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Maturity is also learning to subtract.

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2 months ago

The society in which we live has generated false needs that urge us to want to reach certain goals in order to achieve the security and well-being that these provide us. These needs lead us to a desire to add that becomes synonymous with happiness, when in reality this desired well-being lies in learning to subtract. We do not realize that this desire to add up makes our life complex, difficult and sometimes unbearable. It is then that we become stressed and time seems to be useless, when in fact it is not so. What happens is that we are occupying it with things that instead of filling us up make us feel emptier. In a world where adding is so well seen, where the accumulation of useless things is a symptom of wealth.

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Also, where the more friends you have the better the image you project, learning to subtract becomes an act of rebellion. This will test us, because we will go against the vision of a large majority, which is a challenge. When we go against all those patterns of behavior, those that most of society repeats without being aware of it, then the criticisms, value judgments and multiple observations about our way of acting arise and urge us to return to the starting point. To go back to believing that adding up is important. That place, origin of many of our fears and insecurities, where we begin to put on layers and more layers with the pretense of adding up.

 However, perhaps under that happiness for having a partner there was only a great fear of being abandoned, under that gratitude for having so many friends perhaps there was only a great fear of being alone. The image we project, as a consequence, is that of a mature, responsible person with many people around us. At the same time, this comes at a price: the impossibility of learning to subtract and let go. Learning to subtract is very important to stop adding useless things in our life, many of which only bring us pain. Subtracting friends who are only looking for us out of interest, abandoning partners who do not really love us and stop buying objects that only fill a physical space increasing our emotional emptiness. When we are able to see that the happiness that can provide us to be always adding in our life is a mirage.

 There, we realize that we are ready to change the perspective we have had so far about the world. We will realize what we don't need, what we don't need, what we don't have enough of, what is in the way. On many occasions we see how people with a lot of money feel empty or unhappy.

 In addition, we observe that those who have more friends in difficult times are alone and what to say about those who boast of having a partner, but are always looking for someone who really makes them feel. Then, seeking refuge in the false security that gives us sum makes us get attached and pretend that we are comfortable with a situation that does nothing but increase our discomfort. A discomfort that urges us to let go, to let go of complexity and embrace simplicity.

 In conclusion, learning to subtract is not only to get rid of everything that is taking up unnecessary space, but also to regain the balance that should prevail in our lives. A balance that makes us feel good and happy. Although this is only possible if we stop clinging to the complex and begin to embrace the simple. Emotional maturity is one of the virtues most desired by many people. Beyond the mere acquisition of experience that is inevitable as we advance in age, emotional maturity would consist of the result of a process: that of integrating learning and responding appropriately to it, a process that takes place from our childhood. It is clear that we all have more or less maturity depending on many factors: the education we have received, the things that have happened to us throughout our lives and how we have processed the whole range of events.

Do you think we should also learn to subtract things from our lives?

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Written by   52
2 months ago
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