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I’m launching a new Weekly Mega Post, every Monday, which aims to get you all of the information you need to stay on top of your crypto game and latest tendencies.

Throughout this mega post series, I’ll include BCH news and moves, Crypto moves in general, Statism moves, and – of course – the most notable token launches of the week.

If you want to stay informed, then you probably should tune in each Monday for the Mega Post of the week.

Suggestions for topics to include are, of course, accepted and will be analyzed to see if they could be a good addition to the content.

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Now, without further ado, let’s start this week's Crypto Pulse, Weekly Mega-Post…


Mike Novogratz Admits BTC Sucks at being P2P Cash:

Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer electronic cash system, is becoming widely accepted to be BCH instead of BTC.

Novogratz, a huge BTC bull and the manager behind billion-dollar crypto investments – as well as CEO of Galaxy Digital Investments, did the unthinkable by openly admitting BTC sucks as far as transfers are concerned.

If you want to read this news piece in-depth, my friend @Pantera wrote an excellent post on it, but basically, he downright admitted that:

"Bitcoin Isn’t Good For Payments

Bitcoin’s not going to be payments. The system really isn’t set up for payments. It’s not fast enough for thousands and thousands of transactions."

-Mike Novogratz

This piece just shows something we knew all along: That BTC bulls are putting all of their money on the “store of value” argument and that they are dropping every other argument they used to have.

This, however, is a paper-thin measure as BTC’s store of value fallacy is being increasingly debunked, with some news on this Crypto Pulse post pointing that out as well.

Finally, let me add my own personal opinion into this piece, which is that BTC has one feature and one feature only:

- It isn’t a medium of exchange;

- It isn’t a store of value either.

Its only feature is manipulative speculation!


The BTC 2021 Miami Conference: Here’s the Rundown on What Happened!

We had the Miami Conference for BTC 2021 lately, and everyone from scammers to Bitcoin Maxis and politicians joined in…

…everyone except those barred from attending of course.

Tony Hawk was there, Mayweather was there, Jack Dorsey was there, Tim Dillon, even the shady Jake Paul!

They talked a lot about everything that doesn’t matter and little about:

- Defi;

- Decentralized Projects and Crypto;

- Smart Contracts…


Basically, due to how useless BTC is and how intolerant and censorship-based the conference was, it really was full of empty speeches and a lack of vision.

We had the “Fuck Elon, we ain’t selling” moment that reminded us all of the “BITCONNEEEEEECT” speech from Carlos Matos. It really did more harm to BTC than good but I’m pretty happy as it just served to show how serious and committed the community is to BTC’s success…


Here’s the clip of the insane moment, full of BCC vibes and hobo marketing style shilling:

Then we had Jack Dorsey stating BTC is banking the unbanked, which is ironic since we all know the unbanked don’t even have enough Net Worth to cover the fees.

Mayweather wore an ETH shirt, Ouch, and a guy ripped his shirt apart to show a DOGE t-shirt underneath.

In the bathroom, they had Bitcoin Cash toilet paper… which is ironic as even the BCH toilet paper has more function than BTC.

All in all, pretty cool highlight of how BTC is grasping at straws by this point.


PayPal Enabling Crypto Withdrawals: Like it Not, PayPal Has Weight

Like it or not, PayPal has a lot of potential as an onboarding ramp for Crypto and to get more people invested in the Cryptosphere.

We all know the way Paypal handles crypto is far from ideal, but even these things have their weight and lots of positive repercussions.

Well, Paypal enabled Crypto withdrawals now, which enables the withdrawal of BTC or ETH (which is kinda dumb as those are the ones with the highest fees).

Nonetheless, this is definitely worth including as it is another step forward in exposing more minds to crypto, hopefully, some of them will dig deeper and discover the true revolutionary ways to use decentralized quality crypto economies.


El Salvador Legalizing BTC: A Promising Proposition

This was probably one of the only good news in the Miami conference, and it will also impact the crypto markets as more people will get exposed to it.

Each time something like this happens, ripples are felt due to various factors:

- News Agencies talk about crypto;

- People get exposed to crypto;

- People look at BTC and try to find ways to overcome its problems, such as scalability problems, high fees, and centralization.

This is especially true when it happens in places with low purchasing power as the fees impact people in a far more powerful way than in places where the GDP is higher and the income per capita has a higher number.

If this goes forward, El Salvadore can be the first country where BTC is used as legal payment.

However, I can see this being a precedent being created by El Salvador for other cryptos to be adopted since:

1 – El Salvador has a largely unbanked rate (70%);

2 – El Salvador has an economy running on cash.

Now, having in mind that the crowd has low-income numbers, has a transactional setting based on cash, and is largely unbanked, we can see this precedent can create huge bursts of attention towards the crypto that is adequate for this type of scenario, which BTC is not.

El Salvador would have a lot to gain from adopting BCH, and it is only a matter of time since money talks and solutions that are cheaper and better than BTC will eventually be found.

If you are wondering if El Salvador is indeed the 1st country to accept Crypto as legal payment, thinking about Venezuela, Puerto Rico, etc… know that those countries only accept crypto as “companion payment”, and countries like the US only legalize “crypto-assets”.


BTC Isn’t Digital Gold, It’s Digital Copper: Goldman Sachs’ Head of Research Destroys BTC

Jeff Curries, Goldman Sachs’ Head of Research for commodities laughs at the concept of BTC being digital gold, comparing it to copper as he points out:

- Both are Risk-On Assets;

- Both fail to serve as Hedge on Inflation;

- Both have too high of a volatility index;

He also downplayed BTC Maximalists arguments and pointed out the stability, reliability, and use cases of gold to insist that BTC Maxi’s arguments of digital gold aren’t well-founded.

I’ve been personally telling people through my posts BTC can’t be a hedge against inflation and can’t be a good store of value due to its inevitable demise due to lack of solid fundamentals and use cases, so this just points out more and more people are seeing BTC for what it is.

Sorry, Maxis.


Forbes Reports: Senators Pressure for Crypto Crackdowns

Two senators, Roy Blunt, and Mark Warner started a movement to ask for crackdowns on crypto due to what is basically the “anonymity behind crypto often used for ransoms”.

Blunt said people in the cryptoverse shouldn’t be allowed to “operate behind the scenes”, said crypto is mainly for hackers and that it is easy to get money without leaving a trail.

Hence, these senators point at crypto as the motivator for a new golden age of ransoms, extortion, ransomware, and more… which is nonsense.

The internet didn’t make criminals appear out of nowhere, it just made them evolve to get into this new world… crypto is the same, only decentralized and less corrupt.

The other senator, Mark Warner, stated private companies should be forced by law to disclose if they were hacked or had ransomware attacks.

Public attacks were therefore launched against crypto, by men who don’t understand the slightest what they are talking about and want to force entrepreneurs to have less and less privacy.

Read the Forbes article if you want the full rundown on it.


BitcoinCash Toilet Paper at Miami 2021 BTC Conference:

The BCH and ETH toilet papers at Miami 2021 just went to show how bitter BTC is that it is being crushed on fundamentals and, soon, in price and adoption.

The toilet paper you can see above is a sad picture of what goes in BTC Maxis’ hearts these days and it is quite hilarious.


Because even BCH toilet paper has 1 function more than BTC… and you guessed what it is.

When toilet paper has a higher degree of usefulness than your token, you know you’re doomed to fail, and no Bitconnect Style Speech or Hysterical Vibes can save you from that.


Carl Icahn Has Big Plans for Crypto: $1.5 Billion

Carl Icahn, a man who was seen in the past claiming all of crypto was a bubble, ridiculous and that he wouldn’t touch that stuff with a long stick now hints at his big plans to invest in Crypto.

The investor claims he has about $1.5 billion ready to invest in an industry that is here to stay, “in one form or another”, which is a big step from where he was in the past claiming it was just a Ponzi scheme.

Carl Icahn wasn’t the only big fish to change his mind on crypto recently.

Michael Saylor, Mark Cuban, Howard Marks, and Ray Dalio also had pretty negative thoughts on crypto and despised it at one point or another – but are now either adopters, bulls, or planning to get in the market.

This is great news for Crypto all together, and a good indication that there are more bulls to be unleashed as these players make their moves.


Coindesk on Crypto Regulations: Pointing Out Regulatory Moves

May and now June is seeing a lot of movement as far as Crypto regulation is concerned.

The governments are starting to get into overdrive trying to gather as much intel as they can on crypto institutions, brands, tokens, projects, and influential individuals.

They are trying to enforce the crypto space, get their feet wet and even play around with the ideas of CBDCs and whatnot.

Not only that, Major Banks have been demanding access to the crypto markets and mainstream adoption seems certain now that things are really starting to roll in the right direction.

If you want to take a look at what I’m talking about and what changed, take a look at the Coindesk Article:

Crypto Regulations Beginning to Take Shape


CBDC News: China’s CBDC Latest Trial Underway!

Central Bank Digital Currencies took an extra step this week as China’s own CBDC project entered its latest trial phase with lottery “red envelopes” being distributed to 200,000 Beijing Residents.

The amount being distributed in this latest trial phase is $6.2 million in digital currency, aimed at digital crypto commerce by having a very important feature: The funds are to be spent at merchants and vendors who adopted the system already.

China’s plan to have the biggest global CBDC and rule the world of centralized Cryptos is looking better than ever… and even though I think of centralized crypto and CBDC as a threat rather than an opportunity, I got to give it to China… they sure can hustle.


The Tokens of the Week: New Listings of the Week

BABB: BAX on ETH Network (New Listing on Bittrex)

This token is BABB Financial Services’ token, and it was listed on Bittrex this week. It’s another DeFi token used worldwide.

BitBook Token: BBT (New Listing on Pancake Swap)

The BBT Token is the token for BitBook. BitBook is a travel platform where people can book accommodation and earn tokens in the process. It Provides a passive income to users that create and share travel content and is built with a focus on scalable growth where everyone benefits.

Portion: PRT for NFTs (New Listing on Bittrex)

Portion is a marketplace for NFTs, both physical and digital formats. It has a DeFi component for investments and transactions. The token was listed on Bittrex recently and is being traded under its handle PRT.

NFT Stars: NFTS (New Listing on CoinMarketCap)

NFT Stars is an NFT Marketplace like the marketplaces you’re used to dealing with, but with a twist: It only holds 3 auctions per day, raising exclusivity and perceived scarcity, therefore trying to inflate the prices artists get for their work.


And it’s done!

This week’s Crypto Pulse Mega-Post is now over and you’ve read a bit about everything.

If you stuck with it until the end, then thank you for your time and I hope this provided value to you as it was pretty time-consuming for me to research, write, format, etc…

Make sure to capitalize on everything going on in the market this upcoming week and have a blast profiting from this awesome new paradigm that is crypto.


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I can imagine how the conference went down, a gathereting of clowns supporting a clown coin. The Good news so far is that coming from Paraguay. This is an interesting piece, one that I'll always be glad to read, so happy it'll be on a weekly basis. For now I'm following you on both read and Noisecash, Twitter is currently banned in my country, though there's a way to by pass it but I'm not ready to go that way at all. Looking forward to the next edition.

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Paypal is getting its hands in the business, especially with the move it made recently in Paraguay. I interpret it as wanting to grab a good part of the drug money laundering commissions (cannabis from Paraguay) by activating these options in that country. And it's good that they do, it took them a long time to make the first move.

In relation to your update every Monday, he thought that it is something I was waiting for you to do for a long time, I suppose that first you needed to become the CEO of statistics to see what works best for you, and I hope other days focused on specific topics, I think they will give you very good results Rui. :)

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Already big fan of you.Yeah!it is great news for Crypto if you analysis predict something on Monday.BTC is now surrounded by many Gambler.As Elon Musk exposed by his tweet.Many senators are passing laws to control money in banking instead of Crypto.Anyway,It was big Update Venezuela was 1st country who Except Crypto And El Salvador follow the same.BCH again I say Crypto for everyone.

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Bch is as useful as tissue paper 🤣.

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This is absolutely excellent. I'll definitely be tuning in every week. It's good to see a hefty chunk of the crypto news all in one place like this and as usual your style blasts through. I have to admit I saw "which is ironic as even the BCH toilet paper has more function than BTC" and laughed so hard I nearly peed.

Keep up the good work!

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