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The anti-leader.

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4 months ago

The anti-leader, far from rewarding talent, only appreciates loyalty. They are skilled at creating enemies and putting their own needs before those of the organization. They are, by far, a time bomb for any company.  It is that person that every employee fears and that any company should avoid. They lack the skills to inspire others, to transform scenarios and guide their team towards a specific goal. What they achieve is to create antagonisms, to seek their own benefit and to disguise their absolute lack of skills by camouflaging it with authoritarian behavior. As it is often said, good leaders, far from being born, are made. However, there are people who perceive themselves as entities endowed with natural abilities to hold a position of power.

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In this sense, this is where the conflict and also the disaster begins. Their sole objective will always be to maintain their power through a series of loyal acolytes. They are the rotten apples of the business fabric, presences that corrupt any attempt at progress. Both the organization itself and the employees, who are dragged down by these senseless dynamics. In these contexts it is very common to reach highly stressful and demeaning situations. In fact, successful leaders are attributed with multiple skills. Social intelligence, ability to innovate, communication and motivational tools, empathy, a positive and convincing vision to inspire work teams, etc. However, beyond all these competencies that derive from the training itself, there is another essential element.

 Human integrity is not acquired after a diploma and 100 hours of training. Successful and transformational leaders are, above all, ethical, committed and honest people. In contrast, anti-leaders put their vision and needs before those of the organization. This explains, for example, why almost 40% of CEO resignations are due to fraud or lack of integrity. On the other hand, it is clear that the last thing we need are dishonest figures leading the business engine of our society. In a context in which we need more than ever people capable of dealing with complex problems, anti-leaders are the most harmful germ. These are the characteristics that define them.

 A good leader is skilled in communication. They know how to transmit clear messages that always seek to awaken optimism and self-improvement. They are figures who make use of inspiration so that their team always gives its best. However, the anti-leader has a doctorate in offering diffuse and disorderly messages. They demotivate, confuse and spread fear. They are unreliable, since today they can give us orientations and purposes that tomorrow they will disprove or devalue. They are experts at twisting truths, changing their minds and creating an atmosphere of constant uncertainty. Men and women defined by destructive leadership only see more problems when a problem arises. Even more, when a difficulty, unforeseen event, failure or failure appears.

 In conclusion, the value system of the anti-leader is very weak, as well as questionable from an ethical point of view. He is an expert in creating a climate of fear in order to take advantage of people's worries. He threatens, subdues, manipulates and blames like the best of tyrants, always seeking personal gain. Talented people wither in any company dominated by an anti-leader. They have no place because they are seen as a threat, as figures capable of changing things or, even more, of being better than the leader himself. Therefore, in this type of organization only loyalty and obedience are rewarded. This is how they ensure that nothing changes. While good leaders know that in order to position themselves in the market it is positive to create alliances and build bridges, the anti-leader volatilizes them.

Have you dealt with this type of person?

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Written by   52
4 months ago
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