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Love and couple.

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2 months ago
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The word "couple", we can understand that it means "parity". It is then a relationship of pairs, where similarity or equality will prevail, which for many, is thousands of miles away from the definition of "love". On the other hand, a couple, as its name indicates, must be equal or go in the same direction. We can apply it in other areas, such as, for example, the legs of a pair of pants, or the pictures on a wall. In cinema, literature, music, poems and life itself, we are usually in the presence of two fundamental or frequent aspects in the love bond. The first refers to falling in love and the second to disillusionment.

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In that sense, this is clear to understand, basically because when the contact with the person we like begins, we interact in such a way that we do everything possible to please and be liked. We overestimate and overvalue the other person, we put him/her on a pedestal or in a very high place. That is when illusion begins to take place. This is reflected in promises, more or less the same thing always happens in a "couple" relationship, but the problem lies precisely in the fact that we are not as even as we would like to be. This happens because many times we stop thinking about ourselves or we mimic so much with the other that we do not know what our decision or point of view was. Then, the term "couple" is in the collective imaginary, in the thought of the ideal, in the fantasy of experiencing a fairy tale.

 In the same vein, it is said that the better half has been found and that now we are complete, that the two beings form a single essence, soul or entity. This fusion, so common during the first months of the relationship, can break at a certain moment. And it is even healthy for that to happen, for the good of both. Being different in certain aspects is healthy and at the same time, more fun. When we encounter each other's differences, we can act in a variety of ways. In most cases we do not see it as something positive for the relationship, but as the cause of fights, anguish or disappointment. Taking someone down from that pedestal is painful, of course, but it is also necessary. The place of love is then once the first stage has been overcome.

 Well, if after the first year of relationship, you have already learned about the defects of your partner, then you can begin to live the relationship in a more "even" way. Attention, the other person must also begin to recognize your qualities and defects. In both cases, you must learn to accept and live with these not so desirable characteristics, as long as they do not deteriorate the relationship. There is nothing "even" about a couple. The fact of being together all the time or for many years should not mimic or merge them in such a way that there is nothing new. This undoubtedly wears out, tires, bores and separates. The "falling out of love" or the "love is over" may be related to this issue.

 In conclusion, confining these two elements as it is, couple love is that feeling shared by two people who respect, value and give the best of themselves for the welfare and balance of their relationship. Therefore, it refers to a sentimental relationship in which individuals feel good about sharing their lives and projects with others who support, advise and respect them. However, couple love goes beyond feeling butterflies in the stomach, this love involves commitment, understanding and respect for individual space. That is, this is a feeling that is built and strengthened over time, hence it differs from love at first sight, fleeting passions and even the need for dependence. Therefore, the love of a couple represents rather the consolidation of a mature feeling.

 Have you found a balance between love and partnership over time?

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Written by   52
2 months ago
Topics: Life, Psychology, Mind, Emotional, Blogs, ...
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