posts and only 0.1% are appreciating her posts. She got her 10,000 views after a year, but she became inactive for how many months and come back again recently. I remember I got my 10,000 views after three months of being active here. In case you are reading this article (which I hope you will), don't get me wrong, I'm just advising here. Before you said such a thing, ask yourself first,

"Is there something wrong with my articles?" If not, then there's another reason.

"But why am I getting fewer views and comments?" Then try to contemplate.

"Is it the reader's fault, or your fault?"

When we say audience in this blogging world, we are referring to our readers. Why do we need to keep our audience? Simply because, without readers, our blogs are useless, as if we are writing for nothing, and all our effort in writing the content is wasted. Isn't it hurting when your works are unnoticed? You will start to doubt your potential in writing. "Aren't my content interesting? Aren't they good enough?" Or "Am I good enough? Is writing really for me?"

Many users on this platform are just into writing and posting and don't care about their readers and replying to their comments, don't care about reading other user's articles, don't care about interacting with others because they are just part of the post&leave clan. They are just after the upvotes. But some will blame the people of the platform for not getting more readers.

It is not the platform nor other people's fault, it is your fault.

We all consider ourselves as a writer since blogging is the main task here. And as a writer, we should bear in mind that keeping your audience is as important as generating traffic. Just like in marketing products online, or on any blogging platform, SEO traffic is essential and great. However, it can only be called great if that traffic truly cares about what we are writing, or what we are selling.

As for readcash, it is like we are selling our articles here, and so we need an audience who will buy our articles. But the term 'buy' doesn't literally mean buying, but buy like reading. We need an audience who will read our articles. Yet, even if a lot of people are visiting our articles, but if they are not commenting, then that traffic is useless.

Readers or visitors are important, but what's more important are those who are engaging with the content of our article, or with our message.

How to keep your readers?

As per experience, I keep my audience through these ways.

Engage with your readers

In this world of blogging, engagement is everything. When other users land on your article, they are more likely to engage because they like the content, or the heading catches their attention so they are interested to read it. When they leave relevant comments, that indicate that they have enjoyed reading the content, it is important to reply to them and that is how the engagement will start, that is how you will gain more audience or readers.

Some users are just ignoring their readers just because they already received upvotes from the bot. And that's one of the reasons why the readers are leaving and not reading your other articles because they are being ignored. And if you are a newbie, make sure to engage with your readers to gain more followers, and to increase your audience.

Subscribe to your readers and visit other articles

Replying to your readers' comments is important, but give some time to visit their articles, leave a comment, and as much as possible, upvote their works as well. We should not just focus on our own works, we should interact with each other and visit other user's articles. Subscribing to them is the easy way to be notified of their new articles, and will be easy for you to track and read their articles.

And remember that reading is also important here because through reading we are learning. And while learning we are discovering new things, learning new ideas, reading different life stories, and most importantly, we are meeting different people from different parts of the world.

Give rewards to your readers

There are two kinds of rewards here.

  1. Upvote their comments

Upvoting their comments is a way of showing your appreciation because they have read your content. Although we know that many readers are not really reading the whole content, the words per words, paragraphs per paragraphs, and just skipping and skimming and noting the keywords so they have something to comment below the content. Let's not be hypocrites, it is really happening here. And some readers will just gonna leave an upvote without commenting as they can't relate to the content, or they don't want to comment, or they did not read the article at all, which is better than posting irrelevant comments in which we don't know what to reply.

However, their presence still matters so whether they have posted short or long comments, it is still better to give them upvotes, as they might gonna read your future articles. You can also try to ask something to stimulate real interaction.

And remember that giving upvotes is one way to contribute to the BCH network. Every microtip we share counts. So if you can't spend your BCH because there are no merchants in your place, giving upvotes is a great option. And do not estimate the power of cents, because for others, that means a lot, and those microtips will grow over time and can create a whole BCH.

  1. Give sponsorships

Another way to keep your readers is to give them sponsorships. As for me, I usually give sponsorships to my loyal readers, and even to new readers that catch my attention through their comments. When I can see potential from them to be great writers, giving sponsorship is my way to motivate them, and for them to pursue their passion for writing.

And based on my experience as a sponsorship beneficiary, I usually visited the articles of my sponsors and at least give some comments and upvotes to them. I may don't have the highest upvotes here, but at least, I am giving some cents as my way of appreciating their works and giving me sponsorship. It is also one way to keep your sponsors on your block. So if you don't want to lose your sponsors, be updated with their works and at least, show your support and appreciation.

Even our appreciation and positive feedback to the article can also be a good reward. Because writers are inspired and motivated more to write quality content when receiving positive words from the readers. That means their works are effective and touch the hearts of the readers.

We always have stories to tell and as a blogger/writer, we want to generate as much traffic as possible. But it is more important if that traffic is engaging. And isn't overwhelming to receive positive feedback from the readers? Every time it happens, you feel like your effort is well paid off. So even if you don't receive appreciation from the robot, at least, from the real people, your work helps them, or inspires and motivates them, which matters the most in this blogging world. And if you are into marketing, well, engaging with the audience is truly essential to make your business successful and fruitful.

What's our business here on readcash? That is blogging and attracting readers. To be a successful blogger, we need to gain a lot of readers, and to gain more readers, we need to interact with them in all possible ways.

It is also worth noting that to attract readers, your article should also be something that is appealing to the readers, something that will stimulate the interaction with the readers, something that will gratify their interest, something that is not difficult to comprehend, something that will give them a lesson and information.

Many say that they are busy at work or taking care of their children so they can't be active on this platform but as the saying goes, "if there is a will, there is a way." If you can post on noisecash the entire day, why not give some time for readcash?

It's just a matter of time management, giving support to these two BCH-powered platforms, and appreciating your works and the people who support your works.

If you want to know what articles to write or how to post an article daily, I recommend you to visit Eyb's latest article, Diversify Your Topics To Write Daily.

And if you are experiencing writer's block, try to do the suggestions in this article What's Holding You Back? Unblock Your Writer's Block.

Thanks for your time.

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Written by   1637
5 months ago
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