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Airdrop Post: My Last Moon Festival Experience In Hong Kong

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3 weeks ago

September 23, 2021

Time of writing: 11 am 09/22/21

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First, let me show you this beautiful full moon captured on the night of September 21, the exact date of the Moon Festival. It's filtered to make the night more magical and removed the bruises on my arm which I got from the cupping therapy, haha. You can check my original post with this photo on noisecash using this link

Mid-Autumn Festival, Mooncake Festival, Moon Festival, whatever you call it, is one of the most popular festivals in Chinese countries like Hong Kong. It happens every 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, which landed on the 21st day of September this year. Since the celebration typically happens at night, the day of the festival is not a public holiday. However, since people have different celebrations at night that usually continue up to midnight, the following day is a holiday. And that is September 22, Wednesday, this year. This gives me an additional holiday for this week aside from Sunday, thus, an opportunity to make my last Mid-Autumn/Moon festival worth it.

Eleven months ago, I posted an article about how Chinese celebrate the Moon Festival. Last year's Moon festival wasn't that enjoyable because of the pandemic restrictions. People just stayed at home and were not even allowed to gather around. So it was kind of a boring Moon Festival. No special events as well and lesser Moon Festival public displays. And I remembered I visited a park that day as I was expecting to see public displays. But there was nothing so I opted to just roam around the park.

This year's pandemic restrictions have been lifted and are less strict compared to last year. People are already allowed to gather around and celebrate special occasions in different buffets or ordinary restaurants, or even at homes. Then I found out that there are lantern displays this year in this article Best Lantern Displays Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival 2021.

I got excited to see and capture those lantern displays because that would be my last Mid-Autumn photos here in Hong Kong. From the places listed in the article, I chose the three places that are nearest to my place and I read that some displays are available up to the 22nd day of September only. Without hesitation, I dressed up and off I went to visit the three places.

Jane the explorer can't go with an empty stomach so I have to fill it to fuel my journey. I saw this new recipe in the Fairwood restaurant where I usually eat during the weekend. Pork chop in white curry sauce and they gave me a free lemon soda drink. Probably because it's a holiday and they don't have many customers, lol.

After eating my lunch, I traced the locations on the map to easily locate them.

From the nearest to the farthest.

  • Wong Tai Sin Temple & Temple Mall

  • Kwun Tong Promenade: Fly Me To The Moon

  • Lee Tung Avenue: Lanterns to the Moon

First off...

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Coincidentally, Wong Tai Sin Temple celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Its colorful pillars and golden roof adorned with blue friezes, yellow latticework, and multi-colored carvings compliments the magnificent colors of the Mid-Autumn lantern displays all over the place.

Prior to entering the temple, you'll see stalls selling Chinese trinkets, charms, and different decorations.

On the entrance hall are the two giant colorful dragon lanterns welcoming the visitors.

More giant lanterns in the different sides of the temple with notable references under the cultural Chinese heritage.

This heart-shaped float symbolizes the year of the goat.

I finally used my pretty long skirt 😁

Another lantern display of Qilin that brings auspicious.

At the Good Wish Garden are more floating lanterns of different zodiac signs and recreation of cultural imagery.

The temple is so huge with different parts but it's relaxing strolling around the temple. I got a pretty shot of this hanging lantern and this beautiful colorful pillar with the sun shining brightly above them.

While walking around the archway, I saw these pretty flowers inside the bottle.

It seemed like a non-ending temple and I found more Chinese pavilions at the northern part of the garden.

After an hour of strolling around, I stumbled across the main part of the temple where people were burning incense and doing their praying rituals.

You can't really tell that there is a pandemic here because the place is so crowded, except for the masks on their faces.

And that's where I ended my tour inside the temple as I opted to visit the mall next to it because it was freaking hot.

Golden Autumn Lumiere

After visiting the lavatory, I've seen people queuing at one corner of the mall taking photos inside the interactive installation called "Golden Autumn Lumiere." It is a mirrored room with lantern decorations on the ceiling.

Posted this on noisecash, so I have to use screenshots for this part. 😅

That was after almost an hour of lining up, lol. Thanks to the staff, I got this pretty photograph.

Kwun Tong Promenade: Fly Me To The Moon

It was past five in the afternoon already when I reached the Kwun Tong station. Unexpectedly, I had a very long walk as I thought that the moon display was just right around the corner. I almost lost my way due to this stupid Google map. I was lucky to see a Filipina who taught me how to get to the place. I was heading in the left direction but the display was on the right, lol.

While heading in the right direction, I've seen hundreds, perhaps, thousands of people heading the Kwun Tong promenade just along the harbor. A Filipina said that people were waiting for the moon to glow and it's the first time to have a moon display in HK.

The moon just landed in Hong Kong 😅. The scenery looks so pretty with the sunset 🥰.

A closer look at the moon, I mean, the moon display.

My plan to visit the lanterns displays in Lee Tung Avenue was canceled because of this moon display. People said that the moon will glow at 7:30 pm which was too long to wait. But I got hooked by the view and even stayed there longer until nightfall.

I love the scenery by the harbor showing the city's glittering and shimmering lights and boats sailing around with passengers wanting to have a closer look at the moon.

Several drones were in the air. The moon did not glow yet, it's just a light reflection from the building in front of the harbor.

I got tired of standing because I also had a long walk that afternoon so I opted to leave the place and at 7:15, I head back to the MTR station which was quite far from the venue. It was only 15 minutes before the main event, whatever that thing they were waiting for that will happen to the moon, glow or fly, lol. But the theme says, "Fly to the moon." I'll just wait for the news then.

There was a singing contest as well near the harbor, and kids were still playing at the water fountain.

The hanging lanterns lighted up at night and I had a chance to take selfies with them.

Excuse my eyebags 🙈

Here's another closer look at the moon display. It really resembles the real moon right? I took this photo before leaving the place, in fact, I took many shots, haha. In case I need them for future meme contests, lol.

It was a tiring day but I enjoyed my last Moon Festival experience in HK. Because of this moon thingy display, I wasn't able to eat my dinner and I only bought two pieces of cupcakes and ate them on a bench near our building before going back home 😅.

Moreover, I was amazed by the number of steps I've got for this day. 16,052 steps with 48% brisk walking and reached 12.04 km distance. Just wow.

That's all folks, and thanks for reading this virtual tour.

I started writing this article at 11 am, continued while walking, and finished at 8 pm, haha.

Til next time 😉.

Don't forget to check the article above about NOMAD coin. Thanks 😘

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Written by   1527
3 weeks ago
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