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What's Holding You Back? Unblock Your Writer's Block

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June 10, 2021

I was inspired to write this article after reading @Eybyoung article Reasons Why We Are Losing Interest In Writing And How To Avoid It.

Some users joined this platform because writing is their forte. Some joined to enhance their writing skills. While some joined because of Bitcoin Cash. Some are writing to share their knowledge. Some are writing to share their stories and thoughts. While some are writing to share both stories and knowledge.

We all have different genres of writing, some are writing about cryptocurrencies and other informative articles. Some are writing fiction stories, freewriting, poems, book, or movie reviews. Some are writing their blogs, express their thoughts, emotions, and life experiences. While some are versatile, can write in different genres of writing depending on what topic comes to their minds, and that is where I belong.

Because this platform gives us the freedom to write anything we want to - express our thoughts, opinions, experiences, and life's stories. But not all the time we have something to pull out from our minds, and sometimes due to some factors, we are having WRITER'S BLOCK.

If You Can't Think Of Any Topic To Write, Take A Break And Clear Your Mind

If your mind is being preoccupied with so many thoughts and having writer's block, take a break, clear your mind, so it can refresh new ideas and better topic to write. Don't just write because you want to post something, write because you love it, and write something interesting that can contribute to this platform, and readers can get something from your article - lessons or information.

Remember that if you can't post today, there is always tomorrow. You are having writer's block, maybe because:

  • You Lack Sleep

One of the main reasons why our mind is lagging sometimes is because we lack sleep. Our brains get foggy if we don't get enough sleep. Many are staying late at night just to finish their articles or making noise on noisecash because they have BCH goals to be achieved. And the consequences of this negative habit of sleep deprivation cause foggy brains and having writer's block.

  • You Are Pressuring Yourself Because Of Your Goal

It feels so good when you can achieve your BCH goals for the month but sometimes it's giving pressure on your mind. We all have BCH goals and some take advantage of the randomness of the bot to accumulate more BCH. But because of this pressure, you can't think of a good topic to write because your mind is being blocked by negative thoughts due to pressure and you're getting out of focus.

  • You Have Too Many Distractions

You have responsibilities to do at home, especially moms and dads working from home. Your mind is being overwhelmed with the responsibilities at home, at work, and in other areas of your lives. You're being distracted by responsibilities and don't know what to perform first, and at the same time, you are having difficulty thinking of what to write.

  • You Are Burn Out

We are simply humans and it's natural for us to burn out from all the things we are doing in our daily lives, especially those who have full-time jobs while blogging, just like me. If your body is tired, your mind is more exhausted and simply can't think well because it needs to be recharged.

Unblock Your Writer's Block

These are usually the reasons why we can't think of a good topic to write about. And as I have said above, if you can't think of any topic to write, take a break, and clear your mind to unblock your writer's block.

Try not to think about writing for some time. Instead;

  • Take a sleep, relax, and recharge your body and mind.

  • Try to take a break from the things that are stressing you.

  • Try to manage your time and think well of what task to finish first so you can have a quieter time to write later.

  • Do things that you enjoy: listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite shows, read your favorite books, or catch up with your friends or family.

It is worth noting that self-care is more significant than pushing yourself to write just to achieve your BCH goal. You probably have an idea of what's holding you back. If so, then you know that you only need a break to get back on track. And avoid sleep deprivation as it is the main culprit of having writer's block.

Read And Write

But if you really want to create an article because you do not want to skip the day without posting one, just like me, there are many ways to get a good topic to write for your article.

  • Keep fueling your mind with words and knowledge, Explore The Digital Space Through Reading

One of the ways has been mentioned by@Eybyoung in her article and that is reading. And just like what Eyb has said, if you are only focusing on blogging about your daily life, then you will run out of topic. Because not all days have interesting stories to share, not all days are special. Explore the digital space and read interesting articles.

Read something interesting and write a story about it. This is usually what I am doing if I can not think of a good topic to write about. Platforms like readcash and noisecash have a plethora of posts that can give us good ideas for an article. If you're my consistent reader, then you know my articles that were inspired by noisecash's posts and readcash's articles.

  • Express Your Thoughts Through Free Writing

Authors like @Hanzell are using this genre of writing. Her articles are more on free writing and fiction stories. If you want to express your thoughts, you can make freewriting, put a prompt, and write something about it and express what you want to express. This is actually one of the easiest ways of writing because you don't need to search about anything, you just have to express your thoughts or create a story based on your prompt(s).

  • Join Prompt Series

If you can't think of anything to write, why don't you join the prompt series of articles? This was initiated by @JonicaBradley and it's fun joining this prompt series. In case you don't know the prompt she created for this week, it is "Similarities." Now, think of the content for this prompt and start writing your story. Don't forget to tag the initiator of this prompt series.

  • Convert Your Hobbies To Stories

We all have hobbies in life and they are sometimes serve as our stress reliever. If our mind is full of odd thoughts causing a lack of concentration and motivation to write, we sometimes do our hobbies to relieve our stressful bodies and minds for a while, such as listening to music, watching movies, or reading books.

If you like listening to music, why not create a story or review from the music you have listened to? One of the writers like @Jeaneth is converting her hobby of listening to music to an article. She also likes making reviews about the movies she had watched. And if you are a bookworm like Hanzell, for sure you have lots of stories to tell in your mind but some can't just express them in writing. It takes time to make it, you just have to practice writing.

  • Be Versatile

Many users here are only using one kind of genre of writing. Some are just focused on writing about cryptocurrencies, some are focused on writing fiction stories and free writing, while some are just focused on sharing their personal blogs and experiences.

But there are really times that we run out of topic on that certain genre. If you can be versatile in real life, then why not explore other genres of writing? As for me, if I can't think of any topic about cryptocurrencies, I will jump on writing motivational/inspirational articles which is much easier for me to write, and it is where I can pull the deepest words, emotions, and expressions from inside me. But if these two cannot be pulled out from my mind, then that's the time that I will write about personal blogs or fiction stories.

If we can do multitasking in real life, we can also be versatile writers. Again, you just need some practice on how br a versatile writer. You don't have to push yourself, it will come out naturally.

Inspire And Be Inspired

There are a lot of stories to tell but sometimes we find it difficult to express them through writing. Just like what Eyb has said, not all good in conversation are good in writing, and not all good writers are good in conversation.

And to be motivated in writing we sometimes need inspiration. Think of the reason why you are here in the first place?

  • You are writing because of your goal

  • You are writing because that's your passion

  • You are writing to share your knowledge and stories

  • But most importantly, you are writing to inspire readers

An article should be informative and interesting to catch the attention of the readers.

Informative in a way of sharing knowledge and information that readers can apply in their real lives.

An interesting article is a wide range of genres in writing.

  • Expressed thoughts, emotions, and opinions

  • Fiction and non-fiction stories and free writing

  • Life's stories and experiences

  • Travel and photography blogs

  • Music, movie, book-review articles

  • Student's blogs

  • Goal-related blogs

Those are interesting and something that readers can interact with the content of the article.

We are writing to inspire readers and be inspired by their feedbacks. That is how an article should be. It stimulates interaction with the readers. And isn't it overwhelming when receiving inspirational words from the readers? If that happens, that means we are touching their lives through our stories. And it's overwhelming to know that we are motivating others because of our works.

We do have the freedom to write anything on this platform, express our thoughts and opinions, share our stories and knowledge. But one thing we should consider in writing is, our article should leave readers something useful at the end of their reading - knowledge, information, lesson, entertainment, or some thoughts to ponder.

So if you can't think of anything to write or losing your interest to write, think of what's holding you back and push yourself to get back on track.

Thanks for your time.

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Written by   1147
1 week ago
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