When Dreams Glitch

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When we learn to wait, all the struggles will really end. We don't know for sure, when, but we must remember this. If it's fated, it will happen. If it's meant to be, it will become a reality.

Author's Note:

Trigger warning, mentions of bullying/mental issues/graphic scenes. All fictional only. Read at your own risk.

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"Give me your bag."

"I.. I don't want to!"

"Loser! Give me your bag, or else, we'll beat you up!"

I tried to be strong, but I just could not. However hard I tried to hold it, they were still able to get my bag from me. After that, I received a strong slap on my face. It freakin' hurts.

"I give up.. I don't wanna do this anymore.. Please let me go!" I pleaded.

I begged multiple times. I am sick of this. I am tired of everything!

I could only yelp in pain as all of these girls pulled my hair, scratched my skin, and tormented me with foul words.

As usual, I could not fight back.

I have always been that loser, good-for-nothing orphan that's a main subject of bullying in this shitty school. Why am I still living, anyway? To experience all this sht?

All of them witches went on their way, leaving me here pained, crying. When will all this suffering end?

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I was just sitting in my favorite place in the park. It's a nice spot, I can just sit on the the swing all-day without no one disturbing my peace. I can cry all I want here, though just silently, to not attract attention. When I get wounds, I also clean those up in this same place.

"You're quite thinking deeply, dear child."

My head automatically turned to that voice I heard behind me. I was still shocked, even the old lady called me in a calm manner.

"Uhh.. yes, here, granny.. I am still full." I said as I gave her the burger I still haven't got a bite of, to which she accepted with a grateful smile.

"Thank you so much. Let me tell you something."

My eyebrows furrowed both in confusion and curiosity. She may be old, but she's still a stranger, and this might be a sinister setup, like how I've seen it in crime documentaries.

Or maybe I was just overthinking. However, a part of me trusted her presence more than the feeling of doubt, so I came closer and listened to what she'd say.

"A day will come, when those people are gonna stop hurting you." she said.

"What... how did you know?"

It's my first time seeing this old lady hereโ€”she's not even around for all the while I've been dwelling here daily! How come sheโ€”

"Just wait a little bit more, and good days will surely come waiting for you.. Be patient."

I smiled bitterly, that shock of mine now slowly enveloped with grief and despair.

"I think I've waited enough, granny. What you're saying is close to impossible..." I started, as I looked down, so she could not see me crying again.

"Nothing's impossible, dear. You just have to wait for the right time."

I sat down again on the swing this time, as she watched me wipe my tears away. It's really weird for me that I suddenly feel so comfortable opening up to her, but something in me is telling me to let out all of my feelings bottled up for how many years. Just for once, I want to breathe it all out.

"I have been suffering quite long as an orphan, and turning two years being that helpless bullied loser who could not even fight back. When exactly is the right time, granny? I feel like I am destined to live like a trash."

She did not say a word, giving me a sign to continue.

"But there's this one person who keeps giving me a reason to smile amidst a cruel world..."

I knew my eyes were already shining as I start to think of him. My favorite popular artist.

"Granny, do you know an artist named Yohan Perez?" I laughed as I realized I looked funny while asking her an obviously useless question.

"He must really be handsome and loveable for your smile to be so bright like that.." Granny responded as she laughed lightly.

"Yes.. And he's also my inspiration. Even when my life becomes so dark at times, I can only just look at him from afar, and be happy. I can just listen to his comforting voice, and I feel like I can live through another day again."

My eyes glimmered with tears as I remembered the first time I listened to Yohan's music, how it became my source of strength whenever I feel so hopeless. How his story became my motivation to not give up, even when I am at my worst. I can say his music saved me from countless times I thought of giving it all up.

"His music is like that hero that protected me against all the voices that kept telling me I could not make it. It might sound like a small thing to others, but no words can explain how thankful I am for Yohan's existence, and his music." I took some deep breaths after saying such a speech.

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It's been a while since I talked to someone about a topic I am so interested about. No one really cared to be my friend, so I mastered the art of being alone. And in Yohan's music, I found that friend, even unseen, but it's better than the humans around, who scare me more than anything.

Granny laughed as she held my hand. I automatically smiled as I felt how warm her hands where.

"Here's the only thing I could say. You'll be with him soon.. Just give it more time."

Because granny said those words with a bright smile, I could not help but laugh along with her. Such a funny joke, but I wish it every single day, honestly.

"I actually got to be with him, granny," I said loudly as my eye were now teary due to laughing so much, "I got to meet Yohan in my dreams!"

"Dreams?" Granny asked, as her face got replaced with a mysterious frown.

"Yes, dreams!"

I stood up and tried to reenact some to good to be true scenes of Yohan and I being with each other while I was in dreamland. I danced, I sang, and even had to relive that moment he confessed to me through a dream. Such silly dreams! It's making me laugh again!

"There's this dream where he became my husband! You know, those typical things we see in movies... he manages a company, we have two kids, and heโ€”Granny?"

I stopped midway when I turned around and saw no one.

"Granny, where are you?"

She was just here literally a second ago! What the.. so creepy!

"No, no, no, this can't be real.. Maybe she's just around here.. No, I did not talk to a ghost.. she's real, she's real.." I kept whispering, convincing myself that I am not crazy.

That's surely a real person I shared lots about myself to!

I walked and walked and even asked a few people on the way to know if they saw an old lady, and to my surprise, all of them were clueless. Where did Granny go?

Just where isโ€”

I stopped mid tracks when I heard extremely loud screeching noises from a car.. A CAR.

My heart seemed to stop working as I saw the fast vehicle approaching me. I know I should have moved, but damn, my body's not responding. I am in a freeze mode, and I could only stare in horror in the tragedy that's about to happen. I got to caught up in finding granny that I did not notice anything of this happening. It's actually happening...

Is this it? Is it my time already?

Maybe it's all over now.

At least someone got to listen to my story, right? Well, does that matter?

It did not even hurt as everything happened in the blink of an eye. My poor body flew into the other side of the road due to the impact.

I never even imagined perishing this way.

The view's so blurry as I tried to open my eyes. My.. my head freaking hurts so bad.. I am bathed in my own pool of blo0d, and I now feel the trouble im breathing.

"Bye.. bye, cruel world.." I whispered, before everything slowly turned to black.

"Hon.. wake up.. Leah, wake up."

I slowly opened my eyes to see a morning sunlight hitting my face.

What place is this?

"Hon, good morning.." a calm and sweet voice called to me.

It was a very familiar voice.

"Leah? You awake?" he called again.

When my eyes eventually adjusted to the light, I could now see everything clearly.

I am lying down in a really comfortable bed, and as I looked on the other side, my lips automatically formed a smile of relief.

I must be in heaven now. I can see an angel im front of me.

It's Yohan.

Wait.. Yohan?!

"Leah, you okay?" he asked.

Is it real?

My eyes stared at his face in disbelief. Why doesn't this feel like my previous dreams? What the heck, this feels so real!

Yohan's right hand touched my forehead, probably checking if I am okay, and it snapped me back to the present moment.

"I am.. I'm okay." I managed to say.

"Good morning, wife." he sweetly responded, as he flashed that heart-futtering smile of him.


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If you got to experience something like this, how would you react? One morning, you just woke up living the life you've always wanted. I wonder what you'll do?

Anyway, this is another silly short story I wrote many, many years ago, when I was still that very young, fanfic writer wannabe. Originally a fanfiction wherein a band member is the main character. LOL

For this blog, I used a different name, just for a little silly change. I am honestly cringing while typing this again, but it was still fun, though?

Do you want a continuation? Or should I leave it hanging like this, and let y'all continue the story? Wait, the latter's a genius idea!

Okay, whatever, haha! I hope you enjoyed this fictional story of my younger self. Probably year 2017, as far as I can remember? Almost five years, whoa!

The guy I put in the lead image, he's the one I imagined to be Yohan for this story. You can think of your own crushes while reading through this, okay? ๐Ÿ˜‚

Thanks for reading!

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Mejo na teary eyed ako dun sa bandang gitna kung saan naglabas sya ng hinaing nya sa buhay kay Granny. I dunno what's going on but make a continuation pweaseeee, tas pa tag akooo ๐Ÿฅฐ

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Ahahaha, continue ko ito? Medyo cringe nga kasi teenage days ko pa nasulat haha! Let's see. Thanks marengs

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Yessssss, I want a continuation....๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ I am already enjoying this fanfiction story. How I wish things I wish just suddenly happen the second day I wake up ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

I will be waiting for the next part, Michelle!

The granny definitely was an Angel who came to grant her wish.

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You maybe right about this ๐Ÿ’… Thanks for reading!

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Waking up to a new life when I'm not done with the first one unless the new one is way better, that will be cook with me.

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Yeah, I somehow agree..

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