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2 months ago
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To practice equanimity it is necessary to adopt a very particular posture in the face of reality. Emotional stability is a shared aspiration. However, our lifestyle and culturally established patterns of behavior sometimes pose an obstacle to progress in this direction. Practicing equanimity in our daily lives seems an unattainable challenge since we are used to reacting to everything that happens. We could define equanimity as a state of impartiality, balance and constancy. We are talking about the quality that allows us to remain stable and unperturbed in the face of life's changes and ups and downs. This seems utopian to us because we do not usually experience it, but also because we have certain misconceptions about it. Therefore, let us try to bring some more clarity.

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Well, many of us are not far from this impartiality because we are not clear about what it consists of. There are mainly two myths associated with fairness that make us see it as an undesirable quality. The first is that equanimity is neither indifference nor absence of emotions. On the contrary, indifference implies qualifying something as unimportant and, therefore, not paying attention to it. Equanimity is possible when we pay attention in depth to what is happening without letting the results of this vision unbalance us emotionally. The second is that equanimity is not passivity. It is not about remaining immobile or drifting in the face of whatever life brings, but about flowing with the current.

 As a rule, we are not equanimous when we stand still, but when we act from balance. To execute equanimity and experience its benefits, we will have to give up many of our automatic reactions. We must understand that those patterns of thought and behavior that have accompanied us for years are no longer functional. If anything keeps us from equanimity, it is our inability to live in the present. We keep judging what happened in the past and anticipating what will happen in the future. We constantly create expectations and anguish ourselves thinking about the possibility that they will not be fulfilled. To be equanimous, stop wandering through time, focus your attention on the now with full awareness. Do not anticipate, do not expect anything concrete, come back to the present.

 Undoubtedly, one of our great pending tasks is to learn to be observers of our reality. For some reason, we tend to react automatically and excessively to everything that happens. Thus, our actions do not arise from our conviction and deliberation, but are simply a response to what we receive from outside. Come back to you, not everything requires a reaction on your part. Begin to observe without judgment what is happening inside and outside of you and choose your every action. Do not fall into an emotional swing caused by anything or anyone external. To exercise equanimity we must accept that change is the only constant. Let us stop clinging to the positive and rejecting the negative and try to be impartial.

 In conclusion, it is clear that a fortunate event, a compliment or a compliment will awaken positive emotions in us, just as a misfortune, a criticism or a betrayal will generate negative feelings. However, we must be able to become independent of these emotions in order to be free. Holding on to the positive will end up bringing us suffering because change is inevitable. Similarly, resisting the negative will only increase our despair. When we are aware that everything happens and everything changes, we become our own center. Equanimity is an open and flexible disposition towards life. It is the key that can lead us to happiness, since it is about flowing in the present with more optimism and less worries.

Do you practice equanimity?

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Written by   52
2 months ago
Topics: Life, Human, Blogs, Mind, Emotional, ...
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