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I Have A Job, I Am Not Jobless!

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1 month ago

If you earn $400+ or Php20,000 a month or even $300 (Php15,000) a month, you still call yourself jobless?

I remember when I wrote an article about the orange diamond badge, as I was happy to achieve it as part of giving back to the community and I stated there;

“I am jobless, $55+ is already huge money in our currency (PHP) I could have kept it for myself but I chose to give back in the community” I can't remember the exact line lol but it has the same thoughts with that. I am lazy scanning my article.

Then PVMihalache commented,

“You are not jobless, you are a content creator who works from home that some people dreams off” that's what he said and I was like,

“Ah, yes. I didn't realize that”

I have A Job and I am not jobless

I've read an article from @tired_momma about being thankful at read and noise for allowing us to earn even if we are stay-at-home moms and we felt like we have our “monthly salary”, as she bought herself a gift a new mobile phone. I also bought one for myself and maybe later I'll make a separate article for that lol.

You can read her article here, Thank You read. cash and noise. cash for the Opportunity

So yes, we have the same feelings I also felt that I have a job and have my salary which is even appealing than a minimum wage earner employee in our country.

Why I can say it's more appealing than minimum wage earner in our country?

It's because the digits I earned here are much higher than the minimum wage earner in our country. See the minimum wage rates in our country, ranging from $6.57-$11.17 per day. The rates vary because we have these so-called “Manila rates” if you are only working in the province then the rate is provincial rate, so probably $11.17 is the Manila rate and yes that's what my salary is when I am still working in Manila 3 years ago.

My earning digits

This is not to brag, I just want to show you how much I earned usually a month. But these digits also vary so my daily rates if we think it like a job are tentative.

Let say for example my July earnings, I earned a total of 0.84BCH and is worth $469.56 at the current price of BCH as of writing $559. It is worth Php 23, 426.34 in our fiat currency at the price of 49.89Php per $1.

I spare the 0.04BCH for my giveaways at noise so my total balance that will be mine is the only 0.80BCH, it is worth $447.20 at $559 per BCH, and Php22,310.80 in fiat at 49.89 per $1.

Php22,310.80 divided by 31 days of July is Php719.70 pesos per day which is $14.43, see it is much higher than our minimum wage.

So how can I not say I don't have a job when I am earning better than a minimum wage earner employee in our country?

My job description

While my job description is to write content daily, both read and noise. I can even manage it at my own convenient time.

I only have to stay connected with my readers and supporters. I don't even publish an article daily, sometimes I have “cheat days” where I skip publishing when I wasn't able to write or the robot didn't visit me yet.

If I got lucky just like June where I get noticed by sir Marc I earned triple than the digits I calculated above.

Who pays me?

I have read an article from @Fexonice1where he wrote about “who paid us when we write at readi. cash?” you can read it here, Writers at read. cash, who pays you? Who pays me? Just like Fexonice1 said, I was paid for by Simon and Marc Demesel's integrity.

Simon made the platform while Marc funds it, they both pay me by writing with BCH as my token of my efforts in writing content daily.

Closing Thoughts

I know, this can't be called a permanent job tho because the earnings are tentative as it varies depending on my efforts as well.

If ever my earnings will be lowered then I'll just think, I am on probation days again where I have to improve and keep my performance on the track. If ever the site stop running (hope not now, or never) then I'll just think I had been laid off, but surely I can use my experience in writing here to find another platform where I can earn again.

Yes, these sites (read&noise) helps a lot and offer more than just a normal job in our country salary especially in “third world” countries like the Philippines and the rest.

It doesn't have high qualifications asked before we write, we just have to be ourselves and never plagiarize others' works. We can write our daily lives as content, just a life story as long as it is original and you can stay on the platform as long as you follow the rules.

So yeah, I treat writing here in and noise. cash as my job. I think there's nothing wrong with that as long as I don't demand and complain when things get harder or to be precise when my earnings are not that appealing because we didn't sign any contract here.

That's all, thank you for reading!

Date Published: August 3, 2021

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Written by   935
1 month ago
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