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May 26 2023

Of course, I'll join the challenges to keep the community alive and excited! Don't worry, once I get enough funds and time, I'll surely go back to hosting my own writing challenges/events again!

There's this initiative started again by a fellow author, @Jeaneth so of course, that's what I'll be writing tonight.

It's a pretty easy challenge, another fun "Would you rather" set of questions that will surely get the folks thinking. The rule is to be honest, choose wisely, and be creative with the answers.

Should we proceed with it? Of course, read on!

Would you rather have the ability to fly or be invisible?

It did hesitate me at first, but the sure final answer is to become invisible. I think there are a whole lot of things I can do more than just flying. When it comes to safety stuff, I can always be of advantage as long as the opponent does not see me. There are also times I want to disappear from the places I am in, (not in a bad way), but it is just so I can observe people without them thinking I am a creep, or just do my own things without getting interrupted, nor feeling conscious about how I look.

It's a silly idea, but maybe I can go into concerts of my favorite artists and enjoy without having the trouble of buying tickets lol. But this is so bad! I think I'd feel too guilty to even do this if I ever really had the opportunity. God wouldn't want me to do that.

I'd also visit places where wild animals live, and just watch how wildlife works. I don't want to be lion foods, and I would not want to scare birds or butterflies just doing their thing. So watching them while I am not visible, would be beneficial.

Above it all, I'll make sure to not do things that will harm others, for I was taught to use my gifts wisely.

Would you rather have unlimited money or unlimited time?

Wow. We're only in the second question and it's becoming hard for me.

The idea of having unlimited time here maybe about being immortal, right? Well, if that's the case, I don't think I'd be open to the idea of living for eternity in this world. It might get too boring, you know? Having unlimited money would be so dope, though, because, honestly, who would not want to buy needs and wants without limit? Personally, it's a very personal goal of mine to become wealthy, because I want to live life not worrying about money, like how I currently live now.

I've experienced some ugly things because of being poor, and that made me really appreciate the value of money to me, and of course, to my loved ones.

This is getting long, but my answer would be having unlimited time, after all.

Ain't it nice to live life without rushing for deadlines, nor feeling that time's running out? I'd have more time identifying what I genuinely want, before going for it. I'd have more time achieving my goals, without always having to rush everyday. It's so nice to experience a life without the word "URGENT" in it. What do you think?

I'll be honest. It's not a high-paying job I'd want. Not even that prestigious position in a multi-billion worth business. This all just boils down to my desire to afford the kind of life I want. The life I want is not that ambitious.

I'd just want to live a relaxed life, with my necessities always adequate. I could not care less about the company's problems, I am just having the job, so I can have something for a living. That's it for me. (though it'd not change the fact that I am thankful for all jobs I've had).

Would you rather live in a world without technology or without art?

It's easy. Life has always been life before even without technology. I think I'd be able to bear with the fact that things are not as instant and convenient as now, rather than give up art itself. Really, life is all about art, even when we don't notice it. Music is art, dancing is art, photography is art, poetry is art. Even the portrayal of life and works of imagination through stage plays is art. Can we live without art? I don't think so!

I would not even imagine my life without music! How colorless life would be!

So, if you'd make me choose between technology and art, I'd choose the latter, (though I am not gifted in many branches of it lol).

Would you rather have the ability to read minds or see the future?

Reading minds would be better actually. Knowing the future does not do much, anyway, unless it includes the ability to change it. Otherwise, it's just more of a burden than a gift. It's a personal opinion, don't get me wrong.

I'd love to explore the minds of history's greatest writers, even scientists, or even the greatest artists and philosophers. I can do this all day. I am pretty sure, I'll never get bored, but rather, be entertained by their thoughts. Hopefully, I'd not read something ugly, fingers crossed.

Would you rather have a photographic memory or the ability to forget anything at will?

I'd prefer the latter. Since I have the ability to forget anything at will, that also logically means, I can remember everything right? Actually, why not use this powers for my exams? Then I'll just discard them bit by bit when not needed anymore, right?

Regardless, in my opinion, I can also use this when I'd want to forget an ugly memory, or a person who'd just bring immense pain to me (if ever there'd be one). It's not the bad to get rid of too much pain sometimes, I guess.

And there you go, with my own answers. Here, of course, is the original mastermind's article . Read here.

I have enjoyed answering these questions, and I was late to publish it! Thankfully, I got to do it tonight. Thank you for reading!

Let's say hi again tomorrow, lovelies!

To God be the Glory.

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To be an invisible has a good and bad benefits but I am also curious how it feels to be an invisible too.

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