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I Apologize For Slacking Off 😌

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1 month ago

When I started my journey at it's been wonderful, I keep commenting here and there. Making connection with virtual people and eventually they became my friends later on.

The way I give support is the way I received support as well. I remember before many had given me support and cheer me up to continue and try to improve myself, that is why I am doing it now with the new ones but I cannot give support all the time for some reasons.

Why my support to all the new ones now is limited?

Aside from virtual world, I also have a life in my real world and balancing time to handle it is kinda hard but I am trying my best to manage it.

I am a mother already

You know when a woman finally enter the stage of motherhood her time is always preoccupied. She cannot even have her “me time” anymore due to responsibilities left and right.

Taking care of the kid is very time consuming, looking out for them is almost 24/7. Feeding them, bathing them, teaching them how to learn things and etc.

Not just that we also take care of our partners or husband, it's part of our duty giving and serving our partners to make the relationship last. To take care and nurture your partner just to make the relationship works out.

Aside from that we also do house chores task, cleaning house, cooking, doing laundry, washing dishes and all the likes.

Sometimes we felt like a robot doing the same routine everyday!

So yeah, I apologize if I cannot cater to support you all. Real world duties are demanding a lot of time and in virtual world is only a spare time.

My time spent is divided in different platform

Since was created, I am more active in making noise in the recent month when noise had given me opportunity to earn good amounts of tip. I am not hypocrite not to take the opportunity. We all have goals and dreams that's why we want to earn, but along with that I am giving my best to make me worthy of what I get.

So I am not that so active in in visiting all of your works, I apologize on that but you know I am trying my best but not always, so I hope you understand.

I don't pressure myself

When I joined it has been my outlet for relieving stress and releasing my loads of thoughts.

I make sure that my time spent in both platforms give me fun and enjoyment instead of pressuring myself to do this and that.

So, I apologize for not always kicking my ass to be more active in here like before because as I said my time in both platforms has been divided considering I am a stay at home mom as well. Sorry if I have to mark all as read my notifications sometimes if it's very loaded.

Closing Thoughts

I know all of us has a life in real world and our time in virtual world is limited, so we should extend our understanding if our colleagues cannot visit our wall all the time.

Those are the reasons that made me busy that my time here is limited but please know that I am trying my best.

Still, I asked for an apology for not always giving you support but always remember I support all my friends with all I am if I have enough time.

Although I don't owe anyone apology, I still felt the need because I am humbly recognizing all of you as part of my journey and success and I should not neglect all of you but due to prioritize my time is also limited. So I apologize! Thank you for you understanding :)

Thank you for reading and your understanding!

Note: This was scan by plagiarism checker and is 100% unique. Just feed up attaching photo lol.

Date Published: July 31, 2021

Photo art credits to Glez

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Written by   935
1 month ago
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Same! i only came back here after two days. And I think we don't need to apologize for that. We are aware that we can't be hands on always ,but we can always make bawi when we come.back. 🤗

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