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Forgotten By The Robot?

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4 weeks ago

April 15, 2021

I've been blogging here for 10 months, you can see it in my profile. From day one until now, I never forget to log in to my account. It became a habit of me to check my account, my earnings, replies to my comments and comments to my post. Even before the RandomRewarder, during the point system, I was even more active those times because by commenting on other posts we can accumulate points. I missed the old days of read. cash but I will be adamant to admit that RandomRewarder has been a great favor to me in terms of earnings.

I earned more than how much I earned before, during the point system I am already happy earning $1.50-$3.50 a day that was the highest earnings I ever had in a day. When I was a newbie my earnings started at $.50-$1 only. Comparing when RandomRewader was born, there are days that I got ZERO, but it will be covered on the next days because I get $5-15 a day, so it's not bad at all having zero for some days.

When the RandomRewarder was not live yet, some users already received a tip from the bot, they were lucky to be the testing person who got an upvote. When it was finally working and already introduced I haven't received tips from him, it took him a week to finally noticed my account. From then on, I keep receiving tips from him but some days are not like 2-4 days in a row. It's not always a happy day, but when he visits it is lol.

Why would I bother sharing this?

Well, I have seen several people complaining that they don't receive a tip from the bot. They were asking if they should continue using their account or make a new one to receive tips again.

Read. cash system has been strict, maybe the algorithm has been set to detect some unpleasant activities on your account so that it will be prevented from giving tips especially those who are cheating the system.

Some suffered from tagged as spam on their account.

There are reasons why you are not receiving tips.

Your account is new - If your account is new it's not yet exposed by the robot. You have to be active first before publishing an article. Read articles and leave valuable comments, in that way your account will be recognized by the robot that the user of the account is human and not another robot lol.

Your account is old but you are using VPN -If you happen to read noise. cash talking head about reading. cash, you will know that VPN is unwelcome in the platform. The system may be upgraded to detect VPN users because some are using it to cheat.

You are a spammer - Read. cash hate spammers I have witnessed how it battles with spammers, I did even have the initiative to help lessen spammers together with other users like @Jane we were spammers, hunters, back then. If the bot detected your activities as redundant especially your comments, then probably you are flag as a spammer in the system that prevents the bot to tip you.

You log in very seldom - If you only visit your account some time then post an article and leave afterward, the bot might recognize you are also a robot. Make a little for interaction with other users.

Tips on how to catch the Robot's attention

Be active in interacting with other users, if you are busy at least reply to the comments of your post, if nobody commented on your post just leave comments to other users, they will probably visit your account and your subscribers will increase.

Observe time when you post an article, there is timing in posting an article, this is just my observations if I changed my time routine dropping an article the bot will be missing lol. Just observed on your own, dyor friend 😆

Make an interesting article with 3 minutes or above reading time, if you post short then for sure your tip is also short 😂of course make an effort to make your article informative or interesting not just a pile of words without sense.

Never give up on your account then make a new one and so on, as much as possible maintain one account, because your name and credibility as a blogger or content creator will not be questionable. I can give you an example who never gives up on her account despite not receiving tips for how many months, It @Ruffa probably because all her articles before are about photography and it is clear by the bot that it will not give tips to photography article. But she keeps hanging on her account and learns new things with us, I am glad to see her progress. Now, she's one of the bot's babies lol.

Post 1 or 2 articles only per day, if you post a lot the bot might suspect you for something.

Don't always complain, complaining is not a positive attitude and the more you complain the more you get less. Just enjoy and chill.

Closing Thoughts

If you have done the tips I mentioned yet the bot is still aloof then check the reasons I provide, if you are doing the right thing and didn't do wrong then I don't know what's wrong with your account. You are the only one who can assess your account, whether you do the right thing or not.

Just remember it's not always a green day, some days are red just like how the market behaves. It means you cannot get today what you exactly get the other day. Never expect so much, just enjoy what you do if your passion is writing then never let a robot demotivate you. Your effort and hard work will be paid off if you have enough patience!

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Written by   651
4 weeks ago
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