You're an Entitled Hypocrite: Response to @HadEnough

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1 year ago

So, today we had a poster rant about how he thinks ReadCash is just a circlejerk and how it doesn't work nor rewards quality content.

Here is the original post where the rant can be read in all its glorious ridiculousness.

This post was obviously motivated for the wrong reasons, but let me assume it was motivated by noble causes and analyze it in a simple way.

You'll see that, by the end of the article, the platform works as intended, the allegations he/she makes are blatantly wrong and downright ridiculous.

Finally, you'll see the poster, @HadEnough, is simply a hypocrite.

ReadCash is a Circlejerk: Exclusive Club?

HadEnough starts his/her rant with this:

"Has anyone else noticed that Read.Cash is a bit of an exclusive club? It's advertised as free and open for people to come and post and monetize their content using crypto, but it doesn't really work. When you look at the top articles that get the votes, the comments, and the donations, they all tend to come from handfuls of accounts that tend to sponsor each other, such as @CryptoMax , @Pantera@MobTwo@VoluntaryJapan, and @Fexonice1 "

Name one blogging platform that doesn't have its top writers... I'll wait!

You speak as if we get tipped no matter what bullshit we write when that can't be further from the truth.

Literally, ALL of the writers you mentioned have posts that earned close to nothing, simply because these posts didn't captivate the audience.

We get tons of upvotes on articles that are high value or captivate the audience.

Let's face it, most of the content on this platform is cookie-cutter content.

Nobody cares what you ate for lunch enough for you to get paid to publish it.

If you want to get financially rewarded for posts you need to entertain, inform or add value to the readers' life.

You have NO RIGHT to any money here... all the money you get is dependant on how valuable the readers consider your content to be.

All of the writers you mentioned, myself included, spend a lot of time and brainpower on crafting high-value articles.

Sometimes we get rewarded for it, sometimes we don't - but we all started just like you with an empty account.

Instead of writing crap posts every day, think about what you write and start writing for readers rather than for the bot, write less if you need to.

Quality > Quantity.

By now, you may be reading my response and thinking of some counter-arguments like HadEnough did with the rest of his post, let's take a look.

The Top Writers Get All The Money and Give Nothing Back:

So, he says that the difference is abysmal, which it isn't by the way and I'll tell you why, and also says we top writers give nothing back.

Read what he/she wrote:

"It's not even a small difference either. These people tend to send a few cents here and a few cents there to other contributors to keep them active but receive hundreds or thousands of dollars in return for articles that quite often say nothing new."

Dude... a few cents here and a few cents there?

I'm literally the 2nd biggest tipper of the platform right behind @MarcDeMesel and I gave out $440+ the last 30 days alone.

This is more than a month's salary in most countries... and I didn't have to do it.

In fact, due to how you behave I guarantee that if you made the same amount I did you'd keep it all for yourself and you wouldn't give anything back.

I, on the other hand, gave out major tips here, loaned $100 to a user, and spend a ton more on boosts, which go right to the platform's pockets for it to pay your posts which would make NOTHING on most other blogging platforms.

On the other hand, you start by saying that the difference in earnings here is huge. It's not, you have no idea how blogging works.

To give you a notion, on platforms like Medium, most people make less than $4 per month... $4 per MONTH, while the top writers make $XXX,XXX.

I am the highest-paid writer ReadCash has at the moment and the best month I had on the top of the bull market was $6000, while most users earn way more than $4 per month.

The difference here is gentle as f...

You have no idea what you're talking about.

By the way man, your envy is showing.

The one person who gives out "thousands of dollars for articles that write nothing new" is @MarcDeMesel , in this sentence, you're basically letting us know you feel the right to his money and that he isn't free to reward the type of content he enjoys.

If you love one flavor of ice cream and there are tons of other good flavors on the market, you buy the flavor you love... other people may love the other flavors and claim the flavor you love brings nothing new, but you're free to buy it anyways no?

Stop being an entitled b*tch and understand Marc owes you nothing. He owes me nothing either but chooses to tip me because he loves my content, as the content other writers you mentioned produce.

The Huge Tips Increase the Reach Gap:

Then we have this sentence:

"It's also self-fulfilling, as some of the funding is then used to boost their articles to ensure they get more exposure, something people who are getting just a few cents are unable to do."


I started with nothing just 3 months ago.

I boosted my posts with most of the RandomRewarder tips. Do you know why? Because I wanted to grow, not be a leech who would cash out all of his tokens.

Do you know why I grew and you didn't?

Because I was invested in the platform and its success instead of wanting to siphon all of the value away to fund my life.

Also, boosts do close to nothing.

That's right, I am probably the biggest booster in this platform and I tell you, the boosts matter very little... I pay a lot for 30 extra clicks or so... but most of my posts have hundreds of views.

People follow me because:

  • They like my content;

  • They like me;

  • They want my tips;

  • They want my attention;

  • They want to reach my level.

This is plain and simple.

Boosts put you at a loss, they are not profitable, and, again, judging by how you write you would probably not boost at all.

The fact that I want my posts to appear on the boosted section even though I get no return for it is financing a lot of tips for you guys who don't get the top tippers' attention, so do respect boosters.

In Conclusion: The Closing Statement

So, he finishes up his rant, or her rant, like this:

"It really doesn't feel like Read.Cash is the decentralized dream many of its users support, it's just a boys club where the riff-raff are kept around to keep up appearances.

Well, that's my view. Take it or leave it but make up your mind quickly, I expect this post to be removed by the powers that be shortly."

A boys club where the riff-raff is kept around to keep up appearances?

I don't know what kind of blogger you purport to be, but outside this platform 99.5% of bloggers earn NOTHING.

You earn a frick-ton of money from The Random Rewarder here and I guess you know it because you made this alternate account in order to write this.







You don't want to risk losing your main account because you say all of this but then want your main account to stay here, leeching the rewarder as you know nobody would pay this much elsewhere.

I wouldn't be surprised if on your main account you would be patting me and Marc on the back wanting our tips, that's how envious and greedy people like you work.

This post you made was motivated not out of concern, as you say, but out of envy because you couldn't do what we all did... we arrived and we became known through our content and the value we added starting from scratch.

I arrived a couple of months ago with NOTHING but my blogging experience and proved this platform works as intended and rewards value.

ReadCash is doing a great job in detecting talents and rewarding them for them to stay here.

Also, how cool that you think we're a circle jerk rewarding each other just because... We also tip low reward posts but maybe you won't check those because you're greedy and you care nothing for content on this platform, just the BCH you can extract for it with the minimum amount of work possible.

When your entitlement proves worthless and you see that your cookie-cutter content doesn't make you thousands you write your frustrated hypocrite rants and published them under a dummy name so your leech account isn't taken off our payrolls, the payrolls of the writers you are framing as evil lazy circle jerkers.

The Comment Section Add Up: HadEnough Wasn't Quite Done

In the comments section of his rant, he adds:

"But that's easy to say when you have people dropping a grand on you for a 5-minute read. While people can tip and sponsor each other it always seems like the same small group of people tipping each other larger amounts then boosting their content to the top."

Again, dropping a grand is just @MarcDeMesel 's doing... and again you show your entitlement as you judge the way he chooses who he wants to support with HIS money.

The statement that we just tip each other's content and sponsor each other just to boost ourselves is downright ridiculous...

Me and Pantera, for example, are among the guys who sponsor the most users on this platform... I don't know about him, but I sponsor dozens upon dozens and you can check it by seeing my logo everywhere.

As for the tips, we tip small authors daily and give them the same size tips we give each other... this is because - Shocking Info Ahead- We don't know each other.

That's right, there's very little relation between the writers you mentioned.

From the names, I only ever talk to Pantera on here from time to time, and I don't even know the rest of them other than their posts popping up sometimes.

He / She goes on:

"For most people receiving $10 (with half of it being from the random rewarder) is the biggest payday they'll be likely to see and most of their posts will get next to nothing, regardless of how well written it is."

How well-written a post is matters very little if the content is just how you make scrambled eggs in the morning or how you are buying a new PC.

Nobody wants to give their hard-earned money to someone who writes about watching paint dry unless the post is entertaining af.

Now, seriously talking, $10 per post is SERIOUSLY a High Paid article if you're a freelance writer or a writer in any other blog and you still don't have your name and reputation propped up.

Hell, If when I was a newbie full-time blogger there was something like this I'd make so much bank compared to what I did back then... you see, you're already getting free lunch with the bot, you don't even appreciate that.

That shows how GREEDY and ENTITLED you are.

He continues on:

"It seems to me like the only way to achieve anything on here is to write exclusively positive content about bitcoin cash, pander to Marc and be in the small club of people sending cash in a circle."

I already said saying we send cash in a circle is absurd... the people we tip every day can attest to that.

We tip way more users than you do, and I guarantee it!

Now, positive content about BCH.... what, you thought we'd write negatively? If you don't like BCH you're in the wrong place.

Of course, we all love BCH, we're here, aren't we? Or did you think we were just here for the free lunch as you are?

There's a reason we write good things about BCH... most of us are here because we love the blockchain.

"Pandering to Marc" is something that doesn't work as well as you think, I encourage you to try it.

I pandered to MarcDeMesel once, because I wanted him to feel welcome in my blog when I was a fresh user, and I lost $2000 in tips. So, yeah.

Now, the real conclusion to the post.

He / She commented:

"I'm not mad at anyone's success, I'm simply stating what I believe to be fair criticism about the system. It doesn't monetize good content, just particular views among people who already agree with each other and pat each other on the back."

The system DOES monetize good content.

Why the hell did I arrive just 3 months ago and became the highest-paid writer? Check out my first posts, before I was visited by Marc and earned little - you'll see people were already seeing I had talent.

Now, I know I have blogging talent because that's my job for nearly 10 years, so I thought this would be a good platform for me - I wasn't disappointed.


Because the system values quality.

Quality isn't good grammar though, God No!

Quality is topic, voice, entertainment value, being relatable, picking your niches, picking your audiences.

The platform is great at valuing content and my quick rise was proof.

He / She again repeats how we tip each other, which I already said was false, but even if it was true... why would you want the money from those you value this low?

This whole post was ridiculous and hilarious as it demonstrates how a bitter and entitled hypocrite can really show his true colors...

...that is, on a second account so he can keep on leeching from those he calls leeches.

Hypocrisy at its best.

Thanks for your rant, it's entertainment, I'd tip you but I need to save my money for my circle jerk... I guess.


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I started read. Cash for few days. And i read many articles.and i upload one article about (my first poat with a cup of tea) its a good platform for online worker who need to earn money without any investment. Thanks

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1 year ago

Even in this aryicle in response to some rant, I had learned something new from you. It never quite crossed my mind before that boosting can have other reasons other than reaching a wider audience.

I also think that people who hides behind another account just to rant is just another kind of trolls. The kind who is like a little kid who want to burst in anger but is old enough to know that doing that will mean punishment so they do it a way that they think will protect them.

I think if people keeps focusing on what other people are earning, then they will really be unhappy in this platform. I know that most started here thinking that it is just an easy way to earn money which is not necessarily true since every articles that receives great amount of tips are well thought of.

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1 year ago

I saw the post from sir Fexonice1 post on Noisecash I wanted to reply him but I know he will flag my comment Spam whichbim afraid might affect my account . So I just neglected it.

Hopefully he will see what I have to say here...

  1. The account is what we call a "Cat fish account" it was created few hours back just to type that. If you have a conviction about what you're writing ,you shouldn't hide behind an unknown account and name. I'm sure you have an account here which you believe deserve huge tips but isn't receiving it. Kindly use the account if you truly believe all what you wrote is right.

  2. One of the best way of not loosing focus right here on readcash is not to work with other's earning. I mean don't compare your earning to that of others. It only leads to jealousy and hatred.

  3. Those you mentioned got high tips because of what they wrote, kindly go through their page and see the post with high tips, check out the post , you will realise it's worthy of it. Instead of despising them, why not try to emulate them.

4.It's not your money: How can you be dictating to someone how he should spend his money? He can decide to give A more than B , it is his money for crying out loud. Even in the Bible Jesus talked about the master that Gave his servant different talents. It wasn't equal... you have no right to dictate how anyone spend their money . Moreover do you know his contribution alongside that of Simon to Noisecash which I'm sure you're benefitting from.

  1. Don't be an ingrate : Sincerely speaking the tips I receive from the bot is more than enough. Please tell me which other site give as much as this on a constant basis for articles that are most times written without much research or construction? Personally, the money I earn from the bot has been of constant help in my academics, I haven't call home for once to ask for money this semester all thanks to these 2 sites.

6.Take what you receive like that and the addition you receive as a plus. If Marc or any other top tippers visit your post someday will you be happy if someday decide to blasphem you? No I'm sure you won't be happy.

The part that got me laughing about your article was were you stated that they don't give back, as clearly stated in this response by cryptomax, check out the top tippers  and get back me. I got a sponsorship from him without partaking in a raffle or group stuff, will you say I'm also part of the clique?

My candid advice to you is to divert all the energy you put into that article in working on your articles (because I'm sure you have another account here)

To all the people mentioned I'll want you sir(s) and ma(s) to just take it with a pinch of salt and not take it to mind. God bless Marc and everyone of us.

$ 22.65
1 year ago

I created the account because I tip, sponsor and comment on my main account and I don't want that affected by me trying to call out the corruption within this site. I flagged Fexonice1 because he plagiarized my post for tips and I felt his comments were out of line.

I don't get any earning because I barely post. The occasional short post here and there. My focus is entirely on the fact that increasingly this site seems to be dominated by the same handful of people posting trashy content and patting each other on the back while smaller bloggers are being left behind.

$ 0.00
User's avatar HadEnough created 15 fake accounts to downvote 270 articles with "dissenting opinions" and upvote own articles, then complained about his "dissenting opinions" being downvoted by "the exclusive club"
1 year ago

He's a clout chaser @cryptomax, that's what I was able to bring out from the guys outburst. I saw it earlier on @Fexonice1's post. I couldn't just stop imagining how callous and much of an ingrate people could be. I'm new on this platform, and within this few days I've been here I've noticed that once you follow the laid down rules you have no issues at all.

If the table had been turned, and he turned out to be the one it favoured we wouldn't have heard from him at all. But I'm sure he felt he needed more attention and took in to posting that article.

He's obviously a lousy hypocrite who feels by dragging the likes of @CryptoMax @Fexonice1 @MarcdeMesel and the likes, he would get recognition and pity from them or from others.

My advice to Mr @HadEnough, if you know you've had enough then walk away, stop causing unnecessary nuisance, we won't miss you. And if you decide not to leave learn to be humble and patient. Rome was not built in a day my dear.

$ 1.25
1 year ago

but there is money I like to read and I share what I want, there will always be a discrepancy in any site, whether known or not, the quality will depend on each writer, everything is trial and error

$ 0.00
1 year ago

I went to see the original post. And I noticed some text highlighted in pink beside his/her username. I'm not sure if it was there when you made this... Her is the text... "created 15 fake accounts to downvote 270 articles with "dissenting opinions" and upvote own articles, then complained about his "dissenting opinions" being downvoted by "the exclusive club"

15 FAKE ACCOUNTS! Wow! He really expected great efforts to downvote others and upvote his own! So I guess his/original account is the one that receives upvotes from these fake accounts! He/she even has another post in response to you... I'm going to read that later.

I guess is more bitter than a raw bitter gourd mixed with the bitter intestine of hermit crabs ( I just learned that from the Discovery channel)

Anyways, I already told you why I love reading your posts. I don't know with this other person though, I will try to look for the original account and find out why.

$ 0.10
1 year ago

LOL, some people are funny, I'm a regular poster here and I'm really happy on how it works, I just try to post regularly and earn some BCH, why complain about that? It's free BCH, easy.

$ 0.05
1 year ago

I earn a little, but I'm happy. I see people earning a lot, but I don't get envious simply because I know their articles are better than mine in so many levels.

The fact that you're earning here for sharing your thoughts is already a blessing. Now, if someone wants or dreams to earn more or wishes to noticed by sir Marc, then maybe they should start writing something better. Be inspired by the top writers, from you, for instance, and write something 2 or 3x better than the usual articles.

Improve your niche and for sure, you'll have more in the future. Lastly, just be happy. Some people don't even get anything.

By the way, it's my first time to read your article and glad I did. Don't mind these folks though. Judging from this article, I know you deserve all the Upvotes you get.

$ 0.10
1 year ago

I already read few articles of Pantera about this hadenough but I didn't get a nerve even checking his post. And now I have learned that he posted another absurd article, I didn't even read it but as I am reading this article I know I wouldn't have to waste my time reading his article because it's not worthy. I sub you because I had learned so much in your articles even in my first time reading, especially that I am newbie here in this flatform and of crypto world in general. The words he chose to be in his article is so much of an allegations that made all the users here affected by his/her useless rant. It is his/her view that define him/her. I am angry and at the same time sad. I'll pray for his/her envious soul.

$ 0.05
1 year ago

If we compare ourselves with those who are above or below will not help you at all, on the contrary, it will affect your self-esteem. Many people believe they deserve everything and do nothing to earn it, it is better to move forward, take the good and discard the bad and see how everything can begin to flow in the right way. What a shame these things happen.

$ 0.05
1 year ago

Drama will always exist everywhere hehehehehehehehehehehe. What crazy things people come up with, maybe they did all this to get attention and gain followers or sponsors (actually I don't know much about the platform because I'm just checking it out) but reading your articles I think they are super cool. Envy will always exist, those people who think they are better than you and believe that issuing false comments and trampling on the work of others will always be there, today is the tomorrow will be another, the important thing is to continue doing the work that has been done with the quality that you have and thus demonstrate who in the end is the one who is right. You write very well and should not feel threatened by the comments of another who is simply jealous and very ill-intentioned. Regards

$ 0.20
1 year ago

LMAO the flair on his account now 😂

[created 15 fake accounts to downvote 270 articles with "dissenting opinions" and upvote own articles, then complained about his "dissenting opinions" being downvoted by "the exclusive club"]

$ 0.05
1 year ago

I finally decided to sign up here and this is the second article that I read. What a way to start my journey. I am loving the drama already. Interesting how the events will unfold. I saw that he/she posted a response to this post. I got to fly away around the platform more and make create my circle jerk too :D :D

$ 0.05
1 year ago

a jealous and hypocrite heart. hmmm. bad combo in one person 😞 i think the user thinks that earning here on read is like a competition. when that user receives nothing, he badmouths others as well as the tippers. 🥴 seriously? can he do more other than being a toxic in this platform? get the interest of the users not by ranting but by making goodreads!!! get a life man.

$ 0.05
1 year ago

Hello @CryptoMax I see what happens here what happens in other spaces in terms of envy, according to what I read in your publication, I think that everywhere, regardless of the space, there will be people whose work will be more seen than others, it is a reality. But in general it is the product of constant work, and this time spent on it is not something that everyone wants to invest. Everything has its efforts.

$ 0.05
1 year ago

HadEnough must be so annoyed now seeing Marc tipping this article 😅

Anyway, he is obviously jealous of the "circle jerk" as this jerk don't have a circle lol! Thanks for justifying everything, just sad that he resorted into making useless remarks than resorting his efforts in making quality contents.

You are so right about QUALITY and no wonder you are one on top. I find you guys inspiring than a competitor on this platform. Whatever situation, this platform is a blessing for a lot of users, including me, and i'm grateful.

$ 0.10
1 year ago

I like your post, It is gratifying to read such a specific post and with such clarity I agree everything lies in the quality of what one public should not less value a site for the simple fact of not receiving profits this requires dedication

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Who's this user? He/she is a hypocrite. Don't he know that readcash has supported a lot of users here? Has been a blessing to us. Many perspectives have changed, and goals have been achieved because of readcash. Maybe this user is not receiving decent amounts that are why she/he's saying that... Am a one-year-old user here.. And all I can say is, readcash has changed my life. I may not be the best writer here, and don't have the highest upvotes . but I know by myself that I have inspired, motivated, and helped others through my articles, and my little upvotes are a big help for them already.. It's almost 365 days that I've been upvoting different users. And it continued even if I don't have upvotes from the bot and currently has 20 sponsorship beneficiaries and counting.. Whoever this user is. He/she doesn't know anything and just a random hypocrite. He's account has been moved to spam, and that maybe the readon why he's attacking top users.

$ 0.75
1 year ago

It's really important to just do our best and not be jealous of other people. We need to not do to this platform what we have done to the rest of the world.

$ 0.10
1 year ago

Hmm maybe a random old user who didn't receive any money from here or those random users keep making new accounts, got detected and banned.

This is the results of users keep looking at other users earnings then tend to compare that will fuel jealousy.

I myself don't have tips in all of my article, I didn't receive huge tips from Marc too like others but I don't mind. I do believe those who got tip from him, they deserve it especially you CryptoMax.. Marc has right to chose whom he gives money and it's based on the content not because he knows you.

In my 1 year user of I have learned not to compare my earnings to anyone because it doesn't help at all, it will only show how greedy and envious you are. I believe what I get is what I deserve, I hope that certain user learn patience and perseverance before thinking great rewards.

$ 0.85
1 year ago

Lol, ok this is hilarious, but honestly there are many other posts like this on readcash, talking about how only a certain "clique" of writers get the biggest tips.

who would not love to be tipped big?

But I love your response, why would I give a tip of say $100 to a post talking about you watching a paint dry (😂😂) when there is no quality in the content?

You would tip what you like, what you're into, like if I had the money to I would tip more fictional, thrilling and captivating original stories than I would tip post talking about crypto because thats me and that's what I like and that's what I want to do with my money.

My money!

The HadEnough guy probably thinks @marcDeMesel is the "second random rewarder" and should share HIS MONEY to everyone regardless of their posts and content. Again - HIS MONEY - he spends it on what he likes for crying out loud! You cannot make him or anyone else for that matter get every color of shirt if what he likes is blue, he gets what he likes.

I think the HadEnough guy is chasing clout and what better way to gain that than to revolt. He got the attention definitely.

$ 0.50
1 year ago

Well that a nice massive attack and all, but that doesn't change the readily available fact that a small number of people dominate this site and get tipped regardless of whether or not their content is good, while other people producing content aren't.

You seem to think I mean me, well I don't. On my real account I barely post on here and expect nothing from it, but I constantly see underrated posts getting left behind while actual garbage posts get huge tips. The worst is outright pandering, like Fexonice1 does with Marc.

You say you tip a lot, because you gave away $440 in the past 30 days. Well on articles alone you made more than $3,500 in tips in the same period. To put that in context, that's about one third of all tips on the entire site excluding the random rewarder over the same time period. Of course you're going to spend some of that tipping other people to keep the site active so that you can keep milting people for tips.

You then say you started with nothing. No you didn't. FOUR DAYS after your registration you received $3000+ for one of your articles and it was clear from the way you composed yourself that you already knew the other heavy hitters on the site. FOUR DAYS!

As for why I made the alternate account, I don't know who the admins are or how any of you know them, and I don't really feel like getting banned for having an opinion you dislike. It's got nothing to do with me earning anything, since I don't earn my money through blogging. I've put more into my tip wallet from my main BCH account than I've taken out. I've just rapidly realized that it's an uphill battle against people like you for any of the normal content creators here.

Yeah, we all like BCH here, but it's not a BCH exclusive site. But people blogging about anything non-BCH related again get heavily penalized. The system doesn't monetize good content, it monetizes content from a select few bloggers. You content is not good mate, it's mostly just you ranting. I doubt most people make it half way through before they give up.

But hey, I got exactly what I expected from my post. You guys immediately launched into attack positions and started lobbing around insults. Fenixone went further and plagiarized my post for tips over on, that was interesting. I had no real hope that my post would make any difference, you guys already dominate the entire site and nothing anyone says against you is going to matter. That'll ultimately be the downfall of the site though.

$ 0.00
User's avatar HadEnough created 15 fake accounts to downvote 270 articles with "dissenting opinions" and upvote own articles, then complained about his "dissenting opinions" being downvoted by "the exclusive club"
1 year ago

All the Random Rewarder bot does is tip those that enter the top page over the main site. If you want to get yourself something, maybe instead of ranting about how the state of the site is and actually make an interesting article that does make you be on the top of the said list.

Considering that most of the users here are BCH-using users, of course, the posts are mainly going to be based on BCH and cryptocurrencies.

Actually, you're pretty lucky that alt account rules are pretty lax... but enough reports due to the ad hominem style of your article might've kicked you off the site already, like seriously.

You just wanted to complain, and now here you are, getting attacked because you riled up the community who were here closer to the start of the site itself.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Readcash is a lot of help to me. All of my articles are not related to cryptocurrency, bitcoin, etc. But, I received points from @TheRandomRewarder and other article makers on this platform. I've been thankful because not only this has given me extra money but it also helped me to stress out. Those hypocrites don't know how to be grateful, they just want an easy life, everything must be worked on before achieving what you want to have.

$ 0.20
1 year ago

Hello to this jerk! First, you might not know me yet and the others like @eybyoung @jane and @bmjc98

We do not just post about BCH and crypto that you call the BOYS CLUB !. I started as a NO HOW and without @CryptoMax who became one of my sponsor I would have been a person with no confident that I can write something that has value other than being pressured because I know nothing about CRYPTO just yet.

Second thing, before you make your rant how long have you been here? For you to say that? Havent you had any community? Any friends? Coz it sounds like no one ever supported you though. I tryina challenge you to read my articles and tell me if those are just because its all about CRYPTO THAT EVERYONE AGREED.

Third, I have not sponsored anyone, they sponsor me well I am planning but I have to save up. But you have no right to say that we are just sponsoring each other just to be on top. Like what the hell?! Do you even know how challenging it is to post an article that my sponsors and friends would be proud of?!

Like dude! Every cents counts and you just dont write trash and show trash to people who believe you can be a better person and someday can write good quality content!!

Also, mocking did it do good to you? While you are mocking it, helped a LOT of unfortunate people both in gaining confidence in writing, unlocking new skill such as blogging and a way to earn while suffering in this PANDEMIC. How ungrateful of you to say these words to the platform which helps BITCOIN CASH ADOPTION. Did you do anything more than a freaking rant?!

Lastly, you may need to start making friends so someone would tell you whats right and wrong in case you yourself cannot distinguish that!

God bless!

$ 1.10
1 year ago

if you need financial help kindly contact;

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1 year ago

Is it just me, or does it seem like Bitcoin isn’t the only one turning 13 this year?

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Truth hurts. Really. But that truth will help us to become a better version of us. Hoping that he/she will read your whole article in order to help her to make a better article not a bitter one. :)

$ 0.00
1 year ago

People will always say what they want...always being judgemental.

We all get it wrong sometimes but toxic people will make sure you know it. They’ll judge you and take a swipe at you. But unless we’ve done something that affects them nobody has the right to stand in judgement. People who get tips deserves every bit of it, it just takes time and patience and you will be visited... The whole lashing just has to do with comparing earnings when you know you dont deserve such...@CryptoMax keep doing what you do best, live all this toxic people..

$ 0.20
1 year ago

Jeez, I really enjoyed this post as it's kind of entertainment to me 😀 Reading this, I already knew that ranter already had an account before but because he doesn't want to be known quickly and because he still enjoys getting tipped in some way, he had to open another account making us think he is new. Can a new member know about you guys so quick and decides to make this complain? It is someone who has been observing this platform and concluded naming it "An exclusive club" 😅😅

Well, I couldn't stop laughing because all I can say is that he is just an hypocrite trying to defend himself. If he doesn't want this platform, then he needs to come out real with his main account and not hiding somewhere.

Anyways, something that caught my attention was how you defined quality to be. It really hit me and I am gonna make something out of it for my readers.

$ 0.20
1 year ago

Hahahahaha. Hahahaha. Did I mention Hahahaha? That is some funny shite. I'd love to join the Circle Jerks! (Excellent punk band from back in the day, btw). Unfortunately, I don't have the proper jerking equipment.

I've been writing on Medium since 2019. In two months on I've earned 5x the amount I earned in the entire time I've been on Medium.

I've learned so much here. From Bitcoin Cash (by reading all of those positive articles!) to Voluntaryism. a philosophy I am new to, but so far enjoy.

I've found a great niche that has grown exponentially in the last 4 weeks. I can hardly keep up.

I might not (yet) be in the to 10 tippers (I haven't checked lately) but I tip nearly every comment under my articles. I also sponsor up and coming talent.

And trust me - I don't mean grammar, either.

@CryptoMax, thanks for the laugh. @fedup or whoever, Hahahaha. Just. Hahahaha

$ 0.95
1 year ago

Let me help you, Jonica. @HadEnough is the username. hahahahahaha

$ 0.05
1 year ago

I joined to produce content and maybe receive some small rewards. What I write is honestly what I've learned out of more than four years of experience with cryptocurrencies.

Maybe someone with more experience than me has different thoughts and don't like my posts, and I'm always willing to listen to anyone that has better understanding of the industry.

What bothers me, is that I'm accussed of writing nothing new. I don't think I deserve that, I'm always trying to find something unique to write about. Posts from CryptoMax are also very unique and written in a way that captivate the reader since CryptoMax is also a professional author, with 10 years of experience doing that.

However, if someone doesn't find value in my posts, they can always put me on block so they won't have to read them. I'm sorry if I can't please everyone, this is how things go.

$ 0.50
1 year ago

With folded hands, you are requested to check my post and tell me where I am making a mistake, due to which I am not able to attract more viewers and I have some chance to be successful. I give way 🙏🙏🙏🙏

$ 0.00
1 year ago

"It seems to me like the only way to achieve anything on here is to write exclusively positive content about bitcoin cash, pander to Marc and be in the small club of people sending cash in a circle." Lol He is a hater, envious and ignorant. I mostly write about movies, pop culture, characters and reviews and my average revenue is $3 per article and the highest I got is $20 on an article I write my real life incident.

$ 5.10
1 year ago

I got most of my tips for posts not relevant to Bitcoin Cash. Same is with many of the top tips given in

$ 0.00
1 year ago

True ☺️

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Hahahaha I’m not a constant user of readcash but I know these people he mentioned from noisecash and I can testify to it that they deserve what that got. Don’t be sad when your brother is making it real big. Pray for your day to come

$ 0.10
1 year ago

The best way to deal with people like this is to ignore them entirely. He is only seeking attention. And I don’t fight trolls that can’t show their face. Whosever marc gives money isn’t anybody’s business.

$ 0.20
1 year ago

Thanks for this,it encourages me more

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Not the best authority to comment (new user) but I like even if I am not getting tips.

I can still post my ideas and share with others on social media that need more explanation.

$ 0.15
1 year ago

I've been on here for almost 6 months now and I haven't had loads of time to dedicate to writing, but I've certainly got the rewards for what I have written. If you look at the downvotes on the original post is speaks volumes. You began here (if my memory is correct) after me, I began following you because I liked your content. Others do it for the same reason. Who cares if the excellent content creators give each other tips? So what? If people want to call it a club of whatever's, that's their opinion but it certainly isn't going to gain them any subscribers. If I look at my account I've been more active on there and have made more there, than here. Thats how it works. Good content and subscribers equals benefits. Keep doing what you're doing and keep posting as you do, we like your content and don't give a damn who gives who what amount of BCH for what.

$ 0.50
1 year ago

Funny circle jerk shit HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Well, here is your first hater Max hahahahaha.

Who cares?, bla bla bla, is just envy, but he/she earned his 5 minutes of infame, lol.

$ 0.20
1 year ago

Looks like we got some salty user here that can't even use his real account to express his feelings. All he said is just pure nonsense. What's wrong with getting more rewards when you really deserve it. We all started with nothing and with enough determination and passion for what we are doing, we are just recieving what we deserve. For the person behind that account, shame on you bro if you have that kind of mindset.

$ 0.50
1 year ago

This rant from @hadenough has only showcase what jealousy and greed can bring of a man. The likes of @crytomax @pantera @mobtwo @Fexonice1 and others you mentioned add not only glamour but also consistency to their articles on readcash. He can also do the same instead of ranting and throwing tantrums. And concerning @MarcDeMesel giving out tips, it's his money not yours.

He also support and encourage people on Noisecash and even reddit. He renoise good posts and tip them. So are you saying these people are also part of the group you mentioned?

@hadenough work on yourself and your articles and watch if you won't have big tips someday

$ 0.45
1 year ago

Plainly wrong ❎ He might just think about that when he saw articles that were highly tipped by Mr. Marc, articles from authors like you, Pantera, Fexo and others, who have more exposure in the platform.

I witnessed new users here strived hard from nothing to looks like a successful without the help of other users.

And articles here should not just exclusively about BCH if you want to have a good tip. I've published lots of articles here and I have written maybe 1 or 2 articles about BCH here but most of my articles are just from my own idea particularly about anything. And I'm getting a very decent tip.

If he wants more exposure for his article, simple, BOOST IT!

$ 0.70
1 year ago